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To start a new blog can be quite intimidating for anyone. However, if with proper guidance, it can be learned easily and can be done without technical support.

Blogging has been around for ages and bloggers are actually making a decent income from it.

So what is blogging in the first place? Blogging is simply sharing information, tips and experiences to the cyberworld.

Web Hosting

Sounds simple? But how come not all of us are doing it? Maybe because some of you are like me, who thinks she can’t write, who thinks it’s a lot of work, who thinks it takes a lot of time and who thinks it’s expensive.

But after doing a lot of research, I was able to have the courage to start my own blog. Surprisingly, starting a blog was not that hard after all. I was able to have my own blog in less than an hour.

However, before you jump in, there are two things to do first.

Find Your Niche

Deciding on what to write is finding your niche. It should be something that you are passionate about and will be able to talk about it for years to come. It can be something that you studied or a hobby. The more specific you are the better since it will not confuse your audience.

Brainstorm on Domain Name

A domain name is your website name. You can be as creative as you can be. A domain name usually consist of two words, a descriptive word and a noun, usually your topic. For example, if your topic is about dog and your descriptive word is lazy. You will put them together resulting to Voila! You have a website name.

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Now that you know what you want to talk about and already decided on a domain name, you are now ready to start a blog.

Step by Step Guide

Get a Web Hosting

There are a lot of web hosting services out there but I chose Siteground because it is easy to use. You can set up your website in less than 15 minutes. And most importantly, they have great customer service.

I ran into some glitches when I first signed up and it took them a few minutes to fix the problem. I did not even go through the trouble of calling them, I just started a chat inquiry and from there, they were able to help me.

However, if you are on a really tight budget, you can try this affordable web hosting. They’re also easy to use and has good customer service.

Select your Plan

Siteground offers three plans but I recommend doing the startup if you are just starting. This will give you a chance to get your feet wet. When your blog starst to grow then you can upgrade to one of the other plans.

How to start a new blog

Pick a Domain Name

You already have your domain name so you just have to put it in. The site will let you know if the domain name you use is available or not. If not, it will give you some suggestions.

How to start a new blog

Then you will be given the option to add some of the extra services to protect your site. When I first signed up, I added domain privacy and SG site scanner.

how to start a new blog

The total amount due will be shown and you will be asked for your payment.

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Then Voila! You’re account is now successfully created.

Download WordPress

Now that you have an account, it is time to download WordPress. This is where you build your site. Siteground will help you set it up through the website wizard. Easy!

You will then create a username and password for WordPress.

Customize your Site

Woohoo! You just created a WordPress blog. You can now start getting creative and produce high quality content. Goodluck!

You can sign up with Siteground here now for only $3.95.

How To Start  A New Blog

Sharing is Caring!