Valentine Date Ideas For Married Couples

How To Celebrate Valentine's Day On A Budget

Valentine’s Day is just around the corner and most of us are now starting to think about how to celebrate it. Definitely, some will splurge, some will try to find a cost-effective way to celebrate and some will just let it pass just like any other day.

However, Valentine’s day is a day to celebrate love and you and your husband should celebrate it. It does not mean you have to break the bank because there are great Valentine date ideas for married couples out there.

It does not matter if you just got married or have been married for a long time. You can still make Valentine’s  Day full of love and memories.

Below are some ways to celebrate Valentine’s Day when you are on a budget.


Valentine date ideas for married couples

#1 Start the Morning Right

There is no better way to wake up in the morning than with your love by your side. You can start your V-day celebration by making him breakfast in bed.

This will brighten up the mood for the rest of the day. Whether both of you are taking the day off or working all day, both of you will be in a happy mood if you start the morning right.

#2 Go for a Walk/Hike

If you guys are off of work on V-day and both of you love the outdoors, it will be a good idea to plan to go for a hike together and enjoy the outdoors.

This will not only give you and your partner time to enjoy each other but also it will contribute to your physical health.

#3 Give Each Other Massages

This will be perfect after a long day’s work so gather up your favorite lotion or oil and give your partner a romantic massage. Work on those tight and tired muscles.

#4 Cook a Romantic Valentine’s Day Dinner

Instead of spending over $100 for a fancy dinner at a restaurant, take half of that amount to the grocery store to buy all your ingredients for a fancy dinner at home. For sure, you will still have leftover money to pick up a bottle of wine.

#5 Indoor Picnic

When it is too cold to be outside, it’s still shouldn’t be an excuse not to enjoy Vday. It will be the best time to fire up the fireplace, lay down the blanket and have a picnic. How about some s’mores?

#6 Go Stargazing

What would be more romantic than lying down somewhere under the sky with your partner and gazing at the stars? Better yet, making a wish on a shooting star.

#7 Game Night

If both of you love games, why not pick up a board game which is new to both of you or a new video game. It will be more fun since both of you will be figuring out the game together.

#8 Bake Something Together

If you are into baking, plan on baking a cake/cookie that you and your partner like. You will then bake the cake/cookie together.

#9 Outdoor Movie

Gather up a cozy blanket and a bag of popcorn then head out to an outdoor movie theatre. You can cuddle up with your partner, enjoy a movie and breath fresh air.

#10 Have a Movie Marathon at Home

If it is too cold to be outside, have a movie marathon at home. Fire up your Netflix, grab a bag of popcorn and cuddle up with a partner on the couch.

Or, you can grab your laptop and blanket and head out to your backyard. Fire up your outdoor fireplace and have a movie marathon.

#11 Watch the Sunset Together

This will be perfect after a walk or a hike. I don’t know about you but for me, there is always something romantic about watching the sunset.

#12 Recreate Your First Date

Going down memory lane will stir up happy thoughts. Spend the evening remembering how your first date was, what you guys were wearing, what you ordered, what you talked about, etc.

#13 End the Night Right

No matter what you did to spend Valentine’s day, always make sure to end the night right. You can do this by telling your partner how much you love him/her and how much you appreciate him/her.

You can even write your partner a love letter and have him/her read it before you go to bed.

There you have it! Those are some Valentine date ideas for married couples that you can do as well.

Celebrating Valentine’s day when you are on a budget does not make your love any less. It’s the thought that counts.

Valentine’s Day is all about showing your love and appreciation to your loved ones. Although we should always show our love and appreciation every day, it is on Valentine’s Day that we get a chance to make them feel more special.

Do not forget to add Valentine’s day budget to your monthly budget.

What is your best Valentine date ideas for married couples?

How To Celebrate Valentine's Day On A Budget. Here are some Valentine date ideas for married couples.

How To Make Money Online Without Paying Anything

How to make money online

Your definite guide on how to make money without paying anything.

There are many ways on how to earn extra cash without paying anything but one of my favorites is through the internet. Not only are they easy and convenient but they can be done anywhere, like in the comforts of your home, your couch in particular.

Some of the best options out there may require you to invest some money. You can start a blog or sell products.

However, today I will show you how to make money online without paying anything.

There are a lot of ways on how to make money online without spending anything out there but not all of them are legit. There are those that are meant to scam people.

