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Find out if you can really make money with Stella & Dot.

Have you ever worn a piece of fashion jewelry before and your friends noticed it? Then they started asking you where you shop for your jewelry and accessories?

If yes, then this Stella Dot review is for you.

Also, if you are one of those who can put accessories together and manage to make them look good together, then I’ve got good news for you! You can actually make extra money from doing just that.

Stella & Dot is a social selling company that can help you make money while doing what you already love.

In this post, you will not learn about Stella & Dot’s products; instead, this post focuses on the entrepreneurial aspect of Stella & Dot.

However, if you are more interested in buying their products, you can Shop the look with Stella & Dot here!

Curious about Stella & Dot? Here is a review that you should read.

A Stella Dot Review

What is Stella & Dot?

Believe it or not, Stella & Dot are actually names of Jessica’s and Blythe’s grandmothers.

Jessica Herrin originally came up with the concept of this company and was later joined by Blythe Harris, and together they came up with the name Stella & Dot, after their grandmothers.

They started the company in 2004 and grew it to a profitable enterprise with $300 million in revenues.

Stella & Dot is a social selling company that originally was focused on fashion jewelry but currently, they have expanded to include bags, clothing and other accessories as well.

The mission of this social selling company is to help women run their own businesses. It provides women the opportunity to work on their own success by becoming a “Sign-up to be a Stella & Dot Stylist Today!“>stylists.”

The concept of this company model is to actually direct selling with a twist. Trunk shows are held to allow Stylists to sell their products.

A trunk show is a house party in which someone hosts a party and invites all their girlfriends. During the party, the stylist will have the opportunity to present and sell Stella & Dots products.

Stella & Dot claims that all their products are top qualities and are handmade by their award-winning design team.

Over the years, Stella & Dot had made it big that even celebrities are now wearing their products.

They were even featured in popular magazines like Cosmopolitan and Instyle.

Although their products are not fine pieces of jewelry, they do have products made of sterling, gold plating, semi-precious stones, and more.


Who is Stella & Dot for?

Now you know a little bit background of Stella & Dot, let’s find out who can really benefit from it.

1) For women who want to start their business and be their own boss.

By becoming a Stylist, you will have the flexibility to work at home, work any time you want and wherever you want. And the best thing is you do not have to report to a boss.

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    2) For women who love fashion and style.

    If you are into fashion and style, then you will love Stella & Dot. Their products are carefully customized and created for the women of today.

    3) For women who want to stay stylish while on a budget

    Stella & Dot’s products are already at an affordable price because there are no retail markups added. However, as a stylist, you will get a 25-50% discount on products.

    4) For women who want to share their passion for fashion and style.

    By being a stylist, you will be able to make excellent recommendations to your clients. You will have the chance to share your fashion skills.

    5) For women who want to do good while staying stylish.

    When you Sign-up to be a Stella & Dot Stylist, they will donate $50 in products to Dress for Success.

    6) Women who want to make money doing what they love.

    As a Stylist, you will be able to earn a 20-35% commission by selling Stella & Dot products in person or online.

    How Much Does it Cost To be a Stylist?

    Stella & Dot offers two starter kits that you can choose from.

    Bestsellers Kit- $199 which includes $1000 worth of products that are selected for you.

    The Select Kit– $99 which includes $350 worth of products that you choose yourself.

    What is Included in the Starter Kit?

    Your starter kit will come with a poster, look books, pamphlets, a success guide, sales tools such as display sign, order form, gift bag and more.

    You will also get your own website free for 60 days.

    Best Features of Stella & Dot

    1. No quota or minimum to stay active
    2. Personalized website boutique
    3. Trunk Shows will help you sell your products
    4. 25-50% discount on products
    5. 25% to 35% commission
    6. Strong support from a community of women
    7. Access to smart tech tools to jumpstart your business
    8. Unique handmade products

    How To Earn Money With Stella & Dot

    1) Wear and Flaunt

    If you love it, wear it. Pretty soon, someone will notice it and ask where can you buy it. Sometimes, an excellent product does not need any hard selling.

    2) Trunk Show

    Have fun with your girlfriends while showing them the products that you love.

    3) Facebook Party

    No time to host a house party? Leverage on the power of social media, host a Facebook party instead.

    4) Promote Your Online Boutique

    Share your website with your friends and to all social media. the more exposure your, the more product you can sell.

    Is Stella & Dot Worth it?

    Stella & Dot, as with any other company, is an opportunity. You either grab it and make the most of it or the other way around. It is not a guaranteed success.

    It’s true that there are success stories of Stella & Dot, but there are also those who did not make it.

    If selling is not your passion and you think training won’t do any good, then this business is not for you. To be successful in this business, you have to put yourself out there.

    As with any other business, this business requires passion and determination. You must be willing to put in the time and effort in order to grow.

    If you are looking for more ways to make money, you might be interested in How To Make Money Legitimately.

    If you want to give Stella & Dot a chance, you can Receive $350 In Product When You Sign-up To Be A Stella & Dot Stylist Today!

    Did you find everything you need in this Stella Dot Review? Let me know in the comments.

    Learn how to make money doing what you love through this Stella & Dot review.

    A Stella Dot Review: How To Make Money Doing What You Love