8th Monthly Progress Report Of A Blogging Journey

8th Month Blog Income Report

Blogger Burnout is real!

I hate to admit it, but it is real. I thought I had it all figured out, but I guess not. But hey, I made it to my 8th-month blog monthly progress report.

If you’ve been following my income report, you might have noticed that I did not publish my 6th and 7th-month income report. This is because I actually walked away from my blog to get myself together.

I started losing interest in my 5th month, and it was a struggle, I admit.

Hoping that I will be able to gain my momentum back towards my 6th month, I decreased the time I spent on my blog.

However, when July, my sixth month of blogging, came, I totally lost interest. My blog was draining me, and it was becoming to be a chore.

Although I had some posts pre-scheduled already, even my social media post, I still have to drag myself to do my other blog duties.

Here is how I did on my 8th Month Blog Progress Report

Know When Enough is Enough

Finally, in the 7th month, I decided to walk away from my blog altogether. August was our wedding anniversary month anyways so I figured I need the break.

I then devoted all my time on planning trips with my husband and spending more time with him. I was also able to play more with our dog.

We took a vacation to Kauai, Hawaii, which was wonderful. It might sound expensive but we actually spent only half of the actual cost. I will be sharing how we were able to travel Kauai on a budget soon.

And then, most weekends, we went on road trips and spent more time with nature. It was our 5th wedding anniversary, and I think we celebrated it really well. We’ve made memories that we’ll cherish for a long time.

When September came, my 8th month of blogging, I was ready, but I was still working on getting back my full interest in My Worthy Penny.

I know that I am one of those who are good at starting a project but losing interest in just a short time. And unfortunately, blogging is one of them. If you recall, I started a blog two years ago and got rid of it in less than six months.

With my current blog, I am starting to see the same pattern. However, I really don’t want this blog to fail just because I lost interest. I’ve gotten this far only to quit.

Then suddenly, an opportunity came knocking. I was introduced to what they call website flipping. Website flipping is an excellent way to make extra money by starting a blog and sell it for profit.

It was an AHA-moment for me because I think this is what I needed. I don’t know about you, but I always get excited whenever I start a new blog.

This new gig will help me keep the excitement and hopefully prevent me from losing interest in My Worthy Penny.

So then I took Jenn Lech’s course The Art of Microflip and started my first website. I was amazed. Blogging can take a lot of your time because of the many things you have to do. However, because I have that excitement I was able to start a new site and work on My Worthy Penny at the same time.

I will talk more about my website flipping experience on another post next time. For now, let’s take a look at how I did on my 8th-month blog progress report.

If you’ve been following my income report, you know already why I am sharing my blog income progress report. If not, you can head over to my First Blog Income Report to learn more.

Now Let’s dive in.

Reaching my 8th month of blogging was not easy, check out my 8th Month Blog Progress Report.

What’s New At MWP

For September, there are two highlights on my blogging journey.

I’m Now Blogging Legally. I finally took the leap and got myself the necessary legal pages for My Worthy Penny. I had put so much time and effort into this blog, so I do not want it to go another day unprotected. My Worthy Penny has now the three must-have legal pages. If you are interested in protecting your blog as well, check out Amira’s legal pages.

I Started A Website To Flip. One of the ways that I did to hopefully keep my interest in blogging going is to start a new side hustle. I enrolled in Jenn Lech’s The Art of Microflipping and started a new website to flip. I will definitely let you know how it goes.

Monthly Progress Report

Here are my stats for the month of September.

Pageviews And Visitors

The page views and visitors this month is quite encouraging. I think this is the most I’ve gotten so far. I owe it to being more active in promoting my content.

Organic Search Progress

I included this stat in my report to show you how using keywords is important when creating content. It helped boost my monthly sessions.

I was also surprised to see that my Google traffic was up during the times that I was not active on my blog. I did not even post anything in August.

Social Stats

I was able to spend more time engaging on social media this month and I am happy with the results.

PlatformJune StatsSeptember

I completely ignored Instagram this month. I am thinking of just deleting the account but we’ll see.

Financial Stats

Surveys and Apps7.61
Display Ads74.94
Affiliate Income110.7

Expenses this month was a little lower than most months. The legal pages and micro flip course were purchased back in July.

