Ibotta App Review (Get Free Cashback And $20 Bonus)

Learn how you can save on your shopping by using Ibotta.

How the Ibotta app can save you hundreds even thousands of dollars long term on your grocery bills.

If you are like me who is always looking for new ways to save or earn money, chances are you might have seen ads about the Ibotta app.

If you’ve never heard of it until now or if you’ve heard about it but didn’t care, stay tuned as I share with you my Ibotta app review.

Can I be totally honest with you?

I have been an Ibotta member since 2015 but I haven’t really used it.

It was not until year 2018 that I decided to really give it a try. And surprisingly at the end of the year, I was able to rack in $1086.43!

That’s right! I didn’t really do anything special, I just shopped just as I normally would.

So today, I want to share with you how to save money just by including Ibotta in your everyday purchases through my Ibotta app review.

What is Ibotta app?

Ibotta is a smartphone app that enables you to earn cashbacks from your everyday purchases. It is available for most IOS and Android devices.

It was founded by Bryan Leach and was launched in 2012. To date, Ibotta claims over 22 million downloads and paid out over $200 million in cash back.

Ibotta provides its consumers with the opportunity to earn cash backs through coupons, completing simple tasks, referring friends and more.

Benefits of Ibotta

  • It saves you money.
  • It saves you time.
  • The app is user-friendly.
  • You can cash out already even if you only have $20.
  • Ibotta works with over 300 participating stores.
  • You can be paid via Paypal or Venmo.
  • Offers are for commonly-used brands, not only specialty brands.
  • No clipping paper coupons involved.
  • You can earn by referring your friends.
  • Provides bonuses for completing tasks.

Who is it Good For?

Ibotta is good for people who want to save money with their everyday purchases but are too lazy to coupon.

This app is also good for those frugal shoppers who want to save even more. Ibotta offers can be stacked with paper coupons.

How to Get Started With Ibotta?

Getting started with Ibotta is easy and really not that complicated. All you need is your computer or your phone.

Oh, yeah, and ibotta is FREE. There is no monthly fee, no fee that you have to pay for ibotta or anything like that. It is absolutely FREE for you to use ibotta.

#1 Sign Up

Here is $20 to get you started. You can claim it here.

#2 Download App

The app is available for IOS and Android devices. Just search for ibotta on your App store.

#3 Select Stores

A lot of the big box stores participates with Ibotta so your favorite store should be on the list.

#4 Add offers

Choose offers that matches what is in your grocery list. Add only what you need. Remember to stick with your monthly budget.

$5 Go Shopping

Now it is time to go shopping.

#6 Redeem

You will then use your store receipt to redeem your cash back. Tap redeem and choose the name of the store.

You will be asked to take a photo of the receipt or scan the QR code.

#7 Earn Cash

That’s it! You just made your first earnings. You can check your progress and your lifetime earnings on the Account section.

Once you reach $20, you have now the option to withdraw. You can be paid via Paypal, Venmo or through gift cards.

Bonus Tips When Using The Ibotta App

1) With the vast choices of offers available, it is easy to be tempted to buy things that we really need. If that happens, then it defeats the purpose of saving.

Therefore, it is good practice to make a list of what you need first before browsing the app.

2) Another thing, before you start shopping, note that offers have expiration dates so don’t forget to redeem them before they’re gone.

3) Also, some of the offers are exclusive to a retailer. It is best to double-check prior to shopping.

4) To make the most out of Ibotta, make sure to check the offer details and exclusions to make sure you purchase the correct item.

Final Thoughts on my Ibotta App review

Ibotta provides an easy way to save money on everyday purchases, especially if it is done right.

And honestly, if you are not using the Ibotta app, you are just leaving money on the table. It’s a free service. It does not cost you anything.

But don’t just take my word for it, go try it yourself.

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Cash Envelope System For Budgeting (How It Will Improve Your Budget)

Budgeting with the cash envelope system

Your definitive guide to budgeting using the cash envelope system.

If you are new to budgeting, check out How to Start a Monthly Budget to understand better how to start a budget and the envelope system for budgeting.

Before I started budgeting with Everydollar, I started first with the envelope system.

This system worked well for me back then when I didn’t mind carrying cash and didn’t care about credit rewards.

No idea about the envelope system for budgeting? Here are the things that you need to know.

What is the Envelope System for Budgeting?

The principle behind the envelope system has been around for years, even decades. It has been made popular by the finance guru Dave Ramsey. Therefore it is more popularly known as the Dave Ramsey envelope system.

Check out his popular book which sold millions of copies.

