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List of the best side hustles that you can do during the holidays.

In this post, you will learn some of the best ideas for side hustles that can earn you an extra income during the holidays.

It’s hard to believe that the holiday season is already upon us. It felt like it was just yesterday that I was enjoying a sip of my NYE champagne and now NYE is almost here again. Days are going by too fast that it is almost scary!

Anyways, the holiday season is almost synonymous with spending season. Whether you like it or not, your monthly budget can take a hit if you are not careful.

This will be the perfect time where your sinking funds will be serving their purpose. However, what if you do not have sinking funds?

I would say, “then don’t spend”, but of course, that is not possible. Although you want to be frugal, you do not want to be known as the stingy uncle/aunt or godparent, who do not give gifts on holidays.

So, the best solution to your problem is to save money fast or increase your income through side hustles so that you will have extra money to buy presents. You can also challenge yourself to save $1000 in a month.

If you are looking to make extra money this holiday season, here are some of the best side hustles that you can do.

Best Ideas For Side Hustles During The Holidays

#1 Give People Rides

During the holidays, people will be traveling with their families and with the ridesharing program being popular nowadays, people rarely take taxis anymore or even rent a car.

You can capitalize on this by being a Lyft driver. You can use your own car and choose your own hours to pick up passengers. The flexibility that this side gig can provide gives you the opportunity to make as much as you want to.

According to data gathered by Earnest, a Lyft driver makes $377/month on average. You have to note though that as a driver, you have the potential to receive tips from customers, thereby making more than what is reported.

#2 Rent Out your Car

Another way to make money during the holidays is to rent out your car when you are not using it, like when you go for a vacation or while you are at work.

Holiday travelers are most likely to need cars to get around town if they prefer flexibility. You can leverage this by listing your car through GetAround.

With GetAround, you can make up to $1000 per month. You also have the ability to set the time your car is available. The best thing about GetAround is insurance. When you list your car through them, you will get primary insurance.

#3 Deliver Packages

People order a lot online during the holiday season because of the great sales that stores run. As a result, shipping companies get very busy that they open seasonal positions, so they can get the help they need.

If you do not mind driving and delivering packages, keep an eye out for positions from UPS, FedEx, or USPS.

This side job is one of the best side side hustles for men as it may involve some heave lifting. But if you’re fit and no underlying physical problem, then is perfect for you too.

#4 Get Rid Of Your Stuff

Have too much stuff in your house? Try selling some of it on eBay. You can also buy from stores on sale and then sell for a higher price on eBay. Believe it or not, everyone isn’t able to get to the same sales you can.

Decluttr also can help you get rid of some of your electronics that you no longer use. The best about Decluttr is you ship your stuff for free.

#5 House Sit

It may sound silly but it’s real, you can earn money just by hanging out at a person’s house. People who travel during the holidays feel more secure knowing that they are not leaving their home empty and be a target for a break-in and robbery.

It can also be that they have a pet or plants that need to be taken care of while they are gone. You can find this kind of listings at

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    #6 Get Into Affiliate Marketing

    Affiliate marketing, in a nutshell, is promoting products from companies that you love. In return, they will pay for it. When one of your audience purchases a product through your link, you will be paid a commission.

    There are a lot of bloggers out there who were able to make  six-figure income. out of affiliate marketing. However, affiliate marketing does not happen overnight, it takes time, even a lot of time.

    If you want to learn more about affiliate marketing, check out How Michelle went from $0 to $50,000 in affiliate marketing.

    It is usually recommended that if you want to get into affiliate marketing, then you need to have a blog. However, it is possible to make money through affiliate marketing even though you do not have a blog.

    Check out this FREE Pinterest course that can get you started on how to make money with Pinterest affiliate marketing even without a blog.

    #7 Transcribe Data

    One of the best holiday side hustles that you can do is transcription. A transcriptionist listens to audio data and transcribes it into a readable document with correct format, spelling, punctuation, and grammar.

    Many types of businesses use transcription services. Therefore, there are many work-at-home opportunities for transcriptionists.

