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Welcome to the Project Mojo Case Study where I share updates on a website I am working on every month. First things first, I am not a blogging guru nor a successful blogger. I am just a small-time blogger, who went through a lot of failures but is not quite ready to give up on blogging yet. 

Secondly, this website is not new, it’s a website that I neglected for a year. It was exactly 14 months when I started working on it. 

I will be sharing my experience in this case study. Some strategies might work, and some might not. So, if you want to see me fail… or succeed, you are welcome to follow along. 

How Did It All Start

I do a lot of driving with my full-time job and I enjoy listening to podcasts, especially from bloggers. 

A few of these bloggers that I love listening to interview other bloggers who are doing case studies. I was so inspired by their experience that I want to start one on my own. 

At first, I was going to start a fresh new blog, however, I remembered I had a neglected blog that I started in December 2020. 

I started this blog just before I had my baby and then after giving birth, I didn’t have time for it. 

It wasn’t making any money (maybe a few pennies from Adsense) since there were just a few posts in it. 

So, I decided instead of starting a fresh site, I will try to revive this neglected website. 

Site Details

This site was built on a fresh domain that I bought from Namecheap for less than ten dollars. No prior history of ownership, not aged nor expired.

It was launched in December 2020 with 10 articles. I published more articles that month and ended up with 25 posts by the end of the month. 

I created a Pinterest account for it and published some pins. It also has a Twitter and Facebook account. 

This site is hosted with Namehero. It’s an awesome hosting site at a cheaper price. They had a 3-year promo for less than $100 at the time I built this site. So, I have less than two more years left with them. 

What’s The Goal?

My ultimate goal for this is to make $1000/month from ads and Amazon. I am not sure how long it will take but I will plan to give monthly updates for the first 12 months. Maybe even beyond that, we’ll see. 

I will not be holding on to this website for a long time. The plan is to sell it once it’s generating enough income to be worth something, thus the goal of $1000/month. 

What’s The Plan?

To be clear, I work full-time and I am a mom to a toddler. I am also working on some other projects as well. Therefore, I will not be working full-time on this project. 

The plan is to dedicate 6-8 weekend hours to this project every week. 

I, most likely, will be outsourcing content creation. I have some good writers from Upwork. 

I also have Jasper (formerly known as Jarvis) which helps me write content faster so I might be able to do a few posts here and there. 

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    The plan is to publish a minimum of 10 posts per month.

    Due to the limited time, I will not be building links. Between writing, editing, formatting, and adding images to articles, the 6-8 hours of work time might not even be enough. 

    Also, I will not be doing social media posts except for Pinterest. However, I will not do extra Pinterest pinning except for the initial pin when I publish a new post. I will explore more of this if I have more time. 

    Base Key Metrics

    Here is the snapshot of the site from the end of February 2022 before I start working on it. I will not be including expenses that were already prepaid like the hosting or the ones that will be shared with my other projects like Canva, Bluchic Premium Theme, and Grammarly.

    Key MetricsFeb 2022
    New Published Posts0
    Total Published Posts25
    # of Outsourced Posts0
    Total Expenses0
    Content Expenses0
    Income From Amazon0
    Income From Adsense0.67
    Total Income For The Month0.67
    Income YTD0.67
    Profit This Month0.67
    Profit YTD0.67
    New Backlink0
    Total Backlinks7

    Tools I Use On This Site

    I try to keep the expenses on this site low so most of the tools I use are free and some will be shared with the other projects.

    • Namehero – for fast and cheaper hosting
    • Bluchic Premium Theme – for a professional and pretty look
    • W3 Cache (Free) – for caching
    • Akismet Anti-Spam (Free) – for spam protection
    • Grow by Mediavine – for social sharing
    • Wordfence (Free) – for site protection
    • Rankmath (Free) – for SEO
    • Grammarly – for checking grammar and plagiarism
    • Smush (Free) – for optimizing images
    • Canva Pro – for images and creating pins
    • Jarvis – for writing engaging and plagiarism-free content


    I am sure it will be an interesting journey and most like will have a lot of bumps on the road. However, if you want to stay around and watch how this will all play out, join the list. I also welcome tips and recommendations if you have any. Thanks for reading!