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Cellphone bills are outrageously expensive but there is a way to lower a cellphone bill.

Please raise your hand if you are someone who gets frustrated when your cellphone bill comes, and it’s way more than what the cellphone company promised when you signed up.

And to make it even worse, you can’t back out because you’re tied to a contract.

Yes, absolutely annoying and frustrating. 

Those hidden fees can wreak havoc on your budget if you do not do anything about them.

So, today I will show you a great tip on how to cut cellphone bills in half and start saving thousands per year.

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How Much Is The Average Cell Phone Bills

In today’s day and age, the average cell phone bill is $114 per month. That’s $1,368 per year out of your pocket!

You know you have other better things to do with that amount of money, like saving for your emergency fund or paying down your debt.

So today, let me show you options on how to save money on your cell phone bill so that you can focus on working towards your financial goals.

How To Save Money On Cellphone Bills

If you want to really save money, then you can stop using cell phones altogether. But of course, you’re a millennial, so it’s not even an option.

1) Negotiate For A Lower Cell Phone Plan

The first thing that you can do to lower your cell phone bill is to pick up the phone and call the network company and negotiate your current rate plan.

The worst that could happen is they will say no, but you’ll never know unless you ask.

I do this every single year, and most of the time, I was successful. I was able to lower our cell phone bill by a few dollars.

2) Switch To A Cheaper Cell Phone Plan

If negotiating on the phone freaks you out or if you’re unsuccessful, consider switching to other networks.

Besides the Big 4 Networks, there are dozens of mobile virtual network operators (MVNO) offering wireless service using T-mobile, AT&T, Sprint, or Verizon towers.

And the one that I will be introducing to you today, if you haven’t heard about them yet, is the most-talked-about low-cost mobile plan provider, Tello Mobile.

Recently, Tello reached out to me, and I was given the opportunity to try one of their customizable plans for a month. 

But before I share with you my personal experience with Tello Mobile, let me first share the important details.

What Is Tello?

Tello is a relatively new mobile provider, which was launched in 2015. However, its parent company, KeepCalling, has been around since 2002. So technically, they are not new to this type of business.

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    Although they may seem to be new to the market, they are gaining popularity rather very quickly.

    Is Tello Legit?

    As their popularity continues to increase, more and more people are trying their services and leaving reviews.

    Check out what others are saying about Tello.

    What Network Is Tello?

    Tello Mobile works exclusively on the Sprint network. And since Sprint has one of the best cell phone coverage, you should not have any trouble finding service.

    If you are curious if your area has coverage, you can check it out here.

    What Phones Can You Use With Tello

    Tello Mobile works with any Sprint compatible phone, which can be an iPhone, Samsung, or Nexus.

    To make sure your phone is compatible, you can check it out here.

    What Sets Tello Apart

    There are a lot of MVNOs out there, Tello’s mission to eliminate overpriced wireless and save you money sets them apart from anyone else along with the following:

    • No Contract and No Hidden Fees
    • You Can Downgrade or Upgrade Anytime
    • Nationwide 4G LTE Coverage
    • Free Tethering
    • Flexible Plans That You Can Customize
    • Affordable International Plan
    • Awesome Referral Program

    What Are Tello Mobile Plans

    Tello Mobile Offer flexible plans, which gives you the freedom to choose from their Build Your Own Plan or their Ready-Made Plans.

    Build Your Own Plan

    With this plan, you have the flexibility to combine any number of minutes to any data size. You can go as high as pairing unlimited data and unlimited text to as low as matching 100 minutes and 500 MB data.

    Ready-Made Plans

    • Economy Plan – Unlimited Minutes & Unlimited Text + 1 GB = $10/mo
    • Value Plan – Unlimited Minutes & Unlimited Text + 2 GB = $14/mo
    • Smart Plan – Unlimited Minutes & Unlimited Text + 4 GB = $19/mo
    • Family Plan – 1 Family, 1 Account & No Extra Cost Per Line  = $5/mo to $39/mo/line
    • Data Plan – Unlimited Minutes & Unlimited Text + 12 GB = $39/mo

    Does Tello Have Family Plans

    Tello now offers family plans which are also flexible. You can choose their customizable plans or choose from their ready-made deals for the family.

    The best thing about their family plan is that each member’s phone plan can be different from each other.

    My Personal Experience With Tello

    As I’ve mentioned earlier, I was given the opportunity to try out any of the Tello Mobile plans. Since I am always looking for legit ways to save money and coincidentally one of Tello’s missions is to eliminate overpriced wireless plans, it made sense for me to try them out.

    The first thing that I did was to create a new account with Tello. The website was user-friendly, so I was able to set up my account quickly.

    I picked an iPhone and then used the Build Your Own Plan to set my plan to unlimited minutes and unlimited data.

    I chose to test Tello Mobile’s unlimited plan because I want to compare it with my current unlimited plan with AT&T. 

    Once everything was good to go, I chose my payment method to finalize the transaction.

    The notification stated that the phone would arrive in 3-5 days via USPS first class mail. I also got an emailed instruction on what to do when the package comes.

    After four days, the phone arrived. I followed the emailed instructions, which included plugging in the device until fully charged.

    Then, I logged on to my Tello account to activate the phone before turning it on.

    And just like that, my phone was ready for texting, calling, and surfing the net.

    Coverage Comparison

    We are located in the Chicago suburbs, so coverage is good. However, I do most of my office work in our basement, so I do not get the full cell phone signal bars.

    With my current provider, I only get two signal bars, so I was concerned that with Tello Mobile, I would get even less.

    But to my surprise, there was no difference. Here’s my side by side comparison.

    save money on cell phone bills

    Quality Of Phone Calls

    I make a lot of phone calls in my day job, and it involves patient care, so the quality of voice calls is crucial to me.

    My concern about low-cost network providers includes dropped, choppy, and garbled calls. But with Tello, the quality was impressive. I have yet to experience a lousy quality phone call.

    Internet Speed

    Nowadays, where everything runs via the internet, speed is essential. Although I have not experienced it yet, I have read from other users that their internet speed throttled to 64kbps once 25GB has been used up.

    I do not see this as a problem because most of the time, I am on a wifi network. However, if you’re someone who uses a lot of data and you have limited access to wifi, then this might be a problem for you.

    Pay As You Go Plan

    Are you calling abroad frequently? You’ll be pleasantly surprised by Tello’s international rates and quality of calls.

    I wanted to try this plan because I wanted to compare the quality and cost of calling internationally.

    Canada, Mexico, and China are included in the plan, but the Philippines isn’t, so I had to go with their pay as you go plan.

    The quality of the phone call was actually better than the one I was currently using, and it costs lesser.

    Final Thoughts On Tello Mobile

    My free trial is over, and I have learned a lot, but the bottom line is low price does not always equate low quality.

    I can see Tello Mobile to be around for a while. They are continually working to meet every customer’s needs.

    Although I am not ready to switch yet, I am still going to continue with Tello Mobile because of the cheaper international plan.

    The reason why I am not ready to switch yet is that we were able to lock in a reasonable rate for our family plan earlier this year. But knowing how these big networks work, we will surely see an increase next year.

    And if that happens, I know I have options.

    There you have it! That’s how you can cut your cellphone bills in half.

    If you are interested in Tello Mobile, please click on my link. It’s an affiliate link, but I promise this review was 100% my opinion.

    Are you ready to save on your cellphone bills?

    Want to learn how to save on cellphone bills? Try these cellphone bill hacks to save money on cellphone bills. #ad #cellphonebill

    How To Cut Cell Phone Bills Into Half