Envelope system budgeting is the method in which you use envelopes to carry the cash that you budgeted for certain categories in your budget.

How To Use The Cash Envelope Budget System?

To create an envelope system, you will first decide on your categories.

Then grab some white mailing envelopes or these pretty reusable cash envelopes.

Label each envelope with the categories you want. For example, you might have an envelope for groceries, dining out, gas money, groceries, etc.

Fill the envelopes with the cash that you budgeted for each category. You will then use the cash for expenses that fall under that category.

For example, your budgeted $100 for dining out. Then take an envelope and assign a dining-out-category to it. When you go out and eat with friends, use the cash from the envelope.

Once the money in the envelope ran out, you are done. You will have to wait for the next paycheck before you can eat out again.

Who is it Good For?

Although the envelope system is simple and easy, it is not for everyone. It only works well with some people.


Since this method is a cash-only, you will be required to carry cash all the time. This can pose a problem for loss or theft.

However, with better planning, you will be able to get around this. For example, if you are grocery shopping, bring only the amount you need and keep it in a secure place.


The good thing about the envelope system is that you do not need a lot of cash or buy any special materials to start. I started with just plain white envelopes.


I collect points/miles from using credit cards and I use them for travel. I also rack in enough points for cash backs.

But if you are not into that hobby, the envelope system will work well for you.


The goal of the envelope system is to ultimately teach you discipline. If you have a Type A personality, it would not be a problem but it will be a struggle for those who need flexibility.


Using cash only means a few trips to the bank every month. It will not be a problem if your bank is just a few minutes from your house.

However, it will be a different story if you are not.


Credit or debit card transactions will be recorded on your statement.  This provides convenience when you have transactions that you will need later.

With the cash envelope system, all you have will be the receipts and you will be recording the transaction yourself.


If your expenses fluctuate every month, the envelope system will be a little tougher for you.

Curious about the envelope system for budgeting? This post will teach you everything you need to  learn about this system.

Benefits of the Envelope System

Curbs Impulsive Spending

If you are someone like me who can be impulsive in buying things, the envelope system will help. There are some researches which shows that using cash makes you think twice before you spend.

Fights Overspending

Because you only allowed a specific amount on a category, you will not likely to overspend once it’s depleted.

Prevents Unexpected Credit Card Debt

Using cash only for spending will prevent you from using your credit or debit card. This will avoid overdraft fees and interest rates.

Encourages Discipline

The more we try to stick with our budget, the more we will be disciplined in managing our money.

Saves Money

Because we now know where our money is going, we will be able to adjust or trim our expenses to be able to save more.

Helps Tackle your Debt

The leftover money from your budget can now be used to pay down debts.

Provides a Clear View of Spending

Being able to see how much is left on your envelope every time you take out some cash will improve your awareness of how much you can spend.


My favorite way to keep track of our finances is by using Personal Capital. With Personal Capital, I can visualize our spending and savings, get insights into our cash flow, see the transactions we’re making, analyze our net worth, and more.

It is an absolutely FREE tool to use, and if you sign up through our link, you and I will get $20 each!

How to Start the Envelope System For Budgeting (Step By Step)

Getting started with the envelope system is simple and easy. Just follow these simple steps.

You can learn more about starting a monthly budget here.

Figure Out Income

Whether you are paid weekly, biweekly, or monthly, figure out your monthly takehome pay. Doing this will give you an idea of how much your household can budget.

List All Your Expenses

You can use your bank statements to check what your expenses are. Include all your bills, student loan, credit card payments, eating out, groceries, etc.

Categorize Your Expenses

Categorize your expenses to fixed expenses and variable expenses. Fixed expenses are expenses that cost the same every month.

Examples of fixed expenses are those bills, mortgage, savings, investments, etc.

Variable expenses are expenses that vary every month. Things like groceries, eating out and entertainment

Figure out Discretionary Income

Discretionary income will be the amount left when you subtract the fixed income from the total income.

This will be the money that you will divide among your budget categories.

Determine Your Budget

Once you know how much money you need to budget, decide on your categories.

This may include groceries, entertainment, eating out, pet care, beauty, etc. Then determine how much money you will allocate for each category.

Below is an example of a budget with hypothetical numbers.

If you want to take your budgeting to the next level, try zero-based budgeting. This will help you get more control of your money.

Withdraw Cash

It is time to go to the bank and get your cash. We get paid biweekly so I only withdraw half of the amount I budgeted.

Label Your Envelope

Prepare your envelope by labeling each one with the categories that you decided on. Then stuff them with the cash allocated for each category.