I use the companies listed below and they make up my monthly expenses. They offer free trials if you are interested to try them out. Just click on the link.

LinkWhat You Get
TailwindGet $15 to get you started
Smarterqueue30-day FREE trial instead of 14
Convertkit30-Day Free trial
CanvaThe Free version which works just fine.

I use Siteground for my blogging platform but it was already prepaid during my first month so I do not have to worry about it for the rest of the year.

I also prepaid my Grammarly Pro subscription so I am good for one year.


The revenue this month is quite encouraging because, for the second time since I launched this blog, I am not in the negatives. However, I am still far from breaking even.

Goals And Tasks For October

October is a special month for me because it is my birthday month. I will be pushing myself a little more this month to hopefully gain traction on my blog so that I can take it a little easy during the holidays.

So here are my goals.

Write four blog posts. I have four pre-scheduled posts already but I want to continue posting twice a week. I was able to do it for the month of September.

Write A Guest Post. I will start to search for good websites to do a guest post on and reach out to other bloggers.

Buy A New Theme. I do like the current theme but I noticed that it slows down my site sometimes. I am hoping that a new theme will improve the site for a better user experience.


There you have it!

Thanks again for sticking to the end. I hope you enjoyed my 8th monthly blog progress report.

And if you haven’t yet, sign up to follow along on my blog journey and learn from my experience.

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8th Monthly Progress Report Of A Blogging Journey

Best Cash Envelope Wallet Organizers (For Your Cash Envelope Budgeting)

Make your cash envelopes inspiring and motivating with these pretty cash envelope organizers.

If you have been using the cash envelope budget system for a while then you will agree with me that it can come to a point when you need to retire those white envelopes.

Although they serve their purpose very well, they do not last that long and you need to replace them each time. Well, they were not meant to hold cash and loose change in the first place.

At some point in your budgeting journey, you will realize you need to upgrade your cash organizer envelope budgeting system into more durable organizers.

If you do not have any idea what cash envelope budget is, check out What You Need To Know About The Cash Envelope System.

How To Upgrade Your Cash Organizer Envelope Budgeting System

Benefits of Upgrading Your Cash Organizer Envelope Budgeting System

#1 They last longer.

#2 They provide better organization.

#3 There are made of durable and sturdy material.

#4 They have creative appeal.

#5 They are inspiring.

#5 They save you money.

9 Best Cash Envelope Wallet Organizers

In this post, you will discover nine of the best organizers that you can use for your budget. The best thing about these cash envelopes is that you can purchase them from Etsy, meaning you will be supporting small businesses.

#1 Laminated Cash Envelopes

These cash envelopes are handmade and can fit in a standard wallet that accommodates cash. The dimensions are approximately 6.5×3 inches. As pictured, there is no flap closer. The envelopes have an opening lengthwise…Read more

#2 Laminated Cash Envelope Budget System

Get on your way to a debt-free lifestyle!! Inspired by Dave Ramsey’s amazing cash envelope system that has helped so many attain a debt-free lifestyle. Make your money organization simple and fun with this cash envelope set that is durable and…Read more

#3 Laminated Cash Envelope

Major 70’s vibes with this decorative cash envelope set. Make budgeting CUTE while being organized…Read more

#4 Hole Punched Cash Envelopes

Keep your weekly expenses in check with these colorful cash envelopes. These follow along with Dave Ramsey’s cash envelope system. This listing includes 6 cash envelopes measuring…Read more

#5 Cash Envelope Wallet

This cash envelope system wallet with six durable cash dividers is ideal for a Dave Ramsey zero-based budget and can be made in your choice of laminated cotton and zipper color. So if…Read more

#6 Cash Budgeting System Wallet

Following the Dave Ramsey envelope budgeting plan or something similar? Tired of envelopes getting messed up or not together? This fabric envelope cash budgeting wallet is for you…Read more

#7 DIY Cash Envelope

Sticking to a budget doesn’t have to be hard or leaving you in a constant state of deprivation. If the apps aren’t working, the spreadsheets make your eyes gloss over + you know you need to make a change in your finances but don’t know where to start – The Cash Envelope System is something worth trying. These Instant Download, print-from-home budget envelopes are perfect for you to …Read more

#8 Cash Envelope Budget System Mini Binder

Get your finances under control with the Spend Well Budgeting System. This cash envelope system will help you organize your cash and make sticking with your budget easier than…Read more

#9 Cash Envelope Mini Binder

Get your finances under control with the Spend Well Budgeting System. This cash envelope system will help you organize your cash and make sticking with your budget easier than ever (and way more fun, too!). The Spend Well Budgeting System includes…Read more

There you have it!