But if you know where to look, you’ll find great ones. You might not be asked to invest some money but they will require you to invest your time.

Most of the time, we all get some free time, like when waiting at the doctor’s office, waiting in line to check out, during a long commute or when waiting to pick up kids after school.

So why not convert those free time into a buck or two? An extra buck can add up and be more someday.

Here are the best ways to make money online without paying anything.

How Can You Convert Your Spare Time Into Profit

If you’re like me who is always on the internet, either on the phone or desktop, you wouldn’t miss those ads about ways to make money online.  

And I always wondered if they really work. So I decided to give them a try.

I did some research on some online sites and I have carefully chosen some sites to try.

So today, I will be sharing with you the list of sites and apps that I tried, which I actually received a payout.

Looking for some ways to make your free time profitable? Here are some of the best ways on how to make money online without paying.

How To Earn Money Online Without Paying Anything

Have you ever found yourself scrolling endlessly on your Facebook and Instagram? I’m sure you did. I did too.

Now is the time to make that time more productive.

Survey Junkie

Ways to Earn: Answering surveys, check out Survey Junkie Review

Mode of Payment: Giftcards or cash through Paypal

Payment Threshold: $10

Sign up and Start Earning

Inbox Dollars

Ways to Earn: Playing games, trial offers, taking surveys, referring others, watch TV, watch videos and more.

Mode of Payment: Merchant Gift cards or Check

Payment Threshold: $30

Sign up Bonus to get $5


Ways to Earn: Earn points by taking surveys, playing games, shopping and watching videos. Check out the Swagbucks review.

Mode of Payment: Merchant Gift cards or cash back from Paypal

Payment Threshold: $25 for Paypal/2500 SB points and 200 SB for gift cards

Sign up to get $10 after completing the required tasks


Ways to Earn: Shop your favorite stores through their website

Mode of Payment: Paypal or Check

Payment Threshold: Ebates pays every three months for $5 or more. Earnings that are less than $5 will carry over to the next payment schedule.

Read about How I Made $520+ on Ebates.

Sign up Bonus to get $10


Ways to Earn: Complete tasks from their app to get cashback from your purchases

Mode of Payment: Paypal or Venmo, or choose a gift card

Payment Threshold: $20

Check out How I Saved $1000+ just by using Ibotta.

Join Now to Claim Up to $20 Welcome Bonus

Receipt Pal

Ways to Earn: Upload paper receipts, email receipts and Amazon purchases too.

Mode of Payment: Merchant Gift cards

Payment Threshold: 400 points (100 pts for 4 receipts)

Sign up Bonus: up to 250 bonus points

Fetch Rewards

Ways to Earn: Earn points by scanning receipts

Mode of Payment: Merchant Gift cards

Payment Threshold: 1000 points

Sign up Bonus: 2000 points with code AN3AJ


Ways to Earn: Earn kicks from shopping in-store or online

Mode of Payment: Merchant Gift cards

Payment Threshold: 500 Kicks

Earn over 10,000 kicks this weekend


Ways to Earn: Earn points whenever you spend with your linked credit or debit cards.

Mode of Payment: Merchant Gift cards

Payment Threshold: 5000 points ($5)

Sign up Bonus: 5000 points with code d0m46

Checkout 51

Ways to Earn: Earn cashback by redeeming offers and uploading receipts

Mode of Payment: Check

Payment Threshold: $20

Sign up

There you have it! those are just some of the few ways on how to make extra money online without paying anything.

Conclusion On How To Get Money Online Without Paying Anything

Imagine what it would be like if you spend all your spare time productively. You would be making significant cash. You can put them on our emergency fund or pay off your debt. They’re not much but it will build up in time.

The only problem?


Some of us do not really have the patience to complete every tasks. However, there are also ways to overcome this.

For instance, I don’t really like filling out surveys so I just do the videos.

I try to play them on different devices while I am watching TV, blogging, cooking or while I am in a long drive. I will just have to click on it once in a while.

Although it’s true that the earnings are not that much, I still consider them worth it because I did not put any hard work. Maybe just a little bit.

Sure, it does takes a lot of your time but if you have time to kill, why not.

Now it’s your turn, which one of the ways on how to make money online without paying anything are you going to try?