When you are ready to upgrade your envelope, check out this envelope wallet system.

Spend and Pay with Cash Only

Now you are all set. You can start spending but use only the cash you budgeted. Use these cash envelope organizers to stay motivated.

What to Do with Left Over

You should first give yourself a pat on the back for sticking to your budget and even have leftover!

You can use your leftover money to treat yourself. This will give you the motivation to stick with your next budget.

If you are trying to get out of debt, use the money to pay down your debt.

You can also add leftover money to your savings. It can be your emergency fund, vacation fund or your retirement saving.

There you have it!

The envelope system as I have said is simple and easy. It has its benefits but has its shortcomings as well.

But as with any other budgeting system, it will only work if we stick with it.

Do you use the envelope system for budgeting? Let me know in the comments.

Have you tried the envelope system yet? Check out this post on how to budget using the envelope system.

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Last Minute Valentine’s Day Gifts for Outdoor Guys

Last Minute Valentines Day Gift For A Guy Who Loves The Outdoors

Are you looking for Valentine’s Day Gifts for outdoor guys? If so, then you are in the right place.

Valentine’s Day is one of those special days when we can make our guys feel more special. It is a day to express our love and appreciation for all that they did for us.

Although it is a special day, it does not mean that the expenditure for this day will be extravagant. Make sure to add Valentine’s day budget on your February budget.

Check out this post if you want to know more about starting a monthly budget.

People will observe this day differently. Some people will choose to express their love through actions and some are gift-giving people. I usually do both.

Here are some ways to celebrate Valentine’s day if you are on a budget.

For those who decided to get a present for their outdoorsy guy, you do not need to spend too much on his gift, unless you really have to. I usually save higher-priced presents for Christmas or his birthday.

My husband loves the great outdoors so this year, I want to get him an outdoor gift, not a gift card but a really cool gift.

Below are some ideas gifts for guys who like outdoors which are reasonably priced, only less than $30. And the best thing is you can order them from Amazon. You can get your item with their FREE 2-day shipping if you are a prime member.

Try Amazon Prime 30-Day Free Trial

Valentine’s Day Gifts for Outdoor Guys

1) Swiss Army Knife

2) Binoculars

3) LED Flashlight

4) Insulated Travel Mug

5) Utility Multi-Tool

6) Multi-purpose Blanket

7) Tent Kit

8) Mini Water Filtration System

9) Compass

10) Lightweight Day Pack

11) Hammock

12) Sleeping Bags

13) Camp Kitchen Utensil Organizer

14) Folding Camping Chair

There you have it!

You can also bring the feel of the outdoors to him through these outdoor ideas.

Your outdoor guy will surely love any of the above items and will be excited to use it this summer on your next camping trip.

I hope you were able to get all the perfect valentine’s day gifts for outdoor guys in your life.

What are you getting your guy for Vday?

Get your guy a Valentine's day gift under $30 that he will love and will definitely use this coming camping season.

Under $50 Last Minute Valentine’s Day Gift for Her

Let this post on last minute Valentine's Day Gift for her give you an idea on what to get for your lady.

With Valentine’s Day just around the corner, there is still time to get your loved one a thoughtful gift she will surely love. And you do not have to break the bank to do this.

Love should never be measured by the amount of the gift that we give, it’s the thought that counts.

Although other ladies will prefer flowers, I am one of the exception. I would rather get something that I will be able to use and will last longer.

Flowers are great but if your lady is kinda like me, here are some gift ideas that she might be interested in.

The best thing about these gifts is that you can get them from Amazon. You do not need to go to the store! This works perfectly for those who have a busy schedule.

Voice Activated Speaker

If your lady does not have any of this yet, the Echo Dot will be a perfect gift for her. The speaker will play music, answer questions, read the news and more.

Eye Makeup

Women can never get enough of makeup, we love makeup! This palette will surely get her excited.

Fruit Infuser Bottle

This fruit infuser bottle will help make water taste good. I am not a water drinker because for me it is tasteless. But with fruit infused water, I can drink that all day.


A new sleepwear is always a good addition to a woman’s wardrobe.

Digital Stylus Pen

I do a lot of work on my phone, tablet and laptop and having a stylus pen makes work easier.

Kimono Robe

Pamper your lady with this soft and satiny robe which can be worn as a lounge wear or a bathrobe.

LED Nail Dryer

Getting my nails done can get really expensive so I opt to just do my nails at home. This nail dryer makes everything so easy and fast.

