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Get paid to talk to lonely people.

This may sound strange and maybe even weird, but people are getting paid to have conversations with people. 

How is that possible? Why would anyone pay someone to talk to them? Can I get paid to talk to someone? 

Yes, you can earn money from merely holding conversations with people. Such services are paid for due to a variety of reasons ranging from the need for company or loneliness. Or perhaps, they need someone to discuss intimate details with while being assured that no third ear gets to hear. 

This is quite novel, but it’s part of the job opportunities available in the 21st century. If you consider yourself a good listener or someone who can keep a conversation and does not mind listening to people’s stories, fantasies, or heartaches, this is the perfect job for you. 

How Much Can You Expect To Earn?

There are many jobs where the more professional you become, the more you can charge. Speaking to people is one of such jobs. 

While anyone can do this, you may want to invest a little in learning how to be laid back, patient, and empathetic in conversations, as this is what people seek. Watching a couple of videos on YouTube can equip you for this. 

For starters, the going rate is one cent per minute. Most people choose to charge per hour, and you can expect rates like $15 per hour and above

There would be no fixed salary expectation if you chose to do this full-time as the payment will be proportionate to the amount of time spent.

Also, the more experienced you are, the higher your pay. Some people charge as high as 60 dollars per hour. A smaller percentage charges way higher than that. 

This is a common side-hustle for many people who have mastered interpersonal skills and can be a full-time career if approached from the right angle. 

How To Talk To People For Money Safely

As easy as this job appears, some guidelines must still be followed. These guidelines ensure your safety as the conversationalist as well as the safety of your clients. Some of these guidelines include:

  • Never disclose your personal information like name, address, and details about your family in the course of the conversation 
  • Keeping the information shared by the client confidentially at all times
  • Ensuring the persona used on your job profile does not contain personal information 
  • Ensuring that the conversation is active and the client is not interrupted while speaking 

This way, you make your money comfortably while maintaining an anonymous profile and your client gets the satisfaction of having a soothing conversation with someone. 

Though not everyone will have an issue with disclosing their details. This also depends on the nature of the job. Some will require you to be flirty, while others may not. The choice on how to go about this is yours, but most people prefer to stay unknown.

25 Ways To Get Paid To Talk To Someone

Having discussed the skills and guidelines to keep a job as a conversationalist, let’s look at the top 25 ways to get paid to talk to someone

1. Papa

Papa is a platform that helps people earn from the time they spend talking to people. A vast majority of the clients looking for such services are elderly citizens and people recovering from terminal illnesses.

You can offer your services virtually or physically. What Papa helps you do is find the right people willing to pay you. 

To get started, head on to the website. Ensure you spend some time reading their guidelines and policies before signing up. The going rate is 15 dollars per hour, and they cover the cost of moving to a client’s location to offer physical services. 

2. Rent a Friend

On this platform, people who are lonely and in need of companionship can rent a friend. Most jobs on this platform require your physical presence.

Requests from clients may involve you accompanying them for a walk, attending an event, or a doctor’s appointment. 

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    Friends can set their hourly rates themselves, and money made from jobs is completely remitted by the platform

    3. Rent a Cyber Friend

    Cyber Friend can be used to rent a cyber friend at a fixed rate or hourly rate. There are not so many cyber friends on this platform, so it’s easy to find someone to pay you to talk to them.

    Although, you have to pay the membership fee to use the platform. 

    During the registration, you will be asked to provide details of yourself. But you will have the option to select the details that would be visible to the public. 

    4. Cash Chat App

    This service is designed like a social media platform to meet the needs of lonely people. People willing to get paid to speak to others can offer their service via video chat or text.

    There are all kinds of demands on this platform. Some people want a simple, warm conversation, while others are looking for who to flirt with.

    When setting up your account, you can configure your preferences. The platform is free to use and open to everyone around the globe. 

    5. Texting Factory

    This is the perfect platform for conversationalists that are interested in staying anonymous while offering their services.

    It is free to use and you will be required to have a personal computer as you can not chat with a mobile phone. Conversations you will be having will range from simple life events to things about the client’s life. 

    By working a few hours daily, you can make at least $1000 monthly. 

    6. Live World

    Here, the conversations you will be having are defined. It involves answering questions about brands and businesses, more like a chat operator.

    The platform is free to use, and you will need a laptop or personal computer as well as social media skills. Operators are paid per job or hour, and the job is entirely remote. 

    7. Chat Recruit

    On chat recruit, people get paid to sex chat or speak with men. Everything here involves a bit of flirting, so if you are not cut out for this, you may want to skip this option.

    Service providers on this platform earn a minimum of $120 per hour chatting, and the pay is higher where phone call services are offered. 

