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Check out how I did on My 2nd Month Blog Income Report

Spring is finally here and my blog is slowly springing into life.

My blog will be turning 2 months on April 4th and I am excited to share my second-month blog income report. A lot of things happened this month, some are good and some are bad.

But first off, if you haven’t yet, check out how I did on my first month of blogging.

Before we go into my blogs’ stats, let me tell you a little bit about My Worthy Penny.

My Worthy Penny was born as a result of our quest for financial freedom. I decided to start a blog on personal finance not only to hold myself accountable but also because I wanted to share my journey to others who have the same goal.

I wanted you to learn from my mistakes and from my successes. In that way, I will be able to help you reach your financial goals through my own little ways.

Why Am I Sharing My Blog Income Report?

First and foremost, I am sharing my blog income report as a way of documenting my blogging journey. By doing this, I will be able to have something to look back on with regard to the goals and strategies that I did.

Secondly, I want to instill trust and give inspiration. I want to show you that I am also a real human being, who is starting from zero.

I am a wife who works a full-time job. Even with my very busy schedule, I still make sure that I have time dedicated to this blog.

Finally, I want to motivate myself. By posting this blog income report, I am motivated to put in the work and take blogging seriously. It makes me hold myself accountable.

What Happened This Month?

If you haven’t started your blog yet, check out my post on how to easily start a new blog from scratch.

The game-changer for me this month was that I was finally able to create a Facebook account.

If you recall in my first month of blogging, Facebook deactivated my account and was not responsive to my appeal, despite submitting requirements that they were asking.

But this month, the problem was finally resolved. I was able to join Facebook groups and increased my engagement.

I also joined a couple more affiliate programs because I was pleased with them.

If you recall, I did a lot during my launch month. I signed up with the following:

This month, I focused more on growing my blog and writing content.

However, just when you think everything is finally going the right way, there is always something that goes wrong. If last month, I was having trouble with Facebook, this time it’s my Instagram account.

After that big Facebook outage, my Instagram was disabled. It was a bummer because it was starting to grow.

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    The account was shut down because of a third-party app that I used to check who follow/unfollow me.

    I guess I have learned my lesson learned the hard way. So if you are using one of those follow/unfollow apps, better stop right away before you get shut down.

    And if you are curious, don’t even think about it.

    Now, I am starting from scratch to grow my new Instagram account. If you haven’t yet, you can follow me here. I will follow back and will not unfollow.

    Here is how I did on My 2nd Month Blog Income Report.


    This month was exhilarating for me when it comes to income. Although I did not make a whole lot, I am still pumped because I made my first affiliate earning and my first Google Adsense earning as well!

    My earnings are very minimal but as I’ve said before I am doing this because I want to show you that I started from zero.

    Although a lot of bloggers out there earned a lot in their first month of blogging, there are also those (including me) that take longer to make any.

    Since I blog about personal finance and that includes making extra money online, I am including my earnings from the money-making apps that I use:


    Please note that these are earnings, not actual payouts. Each app has its own payout threshold. I also earn gift cards from these apps but I am not going to include them on the total income.

    • Fetch Rewards (Referral Code: AN3AJ)
    • Shopkick (Referral Code: SHOP741145)
    • Drop (Referral Code: d0m46)
    • Receipt Pal
    • Honey-this browser extension is my new favorite when shopping online; it automatically searches for coupons for me during checkout.

    If you want to check out the above apps, I would appreciate it if you will use my referral codes.

    Here are my earnings from each category.

    • Ads and Sponsored Post: $8.64
    • Affiliate Income: $20.2

    TOTAL INCOME: $43.03

    Very minimal but for me, it is very encouraging.


    All my subscription trial ended this month, so the monthly charges started kicking in.

    I am a subscriber to the companies listed below. They offer free trials so you can try them out.

    • Tailwind-you will get $15 credit when you use this link and a FREE trial
    • Smarterqueue– you will get a 30-day FREE trial instead of 14 just by using this link. No Credit Card Required during sign up.
    • Convertkit-you can try them for 30 days
    • Canva-they have a free version which works just fine

    I used Siteground for my blogging platform but it was already prepaid last month so I do not have to worry about it for the rest of the year.

    I also purchased two courses last month for a total of $99.80.

    TOTAL EXPENSES: $177.73

    NET INCOME: -$134.70

    Traffic and Metrics

    My traffic this month is quite encouraging. I was able to double my stats compared to February stats. However, I am still learning a lot along the way and I know I could do better.

    I use Google Analytics for my data.

    Page Views: 1,355

    Visitors: 726

    Most of my traffic still came from social media, but this time, Facebook was the primary traffic driver.

    Social Media

    I worked hard on my social media following this month. And I am excited about the result.

    Pinterest: 3,829

    Twitter: 7,196

    New Instagram: 57

    Facebook: 280

    Email Subscribers: 14

    March Goals and Results

    Let’s check in with my March goals.

    • Pinterest: 4000 Fail
    • Twitter: 6800 Pass
    • Instagram: 300 Fail
    • Email Subscribers: 15 Almost Pass
    • Page views: 1200 Pass
    • Visitors: 600 Pass
    • Earnings: $30 Pass
    • Write 1 blog post per week Pass

    April Goals

    It’s time to set new goals for the next month.

    • Pinterest: 4,300
    • Twitter: 8,000
    • Instagram: 500
    • Facebook: 1,000
    • Email Subscribers: 25
    • Pageviews: 2,000
    • Visitors: 1000
    • Earnings: $100
    • Write 4 blog posts

    There you have it! That is my 2nd Month Blog Income Report.

    I had put more work into the blog this month and I am glad I am seeing the result.

    For the month of March, I focused more on growing my social media following and creating content. This time I will be focusing more on affiliate marketing and aim to make my first $100.

    Sign up below and follow along on my blogging journey.

    Have you started a blog yet? How is your 2nd month blog income report?

    If you're a blogger, you know how exciting it is to reach a milestone. Check out My 2nd Month Blog Income Report.