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Low-stress jobs for pregnant women who want to earn extra cash.

Are you pregnant and unemployed? Here are 35 ways on how to make money while pregnant and unemployed.

The troubles that come with pregnancy can be very hard to deal with especially if you are one of those who do not have disability benefits.

Sometimes, the stress could affect your regular job and other areas of your life. As a result, this will cause a financial strain on your family if you do not have a plan in place.

To help pregnant moms like yourself navigate this, this article will be addressing how you can make money while pregnant and unemployed. 

There are lots of low-stress jobs that you can do while pregnant and make some extra money. While most of them are home jobs that you can do in the comfort of your own home, a few others require your physical presence. 

Some will not get you the average weekly wage that you might want, but it will definitely get you the financial help you need.

35+ Best Ways To Make Money While Pregnant And Unemployed

We have curated a list of the top 35 good jobs that a pregnant woman like you can do to make extra cash. You can also continue doing them after giving birth and while on maternity leave.

You can also do some of the remote side gigs during nap time of your young child. Let’s look at each of them closely so you can decide which you will be going with. 

1. Transcriber

A transcriber is someone who turns audio recordings into text. All that is required to keep this job is great listening skills. There are plenty of transcription projects online.

To get started, create a profile on any freelance site of your choice. Find a recording you like and change it to text. Upload this as a sample of your work and fill in other details on your profile. Then, bid on jobs that you are interested in. 

Although a transcription experience is preferred, you can still land on projects as long as you pass their tests.

2. Translator

Are you bilingual or multilingual? Brands need your service hence you can make money comfortably even with pregnancy.

People who are multilingual never last in the unemployment circle as this skill is in high demand. The best part is the role can be played remotely.

All you have to do is find a freelance platform that focuses on this service or has wide room for this market. Next, create a profile and apply to available jobs. 

3. Tutor

Is there a field you are well versed in? Do you have skills you can teach others with ease? There are plenty of platforms where people can sign up to be tutors and share their knowledge.

This is a great way to use your spare time because it is stress-free and rewarding. Do a simple Google search to find platforms looking for people in your field.

Complete the requirements, register, and allow your brain to get the cash for you. 

4. Logistics

Small and medium-sized business owners very often face issues with product delivery. Is there a business you care about? Do you mind delivering products to the doorstep of their customers? Then this is a great job for you as it is barely tasking.

Although, you may need a car of your own to play this role. However, if you are in your second trimester, where lifting and carrying shouldn’t be done at a minimum or none at all, you can skip this side gig.

5. Babysitting

Many parents do not have enough time on their hands to look after their children themselves. This is where this role becomes relevant.

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    Tending to a young human can be tasking and there is no better time to practice your babysitting skills other than now that you are pregnant and unemployed. 

    6. Freelance Writing

    The writing industry is a growing one with a constant demand for experienced professionals. A good number of writing jobs can be done remotely.

    Writing tasks range from article and blog writing to copy and technical writing. The best part is, there are no startup fees.

    Find a niche that resonates well with you, put in the work, and make some money. A freelance writer is one of the best jobs out there that have the potential to make much money.

    7. Participate In Surveys

    Surveys are very simple tasks that can earn you anywhere from $10 to $100, sometimes more. There are lots of companies that pay people to take surveys.

    The surveys require you to answer a few questions and give feedback about certain matters. This is something simple that can be done even when you are feeling drained and exhausted from pregnancy. 

    8. Virtual Assistant

    This role is very much like being a physical assistant but a lot easier as it does not require physical labor. As a virtual assistant, you will be working for busy CEOs and career professionals, doing simple tasks like research, data entry, and so on.

    You can offer virtual assistant services on any freelance platform like Upwork or Fiverr. Pinterest virtual assistants make a lot of money focusing on Pinterest.

    9. Proofreader

    Proofreaders are needed in almost every industry. The primary employers are authors and freelance writers.