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How To Make Money Online Without Paying Anything

Free Budgeting Tools(You Need for an Organized Budget)

best budgeting tools

Your must-have list of household budgeting tools that are FREE.

Crisis can hit anytime and it can catch us when we least expect it. As a result, it can easily wreck your finance, if you are not prepared.

So if you did not get a chance to get your finances in order, now is the time to do it.

I cannot emphasize it enough that everyone needs a budget and should have a budget.  If you think about it, we should be the one in control of our money, not the other way around.

I had made a mistake of not starting budgeting earlier in my life. I felt like I wasted so much of my hard-earned money on things I did not even know.

We work hard to earn so it’s just right to be aware where every penny went.

Everyone is different so everyone does things differently. And when it comes to budgeting, everyone has their own comfort zone.

Some people prefer to write details down on paper and some prefer the convenience of computers. However, tallying up every dollar that comes in and goes out can soon feel so tiring that you get frustrated.

By using budgeting apps, you can easily save time and effort in managing your money.

Below are some of the free budgeting tools that I personally use or used to manage our monthly budget.

Check out Best Guide to a Monthly Budget to get an idea on how to start a budget.

Foolproof Budget Tracker
Tools you need for budgeting.

Free Household Budgeting Tools


If you are looking for an app dedicated for just budgeting, then the Wally app is the one for you.

This app tracks your income, expenses and helps you achieve your goals. It is available to iPhone and Android for Free.

It also lets you save a picture of your receipt for ease of tracking. The best thing about this app is that it is also available to all currencies which makes it perfect for those who live outside the United States.

Excel or Numbers

I have always been fond of Numbers and up to now, it is still the one I use. I use this to keep track of the accounts I have.

You usually get it for free if you have a Mac, iPhone or iPad.

Some people swears by Excel so just use whichever you’re comfortable with.


This is one of the budgeting tools which is perfect for those who prefer to do the cash system only budgeting. Each envelope is a category that corresponds to one of your monthly budget items, like grocery, entertainment, fuel money, etc.

Each envelope contains the amount you allocated for each category in CASH. This method lets you see how much you have left each time. Remember, when the cash is gone, it is gone, you have to work around it

Check these cute cash envelopes wallet for budgeting or these pretty cash envelope templates that you can instantly download.

Every Dollar

Every dollar is a free budgeting app, which ties to the baby step principle of Dave Ramsay. In this app, you can set up your monthly budget, then manually put in your expenses each time you buy something.

You can have this automated if you have your bank accounts connected. This is available on the paid version.


If you are looking for an app that can easily integrates with your bank account, then PocketGuard is for you.

The app analyzes your spending habits based on your transactions and builds a budget for you. The best part is it lets you know when you have leftover money.

With this app, you also have the ability to set goals like lowering your monthly bills, saving more money or investing more.


Mint is another budget app where you can have all your bills, bank accounts, credit cards, investments, mortgage and monthly budget in one place.

It tracks your credit score too. And most importantly, it is FREE.

If you want to take your budgeting skills to the next level, you can try out Honey Money. It is an online app that does not only track your expenses but it also offers financial planning. You can try it for FREE.

Personal Capital

Personal Capital is like Mint, it is also FREE. It is more detailed than Mint because it tracks your net worth, your cash flow, your portfolio, your investments, and more.

I just started using Personal Capital and I like how it focuses more on investment. It gave me an idea on better investment planning.

You Need A Budget

YNAB (You Need A Budget) is actually a paid app but it is worth adding. However, you have the opportunity to try it for free.

This app makes the subscription worth it by having a lot of features that make a comprehensive budget. Its envelope-based system puts every dollar to work.

The best thing about YNAB is its debt pay off feature which allows you to focus on paying off your debt and gives you motivation by tracking your progress.

It also uses the approach that makes last month’s income take care of the current month’s expenses, which allows you to get ahead in your budget and not live paycheck to paycheck.

Final Thoughts on the Best Tools For Budgeting

Budgeting should neither be overwhelming nor daunting. There are tools that can help ease the burden. And the best part is that they are free.

You can upgrade to the paid version if you want or if you feel like that there is a need but the free version does the work as well. I have been using the free version of Everydollar and until now, it still works.

You just have to choose what you are comfortable with and stick with it. You do not have to use all of the tools available out there.

Which one of the household budgeting tools is your favorite?

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The 10 Plugins that a New Blogger Should Have

If you are a brand new blogger, you have to have these plugins.