Fitness Mat

If you lady is into fitness, getting her a new mat to replace her old one is a real sweet thought.

Hair Dryer and Styler

Women love styling their hair and are always excited to try new ones.

Kitchen Item

Every woman who loves to cook would appreciate an addition in their kitchen.

Portable Battery Charger

Everyone is always on their phone nowadays and one of the problems encountered is the battery dying on them. This is annoying especially when you are away from a charger. A portable charger always saves the day.

Wine Bottle Opener

A good wine bottle opener provides an effortless entertainment.

Camera Backpack

Women who are into outdoor photography would thank you for this backpack.

Credit Card Wallet Organizer

If your lady is into travel hacking, chances are she has a lot of credit cards. Why not help her organize with this wallet.

Vanity Make Up Mirror

As I have said, women love makeup, and to complete our makeup collection, we need a good vanity mirror.

There you have it!

These are some ideas that you can get your lady for Valentine’s Day. They can be ordered on Amazon and if you are a prime member, you can get your item fast with their FREE 2-day shipping.

How Does Rakuten Cash Back Work (Plus Get $10 Bonus)

An in-depth review of how Rakuten cashback work.

Update: Ebates is now Rakuten, different name but same benefits.

Who doesn’t shop online nowadays? The answer is almost NONE. Shopping in stores is almost a thing of the past.

Millennials are constantly on their phone browsing items to buy. Some even shop online for their grocery needs.

I, for one, love the convenience of shopping online. I can skip the line and be able to do other things.

That’s when I stumbled upon Rakuten but I was skeptical at first. Who wouldn’t be?

There are a lot of scams out there. So I carefully researched and decided to give them a try.

And lo and behold! Rakuten actually gives you FREE money for shopping!

Why haven’t I discovered it sooner! It could have saved me a lot of cash by now.

Oh well, better late than never.

Because I do not want you to miss out, I will share with you my experience with Rakuten and how you can benefit from it too.

Earn cash back on your shopping spree with the Rakuten cash back app

My First Rakuten Payout

Once I was convinced with my research, I signed up and started shopping. I did not do a whole lot because I just wanted to try them out. After 4 months, I received my first pay out which was $19.96.

$5 came from signing up (yay!). After I got my first payout, I continued shopping with them more frequently. Now I earned $526.86 since I started with them.

Can this really be true? An app that pays you just for shopping?

Shaking your head?

Yeah, I thought so.

So here’s the thing, let’s dive into how Rakuten really works.

What is Rakuten

Rakuten is a cash back website founded in 1998 and based in San Francisco, California. It is a shopping portal where shoppers can get coupons and cash backs from their purchases.

How Does Rakuten Make Money

Rakuten earns commission through affiliate links.  And they share this with shoppers through cash backs. They offer up to 40% cash backs on 2,000+ stores.

Most of my go-to stores like Target and Old Navy are part of Rakuten!

How To Join and Get Cashback from Rakuten

Getting started with Rakuten is so easy. You just create an account and start spending like how you normally would online.


You can join by creating an account. You can sign up here to earn a $10 bonus after spending $25 online.


Search for the store you want. Click “Shop Now” to activate your cash back percentage.

You will be redirected to the store’s website. Shop and pay. That’s it.


Ebates will email you with your cash back update.

When to get Rakuten Payout

Rakuten pays quarterly. You can request your payout to be a check or through Paypal.

What are other ways to earn cashback with Rakuten

Download the app on your phone. The app is available on iPhone, Android and iPad.

Make sure to add the Rakuten cash back button on you browser so you won’t forget. It alerts you of available cash back when you are browsing.

You can also earn cashback by just referring your friends. You will get $20 and your friend will get $10. It’s a win-win situation.

Does Rakuten Work in Stores

Rakuten also added a new feature in 2016 in which shoppers can earn cash back while shopping in the store.

Shoppers will just add their credit card information on the wallet section of their account.

How Much Does it Cost to Join Rakuten

The best part about Rakuten is you can JOIN FOR FREE. Rakuten makes money from affiliate commissions and they share it with you so it does not cost you anything.

What is the Downside of Rakuten

The only downside of Rakuten is that they pay quarterly so it could take months before you get your paycheck.

Final Thought On How Does Rakuten Cash Back Work

Although this may not seem to be a lot, it is still a decent amount of money without hard work.

I just shop and get paid. And I do not let my earnings go to waste, I deposit it to our emergency fund. (yay!)

So, what are you waiting for, sign up and start earning!

Do you use Rakuten for your cashback website? Did my Rakuten review help you out?

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