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Blogger Burnout is real!

I hate to admit it, but it is real. I thought I had it all figured out, but I guess not. But hey, I made it to my 8th-month blog monthly progress report.

If you’ve been following my income report, you might have noticed that I did not publish my 6th and 7th-month income report. This is because I actually walked away from my blog to get myself together.

I started losing interest in my 5th month, and it was a struggle, I admit.

Hoping that I will be able to gain my momentum back towards my 6th month, I decreased the time I spent on my blog.

However, when July, my sixth month of blogging, came, I totally lost interest. My blog was draining me, and it was becoming to be a chore.

Although I had some posts pre-scheduled already, even my social media post, I still have to drag myself to do my other blog duties.

Here is how I did on my 8th Month Blog Progress Report

Know When Enough is Enough

Finally, in the 7th month, I decided to walk away from my blog altogether. August was our wedding anniversary month anyways so I figured I need the break.

I then devoted all my time on planning trips with my husband and spending more time with him. I was also able to play more with our dog.

We took a vacation to Kauai, Hawaii, which was wonderful. It might sound expensive but we actually spent only half of the actual cost. I will be sharing how we were able to travel Kauai on a budget soon.

And then, most weekends, we went on road trips and spent more time with nature. It was our 5th wedding anniversary, and I think we celebrated it really well. We’ve made memories that we’ll cherish for a long time.

When September came, my 8th month of blogging, I was ready, but I was still working on getting back my full interest in My Worthy Penny.

I know that I am one of those who are good at starting a project but losing interest in just a short time. And unfortunately, blogging is one of them. If you recall, I started a blog two years ago and got rid of it in less than six months.

With my current blog, I am starting to see the same pattern. However, I really don’t want this blog to fail just because I lost interest. I’ve gotten this far only to quit.

Then suddenly, an opportunity came knocking. I was introduced to what they call website flipping. Website flipping is an excellent way to make extra money by starting a blog and sell it for profit.

It was an AHA-moment for me because I think this is what I needed. I don’t know about you, but I always get excited whenever I start a new blog.

This new gig will help me keep the excitement and hopefully prevent me from losing interest in My Worthy Penny.

So then I took Jenn Lech’s course The Art of Microflip and started my first website. I was amazed. Blogging can take a lot of your time because of the many things you have to do. However, because I have that excitement I was able to start a new site and work on My Worthy Penny at the same time.

I will talk more about my website flipping experience on another post next time. For now, let’s take a look at how I did on my 8th-month blog progress report.

If you’ve been following my income report, you know already why I am sharing my blog income progress report. If not, you can head over to my First Blog Income Report to learn more.

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    Now Let’s dive in.

    Reaching my 8th month of blogging was not easy, check out my 8th Month Blog Progress Report.

    What’s New At MWP

    For September, there are two highlights on my blogging journey.

    I’m Now Blogging Legally. I finally took the leap and got myself the necessary legal pages for My Worthy Penny. I had put so much time and effort into this blog, so I do not want it to go another day unprotected. My Worthy Penny has now the three must-have legal pages. If you are interested in protecting your blog as well, check out Amira’s legal pages.

    I Started A Website To Flip. One of the ways that I did to hopefully keep my interest in blogging going is to start a new side hustle. I enrolled in Jenn Lech’s The Art of Microflipping and started a new website to flip. I will definitely let you know how it goes.

    Monthly Progress Report

    Here are my stats for the month of September.

    Pageviews And Visitors

    The page views and visitors this month is quite encouraging. I think this is the most I’ve gotten so far. I owe it to being more active in promoting my content.

    Organic Search Progress

    I included this stat in my report to show you how using keywords is important when creating content. It helped boost my monthly sessions.

    I was also surprised to see that my Google traffic was up during the times that I was not active on my blog. I did not even post anything in August.

    Social Stats

    I was able to spend more time engaging on social media this month and I am happy with the results.

    PlatformJune StatsSeptember

    I completely ignored Instagram this month. I am thinking of just deleting the account but we’ll see.

    Financial Stats

    Surveys and Apps7.61
    Display Ads74.94
    Affiliate Income110.7

    Expenses this month was a little lower than most months. The legal pages and micro flip course were purchased back in July.

    I use the companies listed below and they make up my monthly expenses. They offer free trials if you are interested to try them out. Just click on the link.

    LinkWhat You Get
    TailwindGet $15 to get you started
    Smarterqueue30-day FREE trial instead of 14
    Convertkit30-Day Free trial
    CanvaThe Free version which works just fine.

    I use Siteground for my blogging platform but it was already prepaid during my first month so I do not have to worry about it for the rest of the year.

    I also prepaid my Grammarly Pro subscription so I am good for one year.


    The revenue this month is quite encouraging because, for the second time since I launched this blog, I am not in the negatives. However, I am still far from breaking even.

    Goals And Tasks For October

    October is a special month for me because it is my birthday month. I will be pushing myself a little more this month to hopefully gain traction on my blog so that I can take it a little easy during the holidays.

    So here are my goals.

    Write four blog posts. I have four pre-scheduled posts already but I want to continue posting twice a week. I was able to do it for the month of September.

    Write A Guest Post. I will start to search for good websites to do a guest post on and reach out to other bloggers.

    Buy A New Theme. I do like the current theme but I noticed that it slows down my site sometimes. I am hoping that a new theme will improve the site for a better user experience.


    There you have it!

    Thanks again for sticking to the end. I hope you enjoyed my 8th monthly blog progress report.

    And if you haven’t yet, sign up to follow along on my blog journey and learn from my experience.

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