My personal favorite which is still with me now is the Spend Well Mini Binder. I bought it back in 2016 and it’s still like new and serving its purpose.

What I love about it is the choice of colors, Carrie Ellie made all her mini binders cute and sophisticated.

These cute money envelope organizers will surely continue to inspire you in your budgeting journey for the years to come.

If you prefer a template that you can download on your own, you’ll love these cash envelope template pdf.

Which one of the cash envelope wallet organizer did you like best?

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How To Upgrade Your Cash cash envelope wallet organizer

Best Cash Envelope Wallet Organizers (For Your Cash Envelope Budgeting)

Dave Ramsey Baby Steps List That Will Improve Your Life

Get your finances in order by following the Dave Ramsey baby steps list.

If you have been searching around the personal finance world, you’ve probably seen or heard Dave Ramsey baby steps list.

I was a late bloomer, I discovered Dave Ramsey in my mid 30’s. However, I believe that it is better to start late than not to start at all.

Our personal finance was a wreck before we knew of Dave-I did not even know what budgeting is. It was a shame, but I know better now.

If you are tired of how your personal finance life is going, and you are looking for proven financial plan guidance, you are in the right place.

But before we dive in,  who is Dave Ramsey?

Dave Ramsey is a well-known finance guru who helps people like you and me achieve financial freedom. His principles came from his own experiences in the financial world.

His inspiring life story includes the time when he was very wealthy, to the time when he became broke. And how he worked his way back up again.

The lessons he learned from his battle against bankruptcy was turned into a program called Financial Peace University. The Financial Peace University until now continues to help millions of people be financially free.

I think that is enough proof for us, who are seeking financial independence to listen to him.

I first discovered Dave when I stumbled upon his budgeting app call the Everydollar App. The app helped me a lot that it made look deeper into the person who founded it–Dave Ramsey.

After learning more about him, I bought his book The Total Money Makeover: A Proven Plan for Financial Fitness and devoured it in a week. It was an easy read but it was so jampacked with many life-changing lessons.

In the book, Dave shared his seven steps to financial freedom which he calls “7 Baby Steps”. I started applying these steps in our financial independence journey and it quickly changed our lives for the better.

In this post, you will learn about Dave Ramsey’s baby steps. Also with some tips on how we incorporated these steps into our own personal finance lives.

What is the Dave Ramsey Baby Steps List

The Dave Ramsey baby steps list, also known as the “7 Baby Steps” is the proven formula introduced by Dave Ramsey to take control of your finances. These steps are easy to follow that you do not need a degree in finance to be able to do it.

It is also a step by step formula, therefore, you need to follow the steps from the beginning to the end, no skipping ahead.

Who is this formula best for

The “7 Baby Steps” is perfect for those who are seeking a proven guide to financial independence at any stage in their lives.

Benefits of Dave Ramsey’s Baby Steps

When you follow Dave Ramsey’s baby steps, you will be confident that you are following a proven plan. Since it is a step by step guide, you will not get lost along the way.

When you complete the Dave Ramsey’s baby steps, you will be financially free. Can you imagine a life with no debt payment? You will be able to really enjoy your life–money-stress free.

Dave Ramsey’s 7 Baby Steps

#1 Save Your First $1000 of Your Emergency Fund

The first on Dave Ramsey’s baby steps is save $1000 for an emergency fund. Emergency Fund is the amount of money set aside to take care of emergency expenses.

These expenses can include sudden plumbing repairs, car problems, medical expenses, loss of job and etc.

According to CNBC, there are only 39% of Americans who can afford a $1000 emergency. And that is mind-blowing, 61% of Americans will not be able to afford a tire change emergency.

For an expense to be qualified as an emergency, it should be necessary, urgent and UNEXPECTED.