    Proofreaders go over an already edited work to spot errors that were skipped in the editing process. This job requires some level of patience and a fine eye for small errors. 

    10. Editor

    Editors are professionals that transform a finished piece of writing from okay to great.

    They spot grammar errors, developmental loopholes and enhance the writing by making suggestions. Just like the proofreader role, this requires patience and keen observation. 

    11. Community Manager

    People use social media to build influence because it is one of the easiest ways out. However, after building a very large audience, it can become difficult to manage alone.

    So, people look to hire community managers who will keep their groups on social media alive and monitor the kind of conversations allowed. 

    12. Social Media Handler

    A social media handler usually handles social media pages on one platform or a variety of platforms.

    You will be responsible for growing the page, keeping the audience engaged, responding to messages, and coming up with strategies to ensure the continuous growth of the page.

    This job can be done either remotely or in-house. 

    13. Freelance Graphics Designer

    Cool design steals the center stage when it comes to mediums of disseminating information. Personal brands and business brands invest a great deal in graphics as it is a wonderful way to communicate with their audience.

    Graphics design may take some time to learn if you do not have the skill at the moment. However, it is very easy to learn and master so long as you are determined.

    Experienced designers charge as high as 400 dollars per hour and even more while others charge per project. 

    14. Freelance Bookkeeper

    Bookkeeping is part of the foundation of every successful business. Small businesses handle this by themselves while big businesses outsource this job to professionals.

    There are lots of freelance bookkeeping jobs on the internet. A good place to start searching from is freelance sites. 

    15. Videographer

    Are you good with handling cameras and capturing videos? Then this is a good job opportunity as this is something that can be done even with pregnancy.

    People hire videographers to cover their events and ceremonies. It’s very unlikely to find such a position on remote work sites. To get jobs as a videographer, advertise your service, network, and join local clubs. 

    16. Freelance Website Designer

    There is an increasing demand for website designers because more and more people are looking to have their websites. The great news is this skill can be acquired easily.

    A few courses and tutorials with a bit of practice will get you ready to help people design their sites for money. And this can be done from the comfort of your bedroom. 

    17. Freelance Photographer

    Great images are a delight to the heart. You can work as a photographer taking photos for people or you can take pictures of your own and sell them.

    There are many niches in photography and all of them are lucrative. When choosing, go for the one that you have an interest in. 

    18. Blogging

    Is there a topic you can write a blog post about effortlessly? Starting a blog might be the best venture at the moment. You can write and publish blog posts on any niche of your choice.

    Although it is an easy way to make money, it is not a quick way. Your blog may take some time to garner traffic but once the traffic starts coming in it can be monetized with adverts or affiliate programs. Here is how you can start a profitable blog the right way so you can start earning sooner.

    19. YouTuber

    As a YouTuber, you are also a blogger but a video blogger/creator. You can make videos about anything that interests you or cover happenings in your environment that you are passionate about.

    The money may not roll in immediately but by the time you are due for delivery, you should have enough YouTube earnings to make you smile at the bank. 

    20. Facebook Creator

    Video bloggers monetize their videos on Facebook when they meet the Facebook Creator requirements. Adverts are displayed on their videos by Facebook and a percentage of the earnings is remitted to them.

    Many people like to keep a journal of their pregnancy journey and share it on Facebook. You can choose to go this route or blog about whatever you have a passion for. 

    21. Coach

    Many women resign from their jobs during pregnancy and become unemployed. This time creates room to launch whatever entrepreneurial dream you may have been nursing before now.

    Is there something you know a lot about yet people struggle with? Do you mind serving as a guide? You can create coaching packages and offer your service to people in need of a guide. 

    22. Consultant

    Again, this depends on your skillset and know-how. Unlike coaching, you get paid to allow people to pick your brain for a couple of minutes.

    This is one of the best soft jobs and all it involves is communicating and sharing your knowledge about a subject. 

