The Dave Ramsey Debt Snowball Simplified

Have you been wondering what Debt Snowball it? Learn how you can use the Dave Ramsey debt snowball to jumpstart your debt payoff journey.

If you have been searching around the internet about debt payoff techniques then most likely you have come across Dave Ramsey Debt Snowball technique. And you might be wondering who is Dave Ramsey? Dave Ramsey is a well-known finance guru who helps people like you and me achieve financial freedom. His principles came from his […]

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29 Best Side Hustles For Men That Are Easy To Do


I think you will agree with me that side hustles for men never gets old. It is the most sought after by a lot of people when it comes to growing income. And what’s exciting about it is the fact that there are lots of side hustles added to the list every single day. Most […]

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Clever Ways On How To Budget Biweekly Paychecks

You are probably here because you just landed a new job and found out that you will get paid bi-weekly or you have been paid biweekly but do not know how to budget it or probably you are here because you are on a quest for a better budgeting system. Whatever your reason is, don’t […]

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9th Month Blog Progress Report

9th Month Blog

And just like that, I’m now on my 9th-month blog progress report. October was a great month for me in terms of traffic. Not a whole lot but for me, it’s still great and I am happy with it. I was able to put more time fine-tuning my schedule between my full-time job and blogging, […]

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Things To Do In Shawnee National Forest

Camel Rock-Garden of the Gods-Shawnee National Forest-My Worthy Penny

Most often than not, people in Illinois actually do not spend their weekend getaway in Illinois. They go to nearby states like Wisconsin or Michigan. But today, I will share with you our road trip to the Shawnee National Forest, together with some tips on how to have a fun frugal weekend getaway without going […]

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