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I almost stopped blogging during my fifth month, find out why I didn’t so you shouldn’t too.

Honestly, I literally had to drag myself to get in front of the computer to write this fifth month of my blogging journey income report.

Without a doubt, they were right when they said that you cannot skip the waning of the blog honeymoon phase. Everyone will go through that stage.

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Fifth Month of Blogging Progress Report

What Happened On The Fifth Month Of My Blogging Journey

I ended my fourth month with really good results that I thought it would motivate me more for my fifth month. However, as soon as I entered the new month, I lost interest. I just felt blah towards my blog.

When I started this blog, I was very excited and motivated. I felt like I can work on this blog with the same enthusiasm every single day.

And then I hit the wall. The honeymoon phase was coming to an end. I got burnt out, lost interest, and wanted to give up. Every simple task seemed to be a bit tedious job.

For the rest of the month, I barely did anything on my blog. I was on and off of it. Writing a single post is a daunting task. I was afraid it’s going to be really quiet in my blog this month.

However, thanks to my effort from the previous months, where I focused on content creation, I was covered for the rest of the month. I did not have to create new content.

I also have not promoted as much on social media. Part of the reason was I got frustrated with Facebook. They were giving me a hard time again.

But despite the very little effort that I put in this month, it was surprising that I got a little bit of traffic and was still able to earn some income. The bulk of the income this month was from affiliate marketing.

I would credit this to the Pin To Profits Course which I started earlier in the month but haven’t finished yet.

Initially, my goal for this month was to focus on Pinterest, and luckily I was able to apply some of the tips I learned from Pin To Profits before I lost interest in blogging.

What I Learned This Month

When I started this blog, I knew at the back of my mind that time will come that I will lose the enthusiasm that I had in the beginning but I ignored it. I thought I can go ahead and skip that dreaded end of the honeymoon phase.

So while keeping that thought at the back of mind, I started to create content and schedule them ahead of the time. I started with one week ‘s worth of posts then worked my way out to a month’s worth.

I never thought I would need it but I am glad I still did it. The scheduled posts got me through the month without creating content.

Tailwind and Smarterqueue didn’t disappoint me as well. They kept me active on social media. Smarterqueue continued to cycle my evergreen affiliate content which has drove some of my affiliate income.

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    Having to go through this phase, I was able to learn two important things.

    It’s okay to walk away

    As with everything in life, we all go through stages when we encounter new things. First comes excitement and then as you have this new thing longer, the excitement dies down.

    Blogging is no exception, sometime down the road, your excitement about blogging will wax and wane.

    To deal with this effectively, you have to keep in mind that it is okay to walk away. Your blog will still be there when you come back. Give yourself a break.

    You’ll thank yourself later because when you come back, you will be refreshed and ready to continue.

    I walked away from my blog and I have to tell you, it was liberating. I needed to breathe and the break to spend more time with family and friends.

    Focus On The Things that Matters Most

    Another thing that I have learned this month is, focusing on the things that matter the most will pay off in the end. At the beginning of my blogging journey, I have to admit that I was all over the place.

    It was not until my third month that I focused on content creation, particularly writing more blog posts. I am glad I did because this what helped me the most during my “down” time.

    And on that note, I also found out that the biggest driver of my traffic without me doing anything is Pinterest. So, guess which platform will I be spending my time more on?

    Yep, Pinterest.

    Now let’s get to my numbers.

    Check out how I almost quit on my fifth month of blogging and what made me push on.

    Traffic and Metrics

    As expected, my traffic took a nosedive this month but I think it is still really good considering I haven’t really done much.

    I use Google Analytics for my data.

    Page Views: 2,208

    Visitors: 1,105

    Most of my traffic still came from social media, and Pinterest was the primary traffic driver.

    Social Media

    Not only did my traffic dipped, but my social media following also suffered.





    Email Subscribers39


    My income as well was affected of course but as I have mentioned earlier, I am surprised that I even made an income.

    Let’s look at the numbers.

    Earnings from the money making apps that I use:


    Earnings from ads and affiliates:

    • Ads: $45.89
    • Affiliate Income: $50.16


    TOTAL INCOME: $103.22


    I am a subscriber with the companies listed below and they make up my monthly expenses. They offer free trials so you can try them out.

    • Tailwind-you will get $15 credit when you use this link and a FREE trial
    • Smarterqueue– you will get 30-day FREE trial instead of 14 just by using this link. No Credit Card Required during sign up.
    • Convertkit-you can try them for 30 days
    • Canva-they have a free version which works just fine but you can try their Pro version FREE for 30 days

    I used Siteground for my blogging platform but it was already prepaid during my first month so I do not have to worry about it for the rest of the year.

    I also prepaid my Grammarly Pro subscription last month so I am good for one year.

    TOTAL EXPENSES: $139.80

    NET INCOME: -$36.58

    June Goals and Results

    Let’s check in with my June goals.

    • Pinterest: 5000 Fail
    • Twitter: 8,200 Fail
    • Instagram: 800 Fail
    • Facebook: 1,200 Fail
    • Email Subscribers: 50 Fail
    • Pageviews: 6,000 Fail
    • Visitors: 3000 Fail
    • Earnings: $100 Pass
    • Write 4 more blog posts Fail

    Yep, I have not accomplished much this month except for earnings but I am ready for the next month.

    July Goals

    Here are the goals to crush this month:

    • Pinterest: 5000
    • Twitter: 8,200
    • Instagram: 800
    • Facebook: 1,200
    • Email Subscribers: 100
    • Pageviews: 8,000
    • Visitors: 4000
    • Earnings: $200
    • Write 4 more blog posts

    There you have!

    Thank you for sticking to the end, I know this post is quite long this time. If you haven’t yet, sign up to follow along in my blogging journey and learn from my experience.

    How about you? How did you do in the fifth month of your blogging journey?

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