If you already started a blog, it is most likely that you have encountered tons of plugins. You might also be scratching your head right now, confused about which ones you should and shouldn’t have.

Starting a new blog can be overwhelming. But thanks to plugins, they can make it really easy.

If you haven’t started a blog yet, sign up for Siteground for their affordable plan.

Plugins are precoded software that helps you make changes and customize your website.

There are a LOT of plugins available for WordPress and it is important to note not to go crazy and start installing everything that you run into. Because it can slow down your blog and cause some glitches.

Always install and activate only the plugins that you really need.

Below are some of the plugins that you need when you are just starting your blog. These plugins will take care of all the basics while you focus on creating quality content.

Insert Header And Footer

As you start building your blog, you’ll notice that at some point you are asked to add a code in the header or the footer.

As a beginner blogger, this can get really complicated. But by using Insert Header and Footer plugin, adding code is a breeze.

Akismet Anti-spam

One of your priorities, when you start a new blog, is to protect it from spam even while you sleep. This plugin will do the work for you.

Wordfence Security

In order to further protect your blog from malware and virus, you need this plugin. Wordfence Security is an anti-virus, firewall and malware scanner.

Google Analytics for WordPress by MonsterInsights

You need this plugin to keep track of the behavior of your visitors. It will show you what your top posts are, top traffic sources and demographics.

This will help you determine what is working and what’s not.

Pretty Link

This is a plugin you must have when you start monetizing your blog through affiliate links. It will not only make your affiliate links pretty but it also takes care of the “no follow” for you. In that way, you will not be penalized by Google.

Social Media Follow Buttons Bar

You need this plugin to be able to gain followers from different social media platforms like Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram and etc.

This plugin will make it easier for your readers to follow you.

Grow By Mediavine (formerly Social Pug)

Once you start your blog, you need to share it with the world. You also need to make it easy for your readers to share your content.

If you need a plugin that will do both, it helps you gain followers and helps you share your high-quality content.

W3 Total Cache

You need this plugin to maintain your cache. It is one of the fastest cache systems.

It helps increase your website speed and page performance in a number of ways. including reduced download times, browser caching, and more.

WP Smush

This plugin is necessary to reduce image file size in that way it won’t slow down your site.


You need this plug in to clean your database easily and safely.

Yoast SEO

This plugin is one who should do without. Yoast SEO plugin helps optimize your blog for search engines.

It guides you through a step by step process on how to make your blog Google likable.


Although most web hosting plan offers free backup, it is always recommended to have your own manual back up.

However, it can get really complicated when you start managing it on your own so I would recommend using UpdraftPlus.

UpdraftPlus simplifies and automates this process for you. It has both a free and paid plans, but you should be able to get everything you need with the free plan.

The backups that are created through Updraftplus will need to be saved through one of the following methods;

Dropbox, Google Drive, Amazon S3, UpdraftVault, Rackspace Cloud, FTP, DreamObjects, Openstack Swift, or email.

I personally use Google Drive and some bloggers swear by Dropbox.

How to Install a Plugin

There are two ways to install a plugin. You can either use the search in the plugin are or you can upload them directly.

In order to search for a plugin, click on Plugins in your WordPress dashboard. Then on the search area, type in the plugin that you wanted to install.

You will then install and activate the plugin. That’s it!

If you want to upload a plugin, you will have to go directly to the website of the plugin you wanted then download it as a zipped file.

Then go back to the WordPress plugin area and click the “Upload Plugin” button. An area will display that allows you to choose the zipped file from your computer to upload.

Whenever you search for a plugin, always make sure that it is compatible with your version of WordPress and always to just install the ones you need.

Start your blog with Siteground.

Have you installed any plugins yet?

How To Start An Emergency Fund(Even if you’re Broke)

Find out if you really need an emergency fund.
Curious about emergency fund? Here is How To Start An Emergency Fund.

Step by step guide on how to start an emergency fund.

I still remember that time when I got a flat tire and found out that it was so bad that I needed to replace it. I was not prepared for this sudden expense so I had to swipe my credit card. This threw my budget off and added to our debt.

If you think about it, this would not have happened if I had an emergency fund.

So in this post, I will show you why an emergency fund is important and how to start an emergency fund.


Emergency Fund is simply the amount of money saved to take care of unexpected and urgent expenses.

