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The best debt payoff visual printable that will help you succeed.

When you are dealing with debt, it will feel like it will take forever to pay it off.

You’ll hardly feel like you are making a dent in it, especially when you are endlessly paying the minimum payment just to stay afloat.

As a result, you’ll feel unmotivated and discouraged.

That’s why today, we’ll introduce you to one of the creative and effective ways to help you stay motivated in your debt-free journey,—the customizable debt thermometer.

What Is A Debt Thermometer

A debt thermometer is a visual goal tracker that will show your progress in paying off your debt.

No matter what debt method you will use, debt snowball or debt avalanche, this worksheet will work for you.

This debt payoff tracker will help you keep track of each of your debt repayments.

It’s more visual so you can get a clearer picture of where you are at in regards to your repayments

As you chip away your debt and see your progress before your eyes, you will feel motivated to keep on throwing all free extra money into your debt payment.

How Does A Debt Thermometer Work

A debt thermometer is easy to use. You just need your goal amount, date, and thermometer increments.

A| Write Down Your Debt Payoff Goal/Debt Amount

 List down all kinds of debt you have. You can put in the total current balance of all of your debt, or you can also work in each individual debt if you want.

You should also put in the desired date that you want the debt to be paid off. Adding a time frame will keep you on your toes.

B| Break Down The Debt Into Increments

Divide your overall debt into your desired increments and type or write those numbers on the corresponding sections.

C| Color In Segments As You Pay Down Your Debt

Start paying down your outstanding balance and color in the sections as you reach those certain amounts.

Hang your thermometer on your mirror or fridge to use it as a daily reminder of what you are working towards your money goals.

11 Customizable Debt Thermometers

A debt thermometer is a great and simple way to track your progress as you work through your overall debt payoff.

Whether you are following the debt snowball method by Dave Ramsey or doing the debt avalanche method, this is the tool for you.

1| Debt Thermometer Chart By FrugasaurusVault

Make paying off debt fun with this encouraging debt payoff thermometer with 20 auto-populating steps, which is an increment of 5% of your total goal.

2| Debt Thermometer By ModernPrintableShop

Grab this debt thermometer template that is customizable to your specific amount of debt.

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    You will just simply type in your total amount of debt in the indicated text field, and the remaining fields will auto-populate.

    3| Editable PDF Debt Thermometer By PurpleElephantArtCo

    This debt thermometer comes in editable form, where you can change the heading to reflect your particular goal and amount to suit your situation.

    4| 3 Debt Thermometers By HickorySageDesign

    This customizable printable comes in three debt thermometers so that you can record your progress on three different debts simultaneously.

    5| Debt Thermometer Tracker Printable Bundle By MiaRoseWorks

    If you are dealing with a pile of debt, then this bundle is perfect for you. You can track your payoff progress on your mortgage, car, student loans, and other debts.

    6| Debt Thermometer By CopperRaeDesigns

    If you want something colorful and editable, this debt worksheet is for you. It comes with a colorful design to make your debt pay off progress pretty.

    7| Credit Card Debt Payoff Goal Thermometer By HowToFire

    If you want a simple and interactive way to pay off your credit card balances, you use this credit card debt thermometer to track your progress towards paying off debt.

    8| Credit Card Payoff Tracker By PillarsofHappiness

    Get rid of your credit card debt using this editable debt thermometer that will help you stay motivated.

    Just plug in your numbers and you can start chipping away dollars after dollars off of your debt.

    9| Debt Thermometer By GoGetterClub

    If you want to be debt-free in style, use this minimalist-designed printable debt thermometer. You can visualize your progress in paying off debt as you go.

    Final Thoughts On This Type Of Debt Sheet Printable

    A debt thermometer is an amazing tool to make it easier to track your debt payoff and keep your money goals in sight.

    These printables are customizable so you can fill in your own monthly payment and make it easier to track your financial goals.

    No matter what debt payoff strategy you use, it will not work unless you commit to it. By having a helpful tool like the debt tracker printable, you will stay motivated by having a daily visual reminder.

    Which debt thermometer is your favorite?

    In this post, you will find the best debt thermometer ideas to help you stay motivated in your debt repayment plan.This collection of debt sheet printables are customizable so you can fill in your numbers and start your debt payoff plan. Head over to the blog to check out the best editable debt goal tracker. Dave Ramsey debt payoff visual printable | debt snowball | debt payoff chart #debt

    9 Best Customizable Debt Thermometer Printables To Inspire Your Debt Payoff Journey