Therefore, you will only use your emergency fund if something happened out of the blue. And it has to be taken care of immediately.

It can be an unexpected medical cost, unexpected home repair or flat tire or expenses during a job loss.

In our case, we were lucky to have a little bit of savings. So I took out $1000 from there and put it in a different account. I made sure that this account also earns interest.

However, not everyone is able to have $1000 immediately. Saving $1000 can take time for most. But there are ways you can do to set aside this amount of money.

You can start by cutting down your expenses. Check out 101 Smartest Ways to Save Money.

You can also grow your income by doing these side hustles.

However, you might be wondering if you really need an emergency fund. Yes, definitely.

We cannot predict the future but we can definitely prepare for it. By having an emergency fund, you will be confident that you can take care of any surprises that will come knocking at your door.

Also by having an emergency fund, you will less likely add any to your debt.

#2 Ditch All Your Debts Except Your Mortgage

The second on Dave Ramsey’s baby steps is debt payment. Once you saved your $1000 in an emergency fund, it’s time to take care of your debts. Your goal in this step is to pay off all the debt that you have except your mortgage.

These debts can include borrowed money from friends and families, credit card debt, student loans, personal loans, car loans and etc.

How to pay off debts?

Know how much you owe.

To succeed in a battle, you have to be aware of how big or small your opponent. By being armed with knowledge, you will be able to plan out a better attack.

So in this case, you have to know the total of your debt. You can do this by gathering all your bank statements. And then start listing down all your current balance on each account. You will then add everything to come up with the total.

I use Personal Capital which makes it easy for me to track our savings and all our debts. It also keeps us updated on our net worth through its FREE Net Worth Calculator.

Stop Adding to Your debt

The first and most important thing you can do to pay off your debt is to stop adding to your debt. Stop borrowing money by swiping your credit cards.

Start using cash instead of your card when making purchases. Introduce yourself to the cash envelope system, which will help you avoid using your card when transacting a purchase.

Create A Budget

By having a budget you will be aware of how much money is coming and going. By knowing how much money is actually coming in will make you more mindful about how much you are spending.

People get into debt because they are spending more than what they are actually making-also known as living beyond their means.

By having a budget, you will have more control over your money and will less likely live beyond your means.

Use these cash envelope templates to inspire you to stick with your budget.

You will start your monthly budget by listing down all of your total household income. The total will include earnings from your full-time job and other side hustles.

Next, you will list down all the expenses that you incur every month. You will need to figure out your expenses in the last 30 days. Personal Capital has a feature that tracks your expenses during the date range that you choose.

You can learn more about how to set up a budget by checking out Best Guide to A Monthly Budget for Beginners.

Set A Budget for Monthly Debt Payment

Once you have a monthly budget, you can now calculate how much money can go to your monthly debt payment.

You can determine your monthly debt payment by first listing down all your debts and their corresponding minimum payments.

After that, you will add all the minimum payments. The result will be the amount that you have to at least come up with every month.

Choose the Best Strategy to Pay Off Your Debt

There are a lot of strategies to pay off debt out there, but I would recommend using the Debt Snowball method.

You can use the Debt Snowball method when you have multiple debts. This method involves paying off the debts from the lowest balance to the highest balance, regardless of interest.

I use this method because it motivates me to keep going to the next debt once I paid off one debt.

The concept behind this method is to continuously motivate you to stay on track on your debt payoff journey by giving you quick wins along the way.

To use this method, start by listing down all your debts and their corresponding minimum payments. Then rank them from the lowest balance to the highest balance.

You will then begin paying as much as you can on the debt with the lowest balance while paying the minimums on the other debts.

Once you finish the first debt, move to the second and so on. Learn how to use the debt snowball method by checking out Dave Ramsey’s Debt Snowball Simplified.

Use the Debt Ditcher’s debt snowball worksheet for increased motivation when you’re paying down your debt.

Consider Balance Transfers

I only recommend this method if you have a really great offer like 0% APR,  3% or less transfer fee and no annual fee. This is very important because balance transfers are not free.

You have to make sure that the total fee you will pay doing the balance transfer is less than what you will pay on interest if you are not doing a balance transfer.