This expense can include sudden home repairs, car repairs, medical expenses, loss of job and etc.

For an expense to be qualified as an emergency, it should be necessary, urgent and UNEXPECTED.

According to CNBC, there are only 39% of Americans who can afford a $1000 emergency. That way too low.


Simply because you never know what is going to happen. And as long as you are alive and breathing, something will always happen.

Benefits of an Emergency Fund

1) Peace of Mind. Knowing that you are prepared for anything that can happen will keep you sleeping soundly at night.

2) Protect Your Savings. You will be confident that you would not need to tap into your savings account if something happens.

3) Stay Out Of Debt. An emergency fund will prevent you from adding more to your debt.

4) Maintain Your Lifestyle. If a job loss happened, you will be confident that you have the fund to get you by until you land your next job.

5) Afford Unexpected Expense. Your emergency fund can cover for unexpected major health expenses, emergency pet care, bigger than expected tax bill, etc.

6) Afford To Help Others. When a friend, family or relative is in a financial crisis, you will be able to help them because you have an emergency fund.

7) Afford Unexpected Travel. At some point, a family, a relative or family passes away from out of state or country and you need to travel. It can be costly but you will be able to afford it because you have money set aside.

If you've been wondering how to start an emergency fund, this post is for you.


The amount of Emergency Fund depends on your life’s situation.

If you are just starting out, it is recommended to have at least $1000. Once your debts are paid off then you can start saving more.

Financial advisors also recommend that if you are part of a two-part income then you should have three months’ worth of expenses in your emergency fund.

And if you are a one-income household or self-employed, you should have a 6-month worth.

If you do not have any idea what your expenses are, check out this post on how to set up a budget.

It takes time to build an emergency fund unless you have a huge chunk of money, sitting around that you do not know what to do about it.


The emergency fund should only be used for things that you did not budget for. Things that happened unexpectedly and needed to be taken care of immediately.

According to Dave Ramsey, a financial guru, an emergency must be UNEXPECTED, NECESSARY and URGENT.

It can be an unexpected medical cost, unexpected home repair or car repair or expenses during a job loss.


If you already have some savings, you can set aside $1000 for an emergency. You will then work on beefing it up until you reach the 3-6 months’ worth of expenses.

If you don’t have some savings, here’s how to start an emergency fund,

1) Create A Monthly Budget.

When you have a monthly budget, you are aware of your income and expenses. From there, you will be able to know how much you can set aside for the emergency fund.

Check out this post if you do not have any idea on how to start or make a monthly budget.

2) Decide On Your Emergency Fund Goal

If you are just starting out, aim for $1000. As you start building your emergency fund, you can work on saving 3 to 6 times your monthly expenses.

You have to take note though that you have to tackle your debts first before building up your 3-6 months emergency fund.

3) Set A Specific Amount To Set Aside Every Month

Refer back to your monthly budget and figure out how much you can set aside for your emergency fund. Develop a realistic plan that you can stick to.

You can have the amount debited from your account automatically every month.

4) Keep Your Emergency Fund Accessible

You would want to keep your emergency fund in a place where you can have access to it immediately in the event that you need it.

It can be in a regular savings account that grows some interest. We keep ours in a high-yield saving account.

5) Stick With Your Plan

For every goal to be met, you need to stick to your plan. It is the hardest part of the process but if you keep your eyes on the prize, you’ll most likely succeed.

6) Replenish Emergency Fund ASAP After You Use It

When you tapped into your emergency fund, you’d want to make sure to replace it as soon as you can.

For example, you got plumbing issues this month that cost you $450. So on your next month’s budget, make some modifications so that you can save more money and replace the amount as soon as possible.

If the budget is tight, consider picking up a side hustle so you can make extra money to replenish your emergency fund.

There you have it!

Final Thoughts On How To Start An Emergency Fund

Having an emergency fund does make a huge difference.

Recently, we had a problem with our plumbing system that requires big repair. Since this is unexpected and needed to taken care of right away, I used our emergency fund to pay for it.

It felt good that I did not have to tap into our savings or use a credit card.

If you want to have the peace of mind, keep yourself out of debt and be able to afford unexpected expenses, then you should start an emergency fund.

Did you like the tips on how to start an emergency fund? Let me know in the comments.

Step by Step guide on How To Start An Emergency Fund

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