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My 4th Blog Income Report

4th Blog Income Report

A hopeful blog income report of a beginner blogger’s journey. Woot! Woot! I finally hit a milestone! This month, I am so thrilled and excited to share on my 4th blog income report that finally, I am not in the negative! I actually made a PROFIT on my blog this month. I was starting to […]

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My 3rd Month Blog Income Report

Third Month Blog Income Report

Whew! They were not kidding when they said blogging is hard. No wonder statistics show that new bloggers usually give up before they even reach their six-month of blogging. I just crossed the third-month line and now on the fourth. If I had not made any progress on my third month, I would have given […]

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My 2nd Month Blog Income Report

Spring is finally here and my blog is slowly springing into life. My blog will be turning 2 months on April 4th and I am excited to share my second-month blog income report. A lot of things happened this month, some are good and some are bad. But first off, if you haven’t yet, check […]

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My First Month Blogging Income Report

How is your first month of blogging? In this post, I will share my first month blog income report. Click through to find out how I did.

Blog progress report on the first month of my blogging journey. Wow, can you believe it, one month went by that fast! My blog is already a month old and I cannot wait to share my first blogging income report with you. It seemed so long ago that I was just thinking of whether to […]

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