If you want to learn more about how to use a balance transfer, check out Best Strategies to Pay Off 10K Credit Card Debt.

Negotiate Credit Card Interest Rate

If you do not have a good balance transfer offer, consider picking up the phone and calling the credit card company to negotiate for a lower interest rate.

The worst that they can say is no, but at least you tried.

Consolidate All Your Debts

Consolidating all your debts in order to have only one monthly payment can lower your debt. You will be able to secure a lower interest rate, therefore, saving you money.

However, you have to remember, you are still in debt, therefore pay it off as soon as you can. Also, choose a debt consolidation offer that does not penalize you if you pay off the debt earlier.

Pay More Than The Minimum

Every month, aim to pay off more than the minimum so that you will pay off your debt sooner.

You can work overtime or pick up some side hustles to earn extra money and use it for debt payment.

Track Your Progress

Now that you have a concrete action plan, you are now excited to start your debt payoff journey. You will be doing everything to meet your goal every month.

However, you will be needing motivations throughout your journey. And you can do this by tracking your progress.

By having a visual tracker, you will be constantly reminded of how much you have accomplished and how much closer you are to your goals.

You can then look back into it when you feel unmotivated. This way will keep you focused and reminded of why you are working on this goal.

#3 Fully Fund Your Emergency Fund

A fully-funded emergency fund is a pool of money saved that is equal to 3 to 6 months’ worth of expenses.

So if your monthly expense is $5000/month then you should start saving to have  $15K to $30K in your fully-funded emergency fund.

Now that you have that much money, where should you keep it?

Although your emergency fund is not your savings, you should still keep it somewhere that will make you money, like a high-yielding savings account or put it on investment.

The most important thing to note is that wherever you decide to keep your funds, make sure you have the ability to withdraw the moment you need the money.

#3b Save for Downpayment Of A House

Now that you are all geared up and prepared when Murphy decides to knock on your door, it is time to save up for your forever home.

If you don’t know who Murphy is, he is the guy coined by Dave Ramsey referring to Murphy’s Law, which states, ”Anything that can go wrong will go wrong”. Hence having an emergency fund is a must.

Dave Ramsey Home Buying Tips

According to Dave, aim for a house that will have a monthly mortgage of less than 25% of your household income. So if your monthly take-home pay is $4000, your monthly mortgage should not be above $1000.

Dave Ramsey strongly supports the idea of buying your home in cash, meaning you out 100% down. However, we all know that this is not possible for most Americans. In this case, he strongly suggests on his Baby Step 3b that you take out a 15-year fixed-rate mortgage.

Furthermore, you should make sure your downpayment is between 10-20% to avoid PMI, also known as Private Mortgage Insurance.

So it is very important at this stage to figure out the price of the home that you wanted and start working on saving 10-20% for downpayment. It will also help if you find a buyer agent who serves not sells.

Another important thing to consider when shopping for home after you get your approval for a home loan is to look for homes that are less than what the bank is willing to pay.

In this way, you will rest assured that you will not be using most of your monthly budget to pay for a mortgage.

When banks give you a pre-approved loan amount, this is the price of a house that you can afford based on their records. However, they are not aware of the other monthly expenses that you incur.

Therefore, buying a home that is priced lesser than your pre-approved loan will give you room for other expenses.

We already bought our first home before we started the baby steps and I am proud to say that we did some things right.

We chose a home that is lesser that we were approved for, we put down 20% and our monthly mortgage is not more than 25% of our monthly take-home income.

#4 Allocate 15% Of Your Household Income Into Retirement

Aging is something that we cannot prevent but it is something that we can prepare for. According to CNBC, most Americans are not saving enough to be able to retire by age 65. As a result, most Americans are still working past retirement.

If you are one of those whose goal is to retire and enjoy retirement, you have to start saving for retirement.

Number four on Dave Ramsey’s Baby Steps recommends that you should invest 15% of your household income into your retirement plan. So if your household income is $100,000/yr, $15,000 should be invested in retirement.

He also emphasized that you start your contribution where you are getting free money, and that is your 401K with employer match. If your employer matches 100% if you contribute 3%, then contribute 3% of your income.

After that, move on to get a Roth IRA and another for your wife, if you are married. The maximum contribution for Roth IRA in 2019 is $6000 and the catch-up limit for 50 and over is $1000.

