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Work on losing weight and staying healthy — while making money.

“I started not caring about the money and caring more about … my weight loss”, says Katlyn P. after achieving her Healthy Wager goal of losing 40 pounds. Katlyn made $1,436.93 after betting $75 for six months, making her ROI 219.3%.

I know what you’re thinking, and yes, you can actually make money by losing weight. I call it a profitable weight loss. Healthy Wage made it possible.

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Make Money By Losing Weight With Healthy Wage

Healthy Wage is a wellness company that aims to help people lose weight and get in shape. It allows you to make money while making yourself in good shape and healthy.

One of the most popular products of Healthy Wage is the Healthy Wager. This is the product that Katlyn participated in.

The concept behind the Healthy Wager is to bet on your own weight loss. When you achieve your goal then you win cash prizes on top of your bet money. Participants in this program can earn up to $10,000.

Another popular product of Healthy Wage is the Team Challenge, wherein participants form a group of five and compete for the $10,000 prize.

If you are not into weight loss but still want to stay in shape, you can join the Step Challenge. In the step challenge, you will put in your bet, work on meeting your step goal and win your share of the pot.

Why Should You Join HealthyWage

  • You will more likely to succeed with the financial incentive as motivation.
  • You will have an established timeline to achieve your goal.
  • You can customize your prize.
  • You’re not only working on making money but also working on a healthier life.

They Lost The Weight and Made Money

One of my favorite success stories comes from Kristin W. of Indianapolis, IN. Kristin shared that at 278.8 lbs, living was no fun because she was having a hard time keeping up with her nieces.

With her weight, she was not able to play with her nieces the way she wanted to. She even avoided pictures as much as she can and made sure she is at the back during photo shoot.

Everything changed when she joined Healthy Wager. She ended the challenge 114.5 pounds lighter and pocket $4000 in a period of 12 months!

“My HealthyWage bet was great motivation!!”

Now, Kristin is able to able to play with her nieces as much as she wants and she is even training for the half marathon. Way to go Kristin!

My second favorite success story comes from Brian Y. of Maple Valley, WA. Brian shared that the hardest part for him before the challenge was going up and down the stairs.

“Now, I take the stairs all the time (instead of going up the elevator)…”

Brian ended the challenge by losing 120 pounds in 12 months. He was able to win $1,975!

The third success story that I like comes from Danielle S. of Bonne Terre, MO. Danielle’s weight loss journey started when she started her research on how to get paid losing weight.

That’s when she stumbled into the Healthy Wage website and went all in. Danielle thought that by making a wager, she will stay motivated because she does not want to lose money.

She was right; Danielle stayed motivated and focused on her goal. After nine months, Danielle was able to lose 138 pounds! She was also able to win $1,323! She also shared that one of the reasons why she stayed motivated was her son.

“My son was one when I started, and I just decided I wanted to be as healthy as I can be so I can be around to raise him!”

Those are just some of the many inspiring success stories of how to make money for losing weight. Enough proof that you can lose weight when you are motivated enough.

You can win like Kristin, Brian, and Danielle when you sign up for a Healthy Wager.

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    The only investment that you need to make in these programs is your “bet”, although the Team Challenge requires participants to pay $75 to join the challenge.

    However, this program is a win-win situation. You will make money and you will also lose weight and get in shape.

    So if you want to get in on the “dieting for dollars” craze and up your potential for weight loss success? Bet on yourself and start your HealthyWager today. Make money while losing weight, simple as that!

    How To Make Money By Losing Weight

    1. Use the Prize calculator.
    2. Sign up and make your bet.
    3. Video record your weigh-in.
    4. Lose weight.
    5. Video record your final weigh-in.
    6. Meet your goal and win the prize.
    7. If you do not hit your goal, Healthy Wage gets to keep your money, so you better hit your goal!


    Does HealthyWage really pay out?

    Yes, HealthyWage will pay you out. They maintain a reputation as evidenced by their success stories. And it only takes them 2-5 days.

    What is the catch with HealthyWage?

    I can’t blame you for wondering if there is a catch, everything nowadays has a catch. However, with HealthyWage, there is no catch. You just have to work hard on achieving your goal in the time frame that you chose.

    Can You Cheat HealthyWage?

    If you are already thinking about how to cheat with HealthyWage, this platform is not for you. HealthyWage has a strict verification process, including a video verification process that requires you to verify your identity and weight. You will need to be verified at the beginning and the end of the challenge.

    There you have it! That’s how you make money losing weight.

    Now, what are you going to do with your prize? Maybe save up for an emergency fund? Or pay off debt? No matter what you use it for, make it worth it.

    Are you ready to make money by losing weight? Let’s check out how much you can make.

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