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How is your first month of blogging? In this post, I will share my first month blog income report. Click through to find out how I did.

My First Month’s Blog Income Report

Sharing is Caring!

Wow, February went by fast!

My blog is already a month old and I cannot believe it. It seemed so long ago that I was just thinking of whetherh to start a blog again or not. I started a website 2 years ago but a lot of personal matters happened that I was not able to maintain it. It was only three months old and I decided to take down the whole website.

Looking back, I realized that I should just have left it alone not take it down. But anyways, I learned my lesson. Now I am back to the blogging world.

I decided to start a blog on personal finance because I wanted to share my journey towards financial freedom. I wanted you to learn from my mistakes and from my successes. In that way I wilI be able to help you reach your financial goals.

Why Am I Sharing My Blog Income Report?

First and foremost, I am sharing my blog income report because I want to document my blogging journey. By doing this, I will be able to have something to look back on with regards to goals and strategies that I did.

Secondly, I want to instill trust and gives inspiration. I want to show you that I am also a real human being, who is starting from zero. I am a wife who works a full time job. Even with my very busy schedule, I still make sure that I have time dedicated to this blog.

Finally, I want to motivate myself. By posting this blog income report, I am motivated to put in the work and take blogging seriously. It makes me accountable.

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What Happened This Month?

My Worthy Penny was born this month! Yay! If you haven’t started your blog yet, check out my post on how to easily start a new blog from scratch.

I did a lot during my launch month. I signed up with the following:


Sadly, I did not earn anything this month on my blog. It is actually embarrassing to be posting this with a title, “Blog Income Report” because I do not have any income.

However, as I’ve said before I am doing this because I want to show you that I am starting from zero. Although a lot of bloggers out there earned a lot on their first month of blogging, there are also those (including me) that takes longer to make any.

But since I blog about personal finance and that includes making extra money online, I will be including earnings from these apps that I use:


Please note that these are earnings, not actual payout. Each app has its own payout threshold. I also earn gift cards from these apps but I am not going to include them on the total income.

  • Fetch Rewards (Referral Code: AN3AJ)
  • Shopkick (Referral Code: SHOP741145)
  • Drop (Referral Code: d0m46)
  • Receipt Pal

If you want to check out the above apps, I would really appreciate it if you will use my referral codes.


Although I signed up with a lot of companies this month, I am still on their trial period therefore, they are not listed on this expense section yet.

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These are the companies that offer free trials. Try them out.

  • Tailwind-you will get $15 credit when you use this link and a FREE trial
  • Smarterqueue– you will get 30 day FREE trial instead of 14 just by using this link. No Credit Card Required during sign up.
  • Convertkit-you can try them for 30 days

Siteground– $95.15

P.O Box- $17 for 3 months


NET INCOME: -$69.31

Traffic and Metrics

My traffic this month is not encouraging either. However, I am learning a lot along the way and I strongly believe that something is better than nothing.

I use Google Analytics for my data.

Page Views: 674

Visitors: 193

Most of my traffic came from social media most especially from Pinterest and Twitter.

Social Media

As I’ve mentioned before, I used to have a website but I shut it down. However, I kept the Pinterest and Twitter account associated with the old website. I just remodeled it to match my current blog’s vision and goals.

As a result, you will notice that I already have some following on my Pinterest and Twitter accounts.

Pinterest: 3220

Twitter: 6312

Instagram: 122

Email Subscribers: 3

I do not have Facebook because they keep on disabling my account even if I submitted all the requirements that they were asking.

February Goals and Results

I think I had set my February goals a little too high that I was not able to meet most of them.

  • Pinterest: 3,200 Pass
  • Twitter: 7000 Fail
  • Instagram: 100 Pass
  • Email Subscribers: 10 Fail
  • Page views: 1000 Fail
  • Visitors: 500 Fail
  • Earnings: $20 Fail
  • Write 15 blog posts Pass

March Goals

  • Pinterest: 4000
  • Twitter: 6800
  • Instagram: 300
  • Email Subscribers: 15
  • Page views: 1200
  • Visitors: 600
  • Earnings: $30
  • Write 1 blog post per week
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There you have it!

That is how I did in my first month of blogging. Quite disappointing but it is better than nothing.

But on the other hand, earning from blogging does not come overnight. It does take time so I am teaching myself to be patient and continue learning.

Have you started a blog yet? Tell me how you did in your first month.

How is your first month of blogging? In this post, I will share my first month blog income report. Click through to find out how I did.

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30 thoughts on “My First Month’s Blog Income Report”

  1. I love how honest you are with this post. So many people post about making so much money with blogging but neglect to share how they didn’t make much or anything at all in the beginning. I’m struggling very much with getting traffic to my site. I still have a long way to go before I see any $$ in my future! Thank you for the inspiration!! πŸ˜‰

    1. Thank you for reading. It is hard to get traffic but I think time is what we need. I am sure we are doing what we are supposed to do. But no matter what, lets hold on to the blog. They say new blogs usually do not last 6 months. But I am planning to get pass that 😬

  2. Hi! Great post. It actually motivates me and keeps me from feeling so blah about a slow start. I have no idea what my numbers are because I don’t know how to get them yet. Thanks

  3. I love how honest you are with this, it’s so refreshing! I’m in my first month of my blog as well so it’s going to be an interesting insight seeing how things go! xxxx

    1. I think it’s amazing that you’re willing to share your goals like this! I am entering my 3rd month of consistent blogging but I have been terrible about signing up with affiliates! I didnt want to overwhelm myself but I know I’m missing out on opportunities. I believe that you’re going to start seeing some amazing results if you keep doing what you’re doing!

      1. Thank you 😊 And congratulations on your third month! It can be overwhelming but I do suggest starting with one that you really like just so you can get your feet wet. Goodluck! and thanks for reading.

  4. This is very insightful and I read it just at the right time, as I was becoming discouraged from my blog! I have barely started applying for affiliate programs and am barely starting that. I started in January and have made $0 so far!

  5. There’s nothing to be honest about it all! This is reality! This is my first month blogging (first time blogging ever actually) so cheer’s to us!

  6. Thank you so much for the honesty in this post. I have just recently started blogging and am having a very slow start. It’s encouraging to see someone who is reporting their honest income and expenses.

  7. Finally an honest post about what you make blogging, you see so many of these where people will say they’re making bank and then just fill up with information and at the end of the day not really tell you anything, this actually motivated me to atleast try

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