So if you contribute 3% of your income to 401K, which is $1,500, and your wife contributes 3% to her 401K which is also $1,500 and then both of you put in $12,000 ($6000 each) into IRA, your total contribution will be $15,000. That is 15% of your total household income.

However, what if you came out under 15%. For example, after contributing to 401K and IRA, your total contribution is $12,000, which is only 12% of your household income. You will then increase your contribution to your 401K by 3% to have a total of 15%.

Although it does not have a match, you are still taking advantage of the pre-tax contribution.

Now that you have your contribution maxed out, you will now work on optimizing your investment. Dave Ramsey’s recommendation is to invest in good growth stock mutual funds.

With 401K, you will have a limited choice of mutual funds to choose from but with Roth IRA, you will have more flexibility. You will be able to diversify your portfolio.

Dave recommends having a balanced mix of mutual funds by having your investment equally allocated to Growth, Growth and Income, Aggressive Growth and International.

Yous should focus your investment on mutual funds that have a strong and solid track record for at least >5 years.

If you want to learn more about investing, check out Chris Hogan’s Everyday Millionaires: How Ordinary People Built Extraordinary Wealth―and How You Can Too.

Your retirement money will grow more the longer you have it invested because of compound interest.

#5 Start Saving For Your Children’s College Fund

A student loan is one of the highest debt that almost all Americans have. According to NBC, the total amount of student loan at the end of 2018 was $1.47 trillion.

Having a student loan is becoming to be a norm for every American. However, the stress that it causes is not even worth it. The sooner you pay it off, the happier you will become.

One of the thing that you can do to prevent student loan stress to cripple your kids later in life is to prepare for their college education. Preparing for their education means saving for a college fund.

There are three plans that Dave Ramsey recommends for those who are looking for the best plan for their kids.

3 Tax-Favored College Fund Plans

529 Plan

The 529 plan is a tax-advantaged plan that is sponsored by the state. There are types of 529 plans but Dave Ramsey recommends that you should use the plan that lets you choose your investments.

The good thing about the 529 plan, aside from being tax-free growth, is that you can have higher contributions. Also, you have the ability to change the beneficiary, from one kid to the other.

Education Savings Account (ESA)

Another tax-advantaged college fund plan is ESA. This plan has more restrictions than the 529 plan. You are limited to contribute only up to $2000 per child. There is also an income limit on this plan; your income should not exceed $220,000.

The good thing about this plan is that you will be able to withdraw money tax-free when you use it to pay for educational expenses.

Uniform Transfer To Minors Act (UTMA)/Uniform Gift To Minors Act (UGMA)

These custodial plans are also a tax-advantaged plan however the custodian will control the account until the child reaches the age of trust termination.

The good thing about this plan is that it is not limited to educational purposes only. When the child reaches 18 years of age, he will be able to use the money in whatever he wants.

The difference between UTMA and UGMA is that only basic assets are allowed to be donated to UGMA while UTMA allows other types of assets like real estate, royalties and more.

Also, UGMA terminates when the child turns 18 while the UTMA terminates later at 21.

While it is imperative that you prepare for your kid’s education, Dave also emphasized to teach your kids about how to be smart with money.

#6 Time to Ditch The House Debt

You are now closer to financial independence than ever before. You are debt-free, you have a fully funded emergency fund, your retirement plan is growing and so are the college funds for your kids and now just one more obstacle-your mortgage.

Dave Ramsey recommends that you pay off your mortgage early. You can start by refinancing your 30-year mortgage into a 15-year mortgage. However, if your interest rate is great, there is no need to refinance, you just have to make extra payments to pay off your mortgage in fifteen years.

You can use this FREE mortgage calculator to find out how much money and time you can shave off by paying extra every month.

It will take a lot of dedication to keep making extra mortgage payment but you’ve gotten this far–what’s a little bit more sacrifice.

#7 Build Wealth and Give More

This is it! You are now financially FREE.

In Baby Step Seven, Dave Ramsey drilled on three things, to have FUN, INVEST and GIVE.

You have reached your goal and now it’s time to enjoy all the fruits of your sacrifices. Keep investing so you can keep on growing. Finally, start giving and be rewarded mentally and spiritually.

