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With Spring rolling in pretty soon along with Easter weekend, you need to start thinking about activities to get your kids entertained. You will also make sure you will add those expenses to your monthly budget.

In this post, you will find some ideas on how to celebrate Easter for kids without breaking the bank.

#1 Design an Easter Wreath.

Get your creative self and your creative little one to work. Follow these easy steps on how to make a Rustic Bunny Willow Wreath for Easter.

All you need include 9″ and 12″ Willow Wreath, Easter egg picks, ribbon, and faux flowers if you want. You will also need scissors, glue and wreath hook. That’s all you need!

#2 Make Easter cards.

Create unique Easter cards that your kids can give or send to family and friends. Be creative and personalize it. Check out this simple tutorial on how to make a simple Easter card.

#3 Bake Easter Cookies.

Kids cannot resist cookies. Get them involved when baking Easter cookies. You can make your cookies eggshaped and colorful. Check out these 28 Recipes for Easter cookies.

#4 Read Easter Books.

In order for your kids to be interested and excited for Easter weekend, you have to let them know what Easter is all about. Start with reading to them Easter books. Go to the library and borrow Easter classic books.

#5 Watch Easter Movies.

Give your kids a break from reading Easter books and watch Easter movies instead. Check out this 6 Out of the Best Easter Movies for Kids.

#6 Decorate Easter Basket

Get your kids excited for Easter weekend by having them decorate their own Easter basket. Get some inspiration from Good Housekeeping’s 30+ Creative Easter Basket Ideas for Everyone In Your Family.

#7 Decorate Easter Eggs

It’s time to dunk your eggs into colorful dyes, but do not just do that. Instead, be creative and start making your eggs unique. You will find inspiration in the Country Living’s 70+ Easy and Creative Easter Egg Decorating Ideas.

#8 Have an Easter Egg Hunt

What is an Easter weekend without Easter egg hunting? Set up the Easter egg hunting game by having your kids hunt for your decorated eggs or fillable plastic Easter eggs.

#9 Have Fun Easter Games

Aside from the Easter egg hunting game, have other Easter games too to keep the kids entertained. Therefore, try these Easter Party Games for Kids.

There you have it! That is how to celebrate Easter with kids.

Your kids will definitely have fun and will look forward to the next Easter weekend. Most importantly, you didn’t spend a lot in order for your kids to have fun.

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How will you keep your kids entertained this Easter?

Are you ready for Easter weekend? This post will give you some ideas on how to make you kids look forward to Easter weekend.