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How to make $10 fast tips—revealed.

Looking for ways to make 10 dollars fast? Here are 15 simple and easy ways to make $10 quickly.

I know $10 is not that much but it’s not that easy to make either. But today, I will show you the best ways on how to make 10 dollars fast.

After reading this article, you will be ready to make your first $10 dollars quickly.

Don’t worry you do not need to be techy in order to make $10 because most of the activities are simple. You can do them online or even offline to earn that money.

Let’s dive in.

How To Make 10 Dollars Right Now

1 | Sign Up With Swagbucks

One of the most popular ways of making extra cash is through Swagbucks. You earn points by filling out surveys, downloading apps, playing games, doing web searches, watching videos, and a lot more.

Swagbucks is one of my favorite ways of earning extra cash and I actually wrote a Swagbucks review that you should check out.

Right now, Swagbucks will give you $10 just for signing up. That’s a quick $10!

2| Join Rakuten And Get Not $10 But $20

If you are not using Rakuten when you shop online then you are leaving money on the table. Rakuten is one of the most popular cashback site out there.

With Rakuten, you earn cashback everytime you make online purchases. Rakuten is available in Canada and the United States, and they are partnered with more than 2500 popular stores.

And right now, when you sign up for Rakuten, you get a $20 bonus after your first purchase of $25 or more.

3| Share Your Opinions Through Surveys From Survey Junkie

When it comes to surveys, Survey Junkie dominates the game. You will earn points for every survey that you fill out, even the ones that you do not qualify for.

For every 1000 points you accumulate, you can redeem for $10 in PayPal money or gift card.

Surveys typically range from 10 to 200 points, so you can easily make $10 quickly.

You can learn how to earn more with Survey Junkie here.

4| Read Emails From Inbox Dollars

Inbox Dollars is like Swagbucks which is a rewards site that pays members to complete surveys, watch TV, read emails, redeem coupons and shop online.

You can quickly make $10 just by signing up and completing a few of the tasks.

5| Use Cash Back Credit Card

I love credit cards that let you earn cashback!

It’s actually one of my favorite free ways of making extra cash as it rewards me for the purchases I am already making. No extra work.

This card will reward you for your purchases and will even match your cashback total in your first year.

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    You can sign up now and get $50!

    6| Complete Micro Tasks With MyPoints

    MyPoints is another rewards site like Swagbucks, that offers a lot of opportunities to get paid.

    You can earn by watching videos, reading emails, shopping through the partner sites, and even playing video games.

    How To Earn 10 Dollars Per Day

    7| Use Ibotta When Grocery Shopping

    Ibotta is an app that rewards you for grocery shopping. With more than 1,500 brands and retailers, you can easily earn rewards.

    All you have to do is download the app, add offers, make your purchases at the grocery store, then upload your receipt.

    Check out this ibotta app review to learn more.

    8| Make $10 Fast With Doordash

    Doordash is another way of making extra cash through delivery. With DoorDash, you will deliver to customers from their favorite restaurants.

    And the best part is you can do it whenever you want and can do as much as you want.

    9| Earn $10 Quickly With Postmates

    Postmate is also a delivery side gig that you can do to easily make some cash during your downtime.

    It has partnered with more than 600000 restaurants, retailers, grocers, and more all across your city. Therefore, there will always be a delivery to make.

    You’ll be able to make more than $10 a day and even more than $100 a day when they post incentives.

    10| Save $10 Or More With Trim

    If you want to save money, you would want to use the Trim app. This free app helps you find subscriptions that you forgot about and no longer want to pay for!

    All you have to do is to link your financial accounts, and Trim will go to work.

    11| Make $10 Fast With Unique Rewards

    Unique Rewards is another way to earn cash by visiting sites, reading emails, shopping online, and more.

    12| Get Paid For Your Opinions With PrizeRebel

    PrizeRebel is a survey site like Survey Junkie but it also lets you earn points by trying out offers, watching video ads, and referring friends.

    This rewards site offers its members cash and free gift cards. So if you are looking for ways to earn free PayPal money, PrizeRebel is one way to get started.

    13|Gas Up With GetUpside To Save $10 Fast

    If you wanted to learn about how to save money on gas then  you would love the GetUpside app.

    It’s an easy-to-use app and the best gas rebate app that saves you money on every gallon of gas you fill-up.

    You will simply download the app, then select a nearby gas station. Fill your gas up.

    Then, you’ll need to scan your gas receipt to the app. After that, you’ll get your savings of .05-.25 per gallon, which adds up.

    14| Walk Dogs In Your Neighborhood

    If you love dogs, consider walking your neighbor’s dogs in exchange for some cash.

    You can also sign up for Rover, where you can get more exposure and secure more clients. 

    15| Join Instacart And Make $10 or more per hour

    Instacart is another reputable app that allows you to shop and deliver groceries from local stores. You can help people with their grocery shopping by signing up with Instacart.

    Instacart is the largest grocery delivery service in the USA. You can make delivery to hundreds cities across the USA.

    All you have to do is shop for groceries and deliver them to customers. Instacart’s full-service shopper can make between $7-$20 per hour. 

    Frequently Asked Questions

    How To Make 10 Dollars in 5 Minutes

    You can make $10 in 5 minutes by signing up to survey sites and cashback sites that offer a sign-up bonus. You can join Swagbucks and get a $10 bonus or join Rakuten to get 20 dollars bonus when you make your first purchase.

    How Can I Get Free $10?

    You can easily get free $10 by joining sites that pay you to sign up like MyPoints, and Swagbucks.

    How Can I Make $20 Right Now?

    There are a lot of ways to make $20 like selling stuff online, offering your services, and even creating your product to sell. However, the easiest way to make $20 right now is to sign up for Rakuten or Ibotta, make your regular purchases and get your $20.

    How Can I Make $5?

    The easiest way to make $5 is to join survey sites like Survey Junkie, Prize Rebel, and Inbox Dollars. With Inbox Dollars, you’ll get $10 just by signing up.

    Final Thoughts On How To Make 10 Dollars Fast

    As you can see, there are ways—easy ways to make 10 dollars fast. You can just pick one or two to complete from the above list and you can make $10.

    Ten dollars might not sound much but it can easily add up and can help you pay some bills.

    Alternatively, you can use it to slowly build your savings or pay some debt.

    Which tip on how to make 10 dollars fast is your favorite?

    If you are looking to make $10 right now, here are 15 of the simplest and easiest ways to make 10 dollars fast.

    How To Make 10 Dollars Fast(15 Top Ways That Are Easy To Do)