There you have it!

Final Thoughts On The Dave Ramsey Baby Steps List

Those are Dave Ramsey’s Baby Steps that will improve your life. In his book Total Money Makeover, he dove deeper into each of the baby steps and shared real-life stories that will inspire you.

Are you ready to improve your financial life? Grab Dave Ramsey’s The Total Money Makeover: A Proven Plan for Financial Fitness and start your journey to financial independence one step at a time.

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Dave Ramsey Baby Steps List That Will Improve Your Life.

Dave Ramsey Baby Steps List That Will Improve Your Life

The Top 32 Legitimate Ways To Make Money At Home

The best list of 32 ways to make money from home legitimately.

I am positive that you will agree with me if I say that having a list of legitimate ways to make extra money at home should be a must for those who are trying to achieve financial freedom.

There’s always skepticism involved when it comes to legitimate ways to make money from home–especially trying to sort out which ones are legitimate and which ones are scams. Or trying to figure out if it is going to be worth our time, or we’re just gonna be wasting time and energy.

However, in this post, you will be able to discover 32 legitimate ways to make money at home. These work from home jobs are not only legit but it will be worth your time.

32 Legitimate Ways To Make Money At Home

Want to earn some extra money? Hera are the top 32 legitimate ways to make money at home.

#1 Be An Airbnb Host

About: Airbnb is a company that pays you to rent out your home or an extra room in your house.

Earning Potential: On average, an Airbnb host can make $924/mo.

Best Feature: The best thing about becoming a host for Airbnb is that they cover every booking with $1M USD in property damage protection and another $1M USD in insurance against accidents. So you will rest assured that your property will be protected.

Process: To become an Airbnb host, you just need to sign up and create an account. You can then list your space for FREE. Set your own schedule, your price, and your rules. After that, you are now ready to accept your first guest.

#2 Accept the Healthy Wage Challenge

About: Healthy Wage is a wellness company that aims to help people lose weight and get in shape. It allows you to make extra money while taking care of yourself.

Earning Potential: Participants in this program can earn up to $10,000.

Best Feature: Prize Calculator where you can set your own terms. This program is a win-win situation. You will make money and you will also lose weight and get in shape.

Process: Use the prize calculator to calculate your prize, make a bet, lose weight, meet your goal then win your prize.

#3 Sell Your Best Image or Video On Shutterstock

About: Shutterstock is a company that pays you for high-quality images and videos that you contribute.

Earning Potential: You can earn royalties each time one of your approved images or video is downloaded by a customer. Earnings will depend on the type of license and subscription that the customer has.

You can also refer to other contributors and customers and earn 20% of their first payment.

Best Feature: You can use your mobile to capture and submit high-quality photos/videos.

Process: Create an account, download the app, capture high-quality image/video, submit and then make money every time your image is downloaded.

#4 Be An Amazon FBA Seller

What: Amazon FBA is one way of making extra money in which you buy in-demand items and sell them on Amazon at a higher value.

Earning Potential: Your earnings will depend on a lot of things, initial investment, your inventory, and on how much work you are willing to put into it. But Jessica Larrew of The Selling Family was able to replace her husband’s income so he could stay home.

Best Feature: Huge earning potential when you put time and effort into it.

Process: To start selling on Amazon, you need to create an account. You have two options, an individual account or a professional account. The individual account is free however it has higher sales fees.

On the other hand, the professional account has a monthly subscription fee but has more perks and lower fees. If you plan to sell more than 40 items per month, I would recommend signing up for the professional account, for the monthly fee to be worth it.

You pick a product >>> You List it on Amazon >>> You send the product to Amazon >>> Amazon keeps the product in any of their warehouses >>> Customer orders the product >>> Amazon packs and ships product to customer >>> Amazon follows up with the customer

#5 Sell Your Used Electronics at Its Worth More

About: Its Worth More is a company that pays more for your used phone, tablet or laptop.

Earning Potential: The money you will get will depend on the   of your item

Best Feature: Your item ships for FREE.

Process: Find your used electronics, get a quote, get a prepaid shipping label, ship your electronics, pass inspection, and then get paid in two days.