    8. Text121Chat

    Just like chat recruit, text121chat hires people to keep men company by sending flirty messages and having sex talks.

    You can earn from messaging or calling. Details of service providers are protected from the public. On average, you can earn around $125 per hour. 

    9. FundMySugarBaby

    This platform is filled with lots of sugar daddies looking for sugar babies to keep them company. To join, go to the website, sign up, pay the one-time membership fee and fill in your details.

    You will also be required to share at least five nice photos of yourself. The account is then assessed and approved. You can make money by chatting or speaking privately with a sugar daddy. 

    10. Freelancer

    Freelancer is a freelance platform for people who offer their services on a contract basis online. There are so many services that can be found here, and many online friends make money on this site.

    You get to set your rate and design your profile in a way that explains the services you offer. There are also membership plans, but the free plan would suffice for beginners. 

    11. Rent a Date

    People are looking for someone to accompany them to a function, event, or on a date use services like Rent a date.

    Unlike the other platforms, there is no market to get paid to talk to someone via text or call. The companionship service is offered physically, and hourly fees start at a rate of 150 dollars per hour. 

    12. TexKings

    TexKings is a place where women can get paid to talk to men. The average rate is 15 dollars per hour. This site restricts its service to calls only. 

    13. Phrendly

    People looking for friends turn to Phrendly to find friends. You can be assured that no one will request adult kinds of texts on this platform as such a thing is prohibited.

    All the clients are looking for people to keep them company, talk with and share their life experiences with. The current rate is $0.35 per text. 

    14. Dream Lover

    This is another platform where the service providers are mainly women. The clients are men looking for women to have conversations with. The services are offered virtually via chat or call. 

    15. FlirtBucks

    Everything about this service has to do with flirting. Women are paid 10 cents per minute to flirt with men. Those willing to flirt via video are paid 40 cents per minute. The platform pays service providers biweekly. 

    16. Lip Service

    This service is similar to FlirtBucks, and only women are hired. The job involves taking calls and holding conversations with men. Most of such conversations are flirtatious. 

    17. FriendPC

    If you are looking for a virtual friend, FriendPC is the right platform to find one. You do not need to have a personal computer for this and a phone will be fine.

    Although, you would need to be able to type fast and be active in conversations. 

    18. Fiverr

    Fiverr is a freelance marketplace just like Freelancer, where people hire all sorts of services.

    Service providers set up gigs explaining the services they offer, and clients browse through the gigs to pick the most convincing. You can offer companionship services on this platform by creating a gig and promoting it. 

    19. Steemit

    Steemit is a multi-service platform that uses cryptocurrency as a means of payment. You can find people in need of company on this platform, and you get paid to talk to them either via chat or text.

    Remember, the remittances are in cryptocurrency, so the earnings must reach a particular threshold before they can be converted to your chosen fiat currency. 

    20. The Chat Shop

    Jobs on The Chat Shop are a little different from the others. This platform gathers jobs that need chat services and outsources them.

    Also, there is very little flexibility as you have to work a minimum of 20 hours weekly. Service providers are paid $10/hour. 

    21. Premium.Chat

    This is a company that focuses on providing companionship services to lonely people. Anyone looking to be a virtual friend can create an account on the platform and earn from video chats and messages.

    There are no fixed rates, and it’s left to virtual friends to fix the rates they intend to work with. 

    22. Adult Chat Operator

    As an operator on adult chat, you would be holding conversations that range from talks about life to things about the client’s life and sex texting.

    You can earn a minimum of $300 per week on this platform. 

    23. Rent a Local Friend

    Rent a local friend specializes in helping people find friends close to them.

    People who use this service the most are solo travelers looking for someone that has lived in a place for quite some time and knows a lot about the area. 

    24. College Pirate

    To work on College Pirate, you must be an older student in a college. This company links new students on campus with older ones usually to guide them through their first days in school.

    Service providers on College Pirate can earn as high as $80 per hour and above. 

    25. My Girl Fund

    This platform helps women make money by chatting and calling men. Services are provided per hour or session, and the men give credits to gain access to the women’s company. 


    So there you have it, 25 different ways for you to get paid to talk to other people. Do any of these appeal to you? If not, be sure to check out our website for more money-making ideas. We’re always adding new content so that you can make the most money possible.

    And remember, if there’s something you’d like us to cover on the blog, let us know! We love hearing from our readers. Have a great day and happy earning!

    How to get paid to talk to someone. We all know that talking to people is one of the best ways to make new friends. But what if you could get paid for it? Turns out, there are a lot of different jobs out there that will pay you to talk to people all day long. So the next time you're feeling lonely, don't worry – just pick up the phone and start chatting!

    25 Ways To Get Paid To Talk To Someone