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A hopeful blog income report of a beginner blogger’s journey.

Woot! Woot! I finally hit a milestone!

This month, I am so thrilled and excited to share on my 4th blog income report that finally, I am not in the negative! I actually made a PROFIT on my blog this month.

I was starting to think I would never see the day as you’ve seen in my past blog income reports. But finally, it is here.

If this is your first time checking out my blog income report, check out:

In My First Income Report, you will learn more about My Worthy Penny and why I am sharing my blog income report.

If you haven’t started your blog yet, check out my post on how to easily start a new profitable blog from scratch.

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Check out how I did in my Fourth Month Beginner Blogger Income Report

What Happened On The 4th Month?

In my fourth month, I decided to focus more on creating content. I found in my research that a blog usually gets its traction after publishing 50 blog posts.

And usually, this happens on the six-month mark, if you are posting 2-3 times a week.

I wanted to see if that will happen in my case, so I decided I will be posting twice a week. I created blog posts and scheduled them out.

So far, I have to write a few more blog posts to be able to hit 50 blog posts in my 6th month.

Also this month, I still continued learning affiliate marketing through Michelle’s Making Sense of Affiliate Marketing. However, since creating content took most of my time, I was not able to finish the course.

The biggest chunk in my affiliate income report still came from promoting Freshbooks. As I have mentioned before, I had a very good experience promoting them because they have awesome landing pages which makes it easy to promote them.

They also offer opportunities for their affiliates to earn more every month. If you are interested, check out their affiliate program.

And if you are looking for affiliate companies to join, you can check out Shareasale and Flexoffers. Both of these companies accept new bloggers.

They have a lot of companies that you can apply to and start promoting as soon as you get accepted.

The most popular ones include Grammarly, Etsy, Minted, Tailwind and more.

But of course, only promote those products that you know for sure will help others.

Fourth Month Blogging Income Report


Now on to my 4th blog income report. My biggest earner this month was from ads. I increased my Facebook engagement which brought significant traffic to my site.

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    My earnings from ads and affiliate marketing pretty much covered this month’s expenses, which is a first!

    My earnings from money-making apps increased slightly due to my recent participation with Survey Junkie. It is by far the best survey sites I have ever tried.

    I love Survey Junkie so far because the way surveys are presented is awesome, very easy to navigate and answer.

    And the best part is you will still get credits if you end up not qualifying.

    I have not spent too much time on Survey Junkie this month because of time constraints, however, I think my earning potential could have been higher if I had put more time to it.

    Since I blog about personal finance and that includes making extra money online, I am including my earnings from the money-making apps that I use:


    Please note that these are earnings, not actual payouts. Each app has its own payout threshold. I also earn gift cards from these apps but I am not going to include them on the total income.

    • Fetch Rewards (Referral Code: AN3AJ)
    • Shopkick
    • Drop (Referral Code: d0m46)
    • Receipt Pal
    • Honey-this browser extension is my new favorite when shopping online; it automatically searches for coupons for me during checkout.

    If you want to check out the above apps, I would appreciate it if you will use my referral codes.

    Here are my earnings from each category.

    • Ads: $172.03
    • Affiliate Income: $52.00
    SUBTOTAL INCOME= $224.03

    TOTAL INCOME: $231.63


    My biggest expense this month is from a course I bought, Pin to Profits-Affiliate Marketing. I enrolled in this course because I have learned a lot from the FREE Pinterest Primer course.

    And coincidentally, part of my goal for the fifth month is to learn more about Pinterest affiliate marketing. I will talk more about this course once I finished it.

    I am a subscriber with the companies listed below and they make up my monthly expenses. They offer free trials so you can try them out.

    • Tailwind-you will get $15 credit when you use this link and a FREE trial
    • Smarterqueue– you will get a 30-day FREE trial instead of 14 just by using this link. No Credit Card Required during sign up.
    • Convertkit-you can try them for 30 days
    • Canva-they have a free version which works just fine but you can try their Pro version FREE for 30 days

    I used Siteground for my blogging platform but it was already prepaid during my first month so I do not have to worry about it for the rest of the year.

    I also prepaid my Grammarly Pro subscription last month so I am good for one year.

    TOTAL EXPENSES: $143.24

    NET INCOME: $88.39

    And that’s how I pulled myself out of the hole. It was a lot of work but I think it was all worth it. I hope to do better next month.

    It's my fourth month blogging, check out how I did in my fourth month blog progress report.

    Traffic and Metrics

    I was actually able to meet my traffic goal for this month, thanks to Facebook and Pinterest.

    I use Google Analytics for my data.

    Page Views: 4,295

    Visitors: 1,768

    Most of my traffic still came from social media, but this time, Facebook was the primary traffic driver.

    Social Media

    Since I focused more on content creation, I haven’t really worked on increasing my social media following, but still, I am happy with the result.

    Pinterest: 4,719

    Twitter: 7,848

    Instagram: 532

    Facebook: 942

    Email Subscribers: 40

    May Goals and Results

    Let’s check in with my May goals.

    • Pinterest: 4,500 Pass
    • Twitter: 8,200 Fail
    • Instagram: 800 Fail
    • Facebook: 1,100 Fail
    • Email Subscribers: 50 Fail
    • Page views: 4,000 Pass
    • Visitors: 2000 Fail
    • Earnings: $100 Pass
    • Write 4 blog posts Pass

    June Goals

    It’s time to set new goals for the next month.

    • Pinterest: 5000
    • Twitter: 8,200
    • Instagram: 800
    • Facebook: 1,200
    • Email Subscribers: 50
    • Pageviews: 6,000
    • Visitors: 3000
    • Earnings: $100
    • Write 4 more blog posts

    There you have it! That is my finance blog income report for the 4th month.

    I had put a lot of work into keyword research and content writing this month and I think I need a little break from that.

    My goal was to write 4 blog posts and I was able to create 10 blog posts, which is a lot for me, considering I have a full-time job.

    If you need a little help with content creation, check out Articoolo. It is a robot but writes like a human, you just give it the idea to write about.

    The downside of Articoolo is that it only writes 500-word articles, which are not good SEO wise. However, you have the ability to combine four 500-word articles to create your long-form content.

    If you are interested, Articoolo is running a promo right now when you first sign up, you can get your second month FREE.

    In my fifth month, I want to focus more on learning about affiliate marketing and optimizing Pinterest.

    Sign up to follow along in my journey and to learn from my experience.

    Did you like my 4th month beginner blogger’s income report? How’s yours?

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