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Once in awhile, we all get some free time, like when waiting at the doctor’s office, waiting in line to check out, during a long commute or when waiting to pick up kids after school.

So why not convert those free time into a buck or two? An extra buck can add up and be more someday.

Yes, it can go a long way if we know how to grow it. And it can do good things if we know where to put it.

So how can you convert your spare time into an extra buck?

There are many ways to earn extra but one of my favorites is through the internet. Not only are they easy and convenient but they can be done in the comforts of my home, my couch in particular. However, there are a lot of ways to make money online opportunities out there but not all of them are legit. There are those are meant to scam people.

If you’re like me who is always on the internet, either on the phone or desktop, you wouldn’t miss those ads about ways to make money online.  And I always wondered if they really work. So I decided to give them a try.

I did some research on some online sites and I have carefully chosen some sites to try. I listed below the sites and apps that I tried in which I actually received a payout.

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Ways To Make Money Online

Inbox Dollars

Ways to Earn: Playing games, trial offers, taking surveys, referring others, watch TV, watch videos and more.

Mode of Payment: Merchant Gift cards or Check

Payment Threshold: $30

Sign up Bonus to get $5


Ways to Earn: Earn points by taking surveys, playing games, shopping and watching videos.

Mode of Payment: Merchant Gift cards or cash back from Paypal

Payment Threshold: $25 for Paypal/2500 SB points and 200 SB for gift cards

Sign up to get $10 after completing the required tasks


Ways to Earn: Shop through their website

Mode of Payment: Paypal or Check

Payment Threshold: Ebates pays every three months for $5 or more. Earnings which are less than $5 will carry over to the next payment schedule.

Read about How I Made $520+ on Ebates.

Sign up Bonus to get $10


Ways to Earn: Complete tasks from their app to get cash back from your purchases

Mode of Payment: Paypal or Venmo, or choose a gift card

Payment Threshold: $20

Check out How I Saved $1000+ just by using Ibotta.

Join Now to Claim Up to $20 Welcome Bonus

Receipt Pal

Ways to Earn: Upload paper receipts, email receipts and Amazon purchases too.

Mode of Payment: Merchant Gift cards

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Payment Threshold: 400 points (100 pts for 4 receipts)

Sign up Bonus: up to 250 bonus points

Fetch Rewards

Ways to Earn: Earn points by scanning receipts

Mode of Payment: Merchant Gift cards

Payment Threshold: 1000 points

Sign up Bonus: 2000 points with code AN3AJ


Ways to Earn: Earn kicks from shopping in-store or online

Mode of Payment: Merchant Gift cards

Payment Threshold: 500 Kicks

Earn over 10,000 kicks this weekend


Ways to Earn: Earn points whenever you spend with your linked credit or debit cards.

Mode of Payment: Merchant Gift cards

Payment Threshold: 5000 points ($5)

Sign up Bonus: 5000 points with code d0m46

Checkout 51

Ways to Earn: Earn cash back by redeeming offers and uploading receipts

Mode of Payment: Check

Payment Threshold: $20

Sign up

There you have it! those are just some of the few ways to make money online.

With the paid sites, I don’t really like filling out surveys so I just do the videos. I try to play them in different devices while I am watching TV, blogging, cooking or while I am in a long drive. I will just have to click on it once in a while.

Although it’s true that the amounts are not that much, I still consider them worth it because I did not put any hard work. Maybe just a little bit.

It does takes a lot of your time but if you have time to kill, why not.

What will you do with your extra bucks?

I try to put them on our emergency fund. They’re not much but it will build up in time.

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And also, you can find out if stores owe you a refund by using Paribus app

How about you? What other ways to make money online did you try?

Sharing is Caring!