When you first started your job, you imagined waking up every morning after eight hours of sleep…having an excellent breakfast with your family, going to work, coming home before rush hour and spending more time with your family.

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But your dreams were quickly dashed when you realized you could not spend some time with your family because you’ve got debts to pay. You have to do overtime and get to your second job to help provide for the family.

I totally get it.

Hello Fellow Millenial! My name is Charity.

Welcome to My Worthy Penny, where you will learn proven money tips to help you rock your personal finance so that you will gain the freedom to pursue your passion.

My husband and I have decent paychecks but because of unorganized money management, mindless spending and expensive medical costs (our fertility journey is really expensive), we ended up with debts and with almost no savings.

Because of these debts and lack of savings, we have to work hard. We consistently worked overtime during the week and even during the weekends. We hardly spent time with each other.

However, all our efforts did not seem to make any dent on our finances. We’re hardly making any progress.

We were doing a good job of bringing in more income but were not managing our money well.

It was not until I stumbled upon The Total Money Makeover when everything made sense to me. After applying what I have learned, we are now in a better place.

We are not financially independent yet but we’re on track in paying off all our debts and we were able to build up some savings.

Although we are still doing overtime and side hustles, at least now we can see our progress towards our goals. And that is very motivating.

That’s how My Worthy Penny came about. I created this website because I wanted to share our journey to women out there who are seeking financial freedom as well.

The ultimate goal for this site is to see more millennial women, like me, spend more time with their family rather than with work or stressing about money.

I am not an expert in finances (If I am, I would not be in this situation) and I am not even debt-free yet but I wanted to share the things I learned from this journey that has helped us, in order to help you in your journey as well.

Check out where we were at the beginning of our journey.

My husband and I were able to pay off over $35,000 of credit card debt in under a year.

Therefore, at My Worthy Penny, I want to help you too by sharing proven (it helped us) frugal tips on how to budget your money, spend less, save more, pay off your debts and grow your income or side hustles.

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