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Learn how to save more money on groceries by using these rebate apps.

I am sure you will agree with me when I say that the grocery bill takes the most chunk out of every household’s monthly budget for variable expenses. You can’t help it because food is one of the basic needs of mankind.

You can cut corners on any part of your budget but it is hard to cut corners when it comes to food.

However, there is always a workaround to everything, there are a lot of ways to save on your grocery bills, check out these 19 Incredible Ways to Save On Your Grocery Bill.

But in today’s post, you will discover the grocery rebate apps that you should have in order to save on your grocery bill.

I personally use all of these grocery rebates apps and they had helped me make the most of my grocery shopping.

7 Best Rebate Apps To Save On Groceries

#1 Ibotta

Ibotta has been one of my favorite grocery rebate apps. I first signed up with them out of curiosity, but I haven’t used them as much. However, later on, when I got into budgeting, I started using them again, and I was sorry I did not use them as much earlier.

I was able to save quite a lot on our grocery bill. Check out how I saved over $1000 since I started incorporating Ibotta in my shopping routine.

Ibotta is an app that earns you money just by shopping anything, anytime, anywhere and any brand.

Earning Potential: The more you shop, the more cash back you get. Since I started using Ibotta, I was able to make over $1000 cash back.

Best Feature: Ibotta partnered with most major merchants, therefore, your favorite store will most likely be in their network.


  1. You will need to sign up first in order to use Ibotta.
  2. You can download the app but you can also use your desktop. I just prefer the mobile app since I can add offers on the go.
  3. Add offers to qualify for cashback before you go shopping.
  4. Redeem the cashback by scanning your receipt on the Ibotta app.

That’s it! Your cashback will immediately be added to your account.

#2 Checkout51

Checkout51 is my second favorite grocery app next to Ibotta. What I love about it is I can use it in addition to Ibotta.

Checkout51 is a FREE grocery savings app that allows you to make money from brands that you shop for every day. Their offers are updated every Thursday for new saving opportunities.

Earning Potential: Your earning will depend on the offers you will complete. The more offers you complete, the bigger will be your earnings.

Best Feature: It is a FREE app that allows you to make money from doing the things you are already doing.


  1. Create an account
  2. Download the app.
  3. Start browsing and adding offers to your shopping cart.
  4. Redeem the offers after you buy the items by scanning your receipt.

And that’s it! Your earnings will be added to your account instantly.

#3 ReceiptPal

Your receipt can also make you money just by being a receipt. If your purchases do not qualify for any of the Ibotta or Checkout51 cashback, you can still earn points with Receipt Pal. The only thing I do not like about Receipt Pal is they do not have any referral program.

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    Receipt Pal is a FREE app that awards you with points every time you scan any type of receipt; paper receipt or email receipt and even accepts your Amazon receipts if you connect your account.

    Earning Potential: Your earning will depend on how many receipts you submit. The first time you join, you will be given five 100 point cards(requires 4 receipts). After that, you will get three 100 point cards to fill out each week.

    According to Receipt Pal, five is the maximum number of cards that you can have but Receipt Pal is encouraging you to submit as many receipts as you can and use your excess cards for the Sweepstakes cards.

    Best Feature: It is a FREE app that allows you to make money just by scanning any type of receipt.


    1. Download the App.
    2. Create an account.
    3. Connect your email.
    4. Start scanning your receipts.
    5. Earn 100 points for every four receipts that you scan. Reach 2000 points and start redeeming.
    6. Redeem your points for Amazon gift cards or retailer gift cards.

    #4 Shopkick

    Shopkick is the most pretty brainless app that can help you save money just by walking into a store.

    Shopkick is one of those apps that rewards you with “kicks” for shopping instore or online. You will get rewards by walking into a store, scanning items or purchasing products. Also, you will get rewards by visiting Shopkick’s partners online, viewing offers or making purchases.

    Earning Potential: The more you shop, the more “kicks” you get. And just recently, you can get more “kicks” faster just by linking your card. “Kicks” can be redeemed at any store of your choice like Target, Amazon, Starbucks, etc.

    Best Feature: Shopkick has the simplest way to get rewards.


    1. Download the app.
    2. Create an account.
    3. Link your card(optional)
    4. Start earning kicks by doing the following:
      1. Walk into stores.
      2. Scan selected products.
      3. Purchase using your linked card.
      4. Submit Receipt.
      5. Visit online stores that are partners with Shopkick.
      6. View selected online products.
      7. Make online purchases.
      8. Watch videos.
    5. Watch your “kicks” add up.
    6. Redeem your gift card.

    That’s it! Keep completing the tasks to get more “kick”.

    #5 Fetch Rewards

    Feth Reards is a newer app that rewards you for any grocery receipts that you have. You can also use this in conjunction with Ibotta and Checkout51.

    Fetch Rewards is a mobile app available to IOS and Android that rewards you points for shopping at grocery stores, convenience stores, club stores, drugstores, and liquor stores. The points can be redeemed in the form of gift cards.

    Earning Potential: The more you shop, the more receipts you scan and the more points you get. You earn more points when you purchase participating products or special offers, an also by referring a friend or family.

    Best Feature: Fetch Rewards is a FREE app that rewards you for the thing you are already doing.


    1. Download the App.
    2. Sign up now and use the code AN3AJ to get 2,000 bonus points.
    3. Start snapping photos of your receipts and earn points.
    4. Reach 3000 points and start redeeming.
    5. Redeem your points for any of their available gift cards.

    Just like that!

    #6 Store Loyalty App

    One of the must-have app for your grocery needs is the loyalty app of your favorite store. It is not technically one of the grocery rebate apps but I included it on the list because saving money is like getting a cash back anyways.

    Loyalty cards are reward program that retail stores offer to their customers. Customers will be offered discounts, coupons or points.

    You will be able to save money when you take advantage of their discounted items or coupons. You may also receive free products when you accumulate enough points.

    To make loyalty cards work for you, apply in every store that you frequent.

    #7 Drop

    Drop is a FREE app that rewards you with points every time you use your linked card to make purchases.

    If you do your grocery shopping at Walmart, Costco, Sams Club and any online food shops like Instacart, Blue Apron, Thrive Market and etc, then you can get the most out of the Drop app.

    Earning Potential: The more you shop, the more points you get. You earn more points when you link all the cards that you use for shopping.

    Best Feature: Drop is a FREE app and it offers many opportunities to earn points; whether grocery shopping, taking Uber somewhere or just ordering a snack.


    1. Download the App. We’ll both get $5 if you use the link or my referral code “d0m46”.
    2. Create an account.
    3. Link your credit/debit card.
    4. Start shopping as you normally would.
    5. Rack up5,000 points
    6. Redeem your points for any of their available gift cards like Amazon, Aerie, AMC, Nordstrom and more.

    There you have it!

    Those are the 7 grocery rebate apps that I use to help me save some money on my grocery bills and at the same time helped me earn some gift cards that I used on my other shopping needs.

    If you want to learn more ways to earn money, check out 101 Smartest Ways To Save Money Fast.

    Start using the above grocery rebate apps and watch your cash backs and points pile up.

    7 Best Rebate Apps To Save On Groceries