    Most of the time the transcribing is medically based but there are also opportunities for other types of transcribing. 

    A good transcriber can make about $45,000 a year right from home. Sometimes you’re an independent contractor for several companies and other times you will be an employee, depending on your choice of company.

    If you want to learn about transcription, check out this FREE mini-course to find out if Transcription is right for you.

    #8 Provide Care

    If you have the passion and patient in providing care for others, then you can make an income out of it.

    You can do caregiving jobs and make $16.59 per hour. Caregiving is such a rewarding job because you are given the opportunity to help someone.

    With the high demand for caregivers, you can find caregiving jobs in almost all job sites.

    Make some extra money by doing these holiday side hustles that pay.

    #9 Pick Up Seasonal Job Hours

    Seasonal job hours are not only available at shipping companies but also at department stores. It is one of the best holiday side hustles because you can get a lot of opportunities.

    Big stores like Macy’s, Target, Walmart and even grocery stores add seasonal positions to help out during the busy seasons.

    #10 Help Others

    If you have a passion for helping out other people, why not earn from it. TaskRabbit is an online app that lists tasks that people requested to be done.

    With TaskRabbit, you can set your own rate and your own schedule. So if you are good with your hands or have the strength to lift heavy types of furniture, try TaskRabbit and earn some extra cash.

    #11 Sell Your Crafts

    Being crafty comes with a lot of perks. Not only can you beautify your home with your crafts but you can also make money from it.

    You can do more than just create. You can sell, and you can make bank. Sites like Etsy make it easy for individuals to upload pictures of their work to sell. 

    Etsy is a website that enables you to start your own online business through your crafts. However, you are responsible for shipping it on time.

    #12 Hang Out With Adorable Pups

    Who does not want to hang out with new adorable four-legged friends and get paid for it? Rover makes this possible. It is an app where pet owners list the services they want for their pet family, either dog sitting or walking.

    One of the fastest ways to make a buck is to dog sit, but make sure you do it in their house or you’ll have to worry about licensure. 

    Tell everyone you know that you’d like to provide animal care in their home and your fee. You’ll be amazed at how many will jump at the chance.

    #13 Rent Out Your Room

    If you have a spare room or if you are traveling during the holidays, list your space on Airbnb and start earning money.

    You’ll get more money if you rent out the master bedroom offering the renter their own bathroom. In some places, you can earn close to a grand a month offering something like this.

    Enjoy the financial perks of hosting, and travel knowing your empty space is earning you income while you’re away.

    #14 Sell Toys Online

    Before you take all your toys to donate, check out which of them can you sell for profit first. You can use the money to buy new toys to gift the little humans in your life.

    #15 Leverage on Cashback

    Since you are shopping for the holidays anyway, do not leave money on the table by not utilizing Rakuten (used to be Ebates). It is a cashback site that rewards you for every shopping you do through their site.

    Bonus Season Side Hustling:

    Get Rewarded Just By Walking Into A Store

    It may sound ridiculous but yes, you can actually get rewards just by walking in a store. Shopkick lets you earn “kicks” every time you walk into a store, scan an item or make a purchase.

    With Shopkick, you can earn Free Gift Cards without spending a dime.

    Make Money Just By Losing Weight

    Losing weight is rewarding enough but losing weight while earning money makes the deal even better. Healthy Wage makes it possible for anyone planning to lose weight to make a bet on their weight loss journey.

    Earn Cash Filling Out Surveys

    When you got time to spare like when you are waiting at the doctor’s office, train commute or while waiting for your kids, make it productive by filling out surveys.

    Survey Junkie is one of the legitimate survey sites out there that make filling out surveys easy and fun. You earn points even if you do not qualify.

    There you have it!

    Those are some of the best holiday side hustles that you can start doing during the holidays. They might not make you much but they will definitely help you fulfill some of the items on your loved ones’ wishlist.

    Which of these holiday side hustle ideas are you going to try?

    If you want a side hustle for vacation money, here are some of the best holiday side hustles that you can do now.

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