The purpose of the Debt Flower Tracker is to create something beautiful out of something dull, which is debt.

Each flower represents one debt. Therefore, we will be working on one debt at a time.

Step By Step Guide on How to Use the Flower Tracker


First, fill in the company you owe the money from on the CREDITOR area, then write down the balance in the STARTING DEBT, followed by the DATE you want the debt to be paid off.


Now, it’s time to fill in the PERCENTAGE amount. To do this, start by multiplying the total debt balance by 20%.  Write the result in the blank after 20%. DO the same process until you finish 100%.

Each flower petal represents each % you paid off.  Every time you make a payment to this debt, you can color the petal that corresponds to how much you paid off. You can get as creative as you can in choosing the colors.

For example, if my debt is $1000, 20% of that is $200. If at the end of the month, I was able to pay $200, I will color the petal that corresponds to 20%.

If for some reason I was only able to pay half then I will color only half of it. Keep making your payment until you color the flower completely.


If you are dealing with interest, only color the amount paid after the interest. You can get this by subtracting CURRENT BALANCE (you’ll find this on your statement) from the STARTING DEBT.

The result will be the TOTAL AMOUNT PAID to date. This will be the colored portion of your tracker.


Color your tracker at the end of the month to make sure all payments are posted and cleared.

Once completed, you now have a beautiful artwork as a result of your hard work. Fill in the date you paid off the debt and the number of months it took you to complete it.

Make sure to keep this chart! You can display it and use it as a motivation for your next debt-free goal.


If you plan to use ink pens on your flower tracker, better use laser printer and card stock.  If you use inkjet, you can use a pencil or crayons to color in your chart.

You do not have to print this workbook in color, black and white works just fine if you want to save money on ink.

If you want to save on colored print, check out HP Instant Ink.

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Good luck and God Bless on your  DEBT FREE JOURNEY!