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Even if it seems too good to be true, making websites for money is a viable way to earn extra income or even replace your full-time career.

Want to earn extra cash? Here are the steps on how to start making websites for money

From turning your hobby into a side-hustle or building an online empire as a seasoned website builder, there are plenty of resources at your fingertips to set you up for success.

You don’t have to be a coding wizard to build websites that generate income. There are simple steps you can take to make your website and grow a following. Let’s dive deep into how to start making websites for money!

Why Choose Making Websites For Money Be Your Side Hustle

There are so many free and inexpensive resources available to teach you the ins and outs of making websites. Creating websites is a fantastic option for those looking to earn money while maintaining a flexible schedule. 

Remote work options are fantastic for part-time and full-time employment seekers, and making websites is an excellent skill to add to your wheelhouse!

Making websites have little, if any, start-up costs, meaning as long as you have access to a computer and high-speed internet connection, you can try your hand at it. 

You’ll need to register your domain name and brush up on basic coding skills like HTML and CSS to get up and running. Once you have honed your skills, think about your niche and the type of website you want to create. 

Making websites offers unlimited money-making possibilities to side hustle seekers. Work when your schedule allows and use online resources to refine your business strategy as you grow your business. 

Who knows? You may become a seasoned web developer and marketing maven from this side hustle venture. Keep reading to find out how to make a website and all the wonderful ways you can monetize it. 

How To Start Making Websites For Money

Let’s start with the basics of website building to get you up and running and on your way to making money in no time. 

How to make a website:

  1. Decide on your niche. What type of website do you want to create? Think about your passions, interests, former business pursuits and funnel that into a direction to take your business.
  2. Think about the goods, services, and content you want to promote. This will give you focus as you build the structure of your website later on.
  3. You will need to register a domain name for your website. Domain names make it easy to navigate all of the web’s information, so be intentional with your domain name choice! From GoDaddy to Siteground and even Shopify, there are tons of options for choosing your domain. Check out this comprehensive guide to establishing your domain. The best part is, this is relatively inexpensive or even free to set up.
  4. Now that you have your domain name, you will need a hosting site for your website. A high-quality web host is essential for your website’s integrity and its reliability for your future customers or visitors. Siteground and GoDaddy Web Hosting are two popular platforms that offer highly sought-after services like WordPress eCommerce and shared hosting options. This list provides a great breakdown of pricing and service offerings for various web hosting services. Website builders like Wix and Squarespace are one-stop-shop options to get your website up and running quickly. Check out this comprehensive guide on how to create a website using Siteground.
  5. Optimize your website for optimal results. Search engine optimization AKA SEO is crucial for any website. SEO is how consumers connect with content that search engines like Google deem appropriate for their searches, and rankings matter in the digital age. You’re competing with other websites to get those top rankings, so be intentional with your metatags and headlines. LinkedIn Learning offers a multitude of resources to help you become an SEO pro in no time! Check out all of their offerings here.
  6. Now it’s time to launch your website. Leading up to launch day, focus on building a multichannel marketing strategy to promote your launch. Social media can play a key factor in building awareness for your budding business venture. If you’re using a Squarespace or other eCommerce plugin, be sure to test these functionalities out before you launch so your users can have the smoothest experience possible. 

How To Make A Website That Makes Money

Once you have made your website, it’s time to find ways to monetize it! 

E-commerce Platform

The most obvious way to monetize your website is to make it an e-commerce platform. Shopify is a very user-friendly way to build an online store. You will need to procure your inventory and payment plugins, but Shopify offers so many great resources to take the guesswork out of the setup process.

Checkout Shopify’s drop shipping options for direct-to-consumer shipment options. This is a growing trend in eCommerce, so it’s definitely worth looking into. 


If you have a monetizable platform like a holistic wellness practice or expert budget tracking sheets, you can offer Ebooks and print-on-demand options that customers can purchase directly from your website. Use social media to leverage audience outreach and connect potential customers to your product launches.

Ad Space

Sell ad space on your website and let your site be a walking billboard you can make money from. Check out Ezoic for ways to sell ad space on your site. Keep in mind, many of these AdSense opportunities are driven by the number of visitors your site has, so SEO can’t be neglected if this is the route you want to pursue! Your money-making ability is directly related to growing your web traffic. 

Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate Marketing is a viable option for monetizing your platform. This is a fast and popular way for many money-making websites to attract business. Promote products you like and want to share with your followers and use an affiliate link that customers can use to purchase the items. Affiliate links are typically commission-based. Learn more on how to make money doing affiliate marketing here.


A donation-based monetization is an option for those who are just starting out. If you are offering support and advice to visitors, donations are a great idea. From Patreon to Paypal, there are a lot of options for donation-based revenue sources. 

Email Marketing

Email lists are your golden ticket to financially viable websites. Grow your list by encouraging visitors to sign up for your email subscription list. Check out this resource for building your list. Create content that enriches your audience’s life, and they will be willing to sign up for email updates. 

Offer Services

Make money by offering services or programs on your website. Do you have a creative way to declutter people’s homes or a business consulting side hustle? Offer coaching programs through your website to rake in some extra cash. You could even host webinars!

Native Advertising

Native advertising is a hot trend for money-making websites, and advertisers are chomping at the bit to find great online platforms to promote sponsored posts. You’ll need to grow your following before this option becomes realistic, but it’s a great target to shoot for! 

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    How much money can you make from building websites?

    Whether you want to grow your personal website or begin a consultancy business by helping others build their websites, there is a wide range of potential earnings. If you’re interested in creating a website business, you can charge on average $50 per hour to set up websites for individuals and companies alike. A website that generates 1,000 clicks per day could earn $450 per month, so focus on building your page visits. There is a wide range of income possibilities depending on your end goal, and your earning potential is unlimited. That’s not bad for a flexible job you can do from the comfort of your own home!

    How much does a beginner website cost?

    For a basic website, your start-up costs will range from $0-$200. This comprehensive list details the wide range of costs for website creation. Start small and build your website with free resources like SEO strategies, social media promotion, and youtube. You can use programs like Adobe XD and Canva to create wireframes and digital assets for your website.

    How does a free website make money?

    Free websites do not necessarily sell a product or service. They make money by offering companies and advertisers insights into your online behavior. Like we discussed above, ads are a great way for free websites to generate extra income. Both of these options are viable for free websites, but be sure to read the fine print if you’re considering selling your data.

    How do I start a website for free?

    You can get started with your money-making website journey today. Resources like are free to set up and test out. Use Youtube to study tutorials on free and low-cost website building tools. 

    Final Thoughts

    Whether you want to become a seasoned website builder or pursue a side hustle by growing your own website, there are unlimited resources at your disposal to help you on this journey.

    Building websites doesn’t have to be complicated. Review the websites we discussed above and start researching the best monetization strategies for your website’s target audience and your budget. Use this information to develop your system, and you will soon be on your way to building money-making websites. 

    Are you ready to start making websites for money?

    If you want to make extra cash by building websites, here are the steps on how to start making websites for money.

    How To Start Making Websites For Money: A Step By Step Guide