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Cutting monthly expenses can significantly improve your personal finance.

Wouldn’t it be nice if you do not have monthly bills to pay? Unfortunately, not gonna happen unless you live under the rocks.

But hey, there are ways to cut budget on bills and still enjoy the comforts that you have.

Today, you will get to discover three tools that can make saving money easy and painless.

Let’s dive in.

Looking to cut budget? Here are the tools you need to cut your budget and save money on your monthly bills.

Three Tools That Will Cut Your Monthly Expenses

When it comes to saving money, there are absolutely a lot of things you can do. However, they can be a lot of work and can be uncomfortable for some.

Like for example, your cable bills can increase every year and you have the option to cancel it or call to negotiate a better deal.

But you don’t want to lose your cable, and at the same time, you are not comfortable making the call to negotiate.

That is why you need these tools to make that call to negotiate your bills for you and make sure you get the best discounts.

1| Billcutterz

Billcutterz was established in 2009 and was founded by Barry Gross. You can learn more about how they got started here. Billcutterz has been able to save users 25-35% on their monthly bills.

Bills They Can Negotiate For Your

  • Cell Phone
  • Cable & Satellite TV
  • Internet
  • Landline Telephone
  • Bundles (Cable / Phone / Internet)
  • Alarm & Security
  • Satellite Radio
  • Electricity (in some states)
  • Plus many more

How It Works

Billcutterz makes it easy for you cut budget and save money on your bills. All you have to do is:

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1 | Sign up and create an account.

Go to Billcutterz from here and create an account. It will ask for your full name and email address. It will also ask you to create a password that you will use for your account.

2| Send them your bills

After completing your registration, you will then send them you bills.

3| Billcutterz will negotiate your bills

The experts from Billcutterz will analyze your bills and will make sure you are on the best plan. They will negotiate for the best discounts on your monthly bills.


The great thing about Billcutterz is you only pay them if they were able to save you money. If there’s no saving, there is no charge. As simple as that.

However, if they were able to save you money, you split the savings. Billcutterz will get 50% and you will get 50%.

You can pay them in full and get 10% discount, or you can opt for monthly recurring payments.

How To Sign Up

There is no cost to sign up for Billcutterz. It is totally FREE.

2| Trim

Trim was established in 2015 and was founded by Thomas Smyth. To date, Trim has saved Trim users over $40 million.

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    Bills They Can Negotiate For Your

    • Phone Bill With Any Provider
    • Cable & Satellite TV
    • Internet
    • Credit Card Interest Rate
    • Medical Bills
    • Bank Fees

    Added Features

    ✔️ Subscriptions Scanning & Cancellations

    ✔️ Pay down credit card debt faster with TrimPay

    ✔️ Car Insurance Analysis

    ✔️ Personal Financial Coach

    ✔️ Daily Transaction Monitoring

    ✔️ 4% High-Yield Savings Account

    ✔️ Save on purchases with Trim Savings

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    How It Works

    Trim also makes it easy for you to get started.

    1 | Sign up and create an account.

    Go to Trim from here and create an account. It will ask you for your full name and email address, and a password to create your account.

    2| Connect Your Phone Number And Bank Account

    They will need to connect to your bank accounts to be able to check your subscriptions and analyze your credit card transactions.

    They will also need you phone number because everything will be communicated with you through texts. You can receive spending alerts, subscription cancellation, balance, and more.

    3| Trim Will Start Saving You Money

    Trim will then get to work and will send you messages on how you can save money. The Trim Bill Negotiator will work on getting you the best deal on your monthly bills.


    While the other Trim services are free, the Trim Bill Negotiator is not. However, you only pay them if they were successful in saving your money.

    They will charge 25% of your first month’s savings and give you the rest, which is not bad.

    How To Sign Up

    Signing up for Trim is completely FREE.

    3| Billshark

    Billsharks was established in 2015 and was founded by Steven McKean, Brian Keaney, and Michel Mora. In 2018, the company partnered with Mark Cuban of the TV show Shark Tank.

    So far, Billsharks have saved its users over $10 million.

    Bills They Can Negotiate For Your

    • Wireless Phones
    • Landline Phones
    • Cable & Satellite TV
    • Internet
    • Satellite Radio
    • Home Security
    • TV, Internet, And Phone Packages

    On the other hand, do not negotiate utilities, insurance or credit cards.

    Added Features

    ✔️ Cancels subscriptions

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    ✔️ Insurance comparison

    How It Works

    It is so easy to get started with Billshark.

    1 | Sign up and create an account.

    Go to Billshark from here and create an account. It will ask you for your full name, phone number, email address, and password to create your account.

    2| Upload Your Bills

    You will then upload the bills that you want them to analyze and negotiate. You can do this by downloading their mobile app, snap a photo of your bill, and upload them.

    3| Billshark Will Start Saving You Money

    Once Billsharks got everything they need, the negotiation will start. If successful, you will get details on where you saved money on your bills.


    While you do not pay anything for Billcutterz and Trim if they could not save you money, the same is true with Billsharks.

    After a successful negotiation, Billshark will charge 40% of the amount you save.

    How To Sign Up

    Signing up for Billshark is completely FREE.

    Final Thoughts On Saving Money On Your Bills

    Calling companies to negotiate your bills is not an easy task and not for everyone. Fortunately, there are experts in that arena that can help you.

    It might not be completely free but the savings you will get will outweigh the cost.

    Are you ready to cut budget and save on your bills?

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