    23. Course Creator

    This would require some video creation skills. Teachers often organize their lessons into courses and employ hands to help them pull through.

    Does this sound like something you are cool with? Then, create a profile on a freelance site and source for clients. Note that this job could be a little bit tasking depending on the area you would be working in. 

    24. Podcaster

    We have talked about blogs and video blogs. Podcasting is like running the audio version of a blog. The success of such a venture will depend on what you will be covering.

    What special details would you be sharing with your audience that would keep bringing them back to download your podcasts? 

    25. Voice Over Artist

    Voice-over artists are trained vocalists with very nice voices. They help in making voice-overs for cartoon characters, commercials, courses, book narrations, and so on.

    Most voices over artists are freelancers so finding a job is quite easy. All that’s needed to start is a good voice, microphone, and editing skills. 

    26. Audio Editor

    This is a sound specialist that tweaks the sounds of recordings to their most pleasant forms.

    Their services are usually needed by voice service companies and professionals like voice-over artists, audiobook narrators, and podcasters. 

    27. Video Editor

    A video editor does the job of an audio editor and moving motion graphics editor.

    They ensure all the components of the video roll into each other perfectly and they edit or cut out parts that are not right or not needed. 

    28. Customer Service Representative

    Do you like helping people solve their problems? Would you get bored listening to complaints? Your answers to these questions determine if this is the right job for you.

    Companies hire customer service representatives to attend to user complaints and guide them on how to solve their problems. Most of these roles are remote and lots of openings are posted daily on sites like Upwork and Freelancer

    29. Chat Operator/ Conversationalist

    You can get paid to speak to people and keep them company. Some people when they are lonely, especially the elderly hire people to talk with and share their daily encounters.

    Some companies that specialize in offering this service hire people very often. Another way to get such jobs is via freelance sites. 

    30. Influencer

    Influencers get ambassadorial deals very often. These contracts are usually very enticing. To qualify for such openings, consider building a following online.

    Of course, you would not be making money immediately but if you are consistent, within a short while, you would be getting lots of deals. 

    31. Commercial Driver

    This is an opportunity to tour around your city. You can become a commercial driver on Uber or Bolt.

    The guidelines for this role are clear and simple. Although, having a car of your own is a requirement for this. 

    32. Book Reviewer

    Are you a book lover? You can make money by just reading books. After reading them, write a short review and state reasons why you would recommend the book or not.

    If you are interested in reviewing books for money, sign up on any of these sites

    33. Movie Reviewer

    This is similar to reviewing books. Here you watch movies and write a comprehensive review about them. To get started, check out how you get paid to review movies here

    34. Website Tester

    Several services including designers pay people to test out newly designed sites as well as updated sites to gauge their functionality. This is a simple role and it’s just perfect for pregnant women.

    35. Affiliate Marketer

    This is one of the easy jobs you can undertake during pregnancy. You do not have to come up with products of your own but rather sell people’s products for a commission.

    There are many ways to approach this. You can use online affiliate programs like Shareasale, Impact, and others. Or, you can help producers around you advertise and sell their products for an agreed commission. 

    36. Course Creator

    If you have an area of expertise, you can create an online course and sell it to those who are willing to learn.

    It might take a while and some legwork to get your students but once you gain traction, it will just be a passive income source.

    Final Thoughts On How To Make Money While Pregnant And Unemployed

    The birth of your child is an exciting time for you and your family. Therefore, you should be stress-free. However, if you will be unemployed or have to take unpaid leave, you will have to do extra work to have enough money.

    Most jobs are hectic and difficult to keep during pregnancy but that does not mean you have to remain unemployed. The jobs above are relatively easy to do and manage. Some of them, just require an internet connection. Go through them carefully to select the best fit and start earning extra income.

    If you’re more of an introvert, check out these side hustles for introverts.

    How To Make Money While Pregnant And Unemployed (35+ Jobs For Pregnant Women)