About Me

Welcome to My Worthy Penny!

My name is Charity and this is my dog Dustin. We would like to personally welcome you to my website.

I am a wife and obviously a dog mom to our sweet Dustin. I am also a hopeful mom who struggled with infertility and pregnancy loss but still tough and hopeful for a brighter future ahead.

I started My Worthy Penny because I wanted to share my journey on how I learnt to be smart with money. My husband and I have decent paychecks but because of unorganized money management, mindless spending and expensive medical costs, we ended up with debts and with almost no saving.

My Worthy Penny is pretty much all about making your penny work harder for you. This will contain all the things you need to learn on how to save more, grow your income, tackle debts, live frugally and everything else in between.

The goal of this blog is to help us all get smarter with our money and grow our income. In this way, our stressing about money will be less and we will spend more time living our life to the fullest.

So in this blog, I will be sharing our journey to financial freedom. From heavily in debt DINK(dual income with no kids) to DEBT-FREE DEWK(dually employed with kids).

The tips that will be shared here are from my own personal experience. I will be sharing not only the things I did which worked but also the things I did that didn’t work. Basically, you will learn from my mistakes and successes.

Come join me in this journey.