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Toilet paper is not the end all be all, there are alternatives.

When the world battles a crisis with a lockdown, people panic. Consequently, people start panic buying that almost every shelf in every store is empty.

Including and most especially the toilet paper shelves!

And if you are one of those who are worried they’ll run out of toilet paper and can’t find any in the stores, don’t panic! As there are alternatives for toilet paper.

If you are used to frugal living, most of the alternatives below will not be new to you.

Run out of toilet paper? Here are some alternatives that you can use to have a clean behind.

Best Alternatives For Toilet Paper

Coming from an Asian origin, I still think that the best way to clean your behind is with soap and water.

Toilet paper just wipes away the you-know-what so there will still be residue but with water, you are actually washing your behind thoroughly.

So here are some of the tools you use with water to clean your behind. 

1. BumGun

A bumgun originated in Asia and it is basically a spray faucet that you use to clean your behind.

2. Bidets

A bidet is a French invention that is attached to your toilet and squirts water to your behind so you won’t need toilet paper. You can just towel dry yourself when you are done.

3. Dipper

Also known as “tabo” in Filipino culture which is basically a medium-sized scooper. It is used by scooping water and pouring it on your behind. 

4. Spray Bottle

A reusable spray bottle can be used to spray your behind with water until you are clean. Depending on how strong the spray of water, it might take a little longer to be completely cleaned.

5. Lota

Commonly used in South Asia and the Muslim region, the “lota” is basically a water vessel that looks like a teapot with a handle and spout. The spout is directed at your behind while water pours through the spout.

6. Squirt Bottle

A squirt bottle, also known as peri-bottle, is commonly used by a mom who just gave birth to wash her perineal. It is basically a bottle that you can fill with water and squirt to your rear end until you are clean.

Obvious Paper Alternatives For Toilet Paper

You’ll be surprised to know that there are a lot of alternatives for toilet paper. You can find most of them in your home without even trying hard.

7. Wet Wipes

Wet wipes are meant to clean your hands, face or surfaces but they are great alternatives to cleaning your behind as well. However, most of them are not flushable so make sure to have plastic bags in the bathroom.

8. Facial Tissues

Facial tissues or Kleenex makes a good alternative, you just have to use more because they are so thin.

9. Paper Towels

Paper towels might be a better alternative to Kleenex. However, they can be rough for your behind but soaking it water can make them great wet wipes.

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    10. Table Napkins

    The paper table napkins are meant to clean your mouth but can do the same job as the toilet paper.

    11. Baby Wipes

    Baby wipes are meant to clean babies but they are also good for your behind. Honestly, it might even clean your rear end better than a toilet paper.

    Cloth Alternatives For Toilet Paper

    Cloth alternatives are gentler on your behind and can also be reusable. Some cloth alternative that you can use are:

    11. Sponge

    12. Old Clothes

    13. Old Towels

    14. Old Sheets

    15. Reusable fabric toilet wipes

    16. Old Socks

    Cut the cloth or rag into squares or any desired size. After using the cloth, dump it into a small bucket near the toilet with water and disinfectant of your choice. Baking soda, a few drops of bleach, Lysol or Borax would do.

    Then, when you’re ready to wash them rags, just drain the water into the toilet and flush. Put the entire bucket of rags into the washer every few days and wash on the sanitize cycle.

    Less Obvious Paper Alternatives For Toilet Paper

    Okay, if you run out of the paper and cloth alternative mentioned above, look around your home for any kind of paper. You’ll be surprised how much you can find.

    You can find some ideas below. However, you have to be aware that these papers can clog your toilet so make sure you have plastic bags in your bathroom. 

    Alternative for Toilet Paper

    17. Newspapers

    18. Cardboard Tubes

    19. Napkins/Pantiliners

    20. Grocery Flyers

    21. Paper Bags

    22. Bond Paper

    23. Notebook Paper

    24. Receipts

    25. Books

    26. Junk Mails

    27. Calendars

    28. Planners

    29. Phone Books

    30. Planners

    Papers that are glossy do not work as well as the ones without shine so choose carefully.

    Not So Common Alternatives For Toilet Paper

    If worse comes to worst that you run out of any of the above alternatives, don’t lose hope. Here are some alternatives that you can easily find around you.

    Alternative for Toilet Paper

    32. Leaves

    33. Rock

    34. Stick

    35. Corn Husks

    There you have it! 

    Not having toilet paper does not mean it’s the end of the world. We just have to be creative and flexible.

    After all, people survived even before toilet paper was invented.

    Anything else you can add to the list of alternatives for toilet paper?

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