#6 Be An Etsy Seller

About: Etsy is a company that allows you to open your own Etsy shop and start selling handmade goods, and vintage and craft supplies.

Earning Potential: The sky is the limit but it all depends on how much time and effort you are willing to put into it.

Best Feature: Challenges your creativity.

Process: Register for a FREE account to start selling your products.

#7 Become A Transcriptionist

About: Transcription is one of the always-in-demand jobs, in which a transcriptionist is someone who listens to speeches and then types, formats, and corrects punctuation and spelling in order to transform it into excellent transcription.

Earning Potential: The median transcriptionist salary in 2017 is $16.95/hour. Your earning potential as a transcriptionist will depend on the company you work for, the skill level you have, the amount of time, and the volume of work you are willing to take.

Best Feature: Freedom of setting your own hours and flexibility to take on as many jobs as you can or as little as you want.

Process: Check out this FREE mini-course to find out if Transcription is right for you.

#8 Become A Virtual Assistant

About: A virtual assistant provides remote administrative and technical services to businesses which can be social media management, website management, marketing, or any administrative stuff

Earning Potential: A virtual assistant can earn $15 to $60 per hour depending on the skill level and experience. According to ZipRecruiter, the average annual pay for a Work From Home Virtual Assistant in the United States is $57,371 a year.

Best feature: Flexibility to set your own time and amount of work you can take.

Process: You do not need any degree or certification to be a virtual assistant. You just need to have the right training and mindset to be successful. Check out this book on How to Become a Successful Virtual Assistant.

#9 Start a Blog

About: Blogging is writing and sharing quality content about topics that you are passionate about which can help others.

Earning Potential: Earnings from blogging can be lucrative. Most bloggers who have been blogging for a long time are earning six figures.

Best Feature: This business is scalable, you can build it up to its highest earning potential, at your own convenience. You can even develop a course from your experience and sell online courses.

Process: Check out Suzi’s step-by-step guide to building a profitable blog on day one.

If you are looking to supplement your income, here are the top 32 legitimate ways to make extra money at home.

#10 Learn Affiliate Marketing

About: Affiliate marketing is a way to earn extra money by promoting products from companies that resonate with your audience. When one of your audience purchases a product through your link, you will be paid a commission.

Although affiliate marketing work well when you have a blog, you can also do it without a blog.

Earning Potential: As with blogging, affiliate marketing is also scalable and can make you a six-figure income.

Best Feature: You do not need to create a product to sell.

Process: Discover how you can start affiliate marketing by checking out How Michelle went from $0 to $50,000 in affiliate marketing.

#11 Survey Junkie

About: Survey Junkie is a company that rewards you for taking part in surveys and sharing your opinions.

Earning Potential: Much like any other, you can earn a lot if you participate in a lot. With Survey Junkie, you can earn from $2-$75 per survey. The longer the survey, the higher the pay.

You earn points for every survey you participate in; for every 100 points, you get a dollar.

Best Feature: What I like about Survey Junkie is that you still get points even if you do not qualify for the survey.

Process: Register for an account that is FREE. Earn points when you complete your profile. Start receiving surveys. Complete the survey and watch your points add up.

#12 Inboxdollars

About: Inboxdollars is a website that pays you to take surveys, watch videos, search the web or play games.

Earning Potential: You can earn between $0.50-and $10 for completing certain offers, play games, watching videos, and more.

Best Feature: The flexibility and the different ways to earn cash.

Process: Sign up for an account for FREE, here is $5 to get you started, complete your profile, participate in surveys, complete some tasks and start making money.

#13 Swagbucks

About: Swagbucks is an app that pays you “SB” every time you complete certain tasks like watching videos, taking surveys, discovering deals and even searching the internet.

You can redeem “SB” for a variety of gift cards like Amazon, Target, and more, or for cash through Paypal. You can also earn cash just by shopping through their portal.

Earning Potential: You can earn up to $5 a day. Not much, but it can add up. And you are just watching videos!

Best Feature: Swagbucks has multiple different ways to earn ‘“SB”.

Process: Sign up and earn $5 when you earn 2,500 SB within the first 60 days of membership. After signing up, start watching videos, completing other tasks, and start making money. Spend a few minutes on Swagbucks every day and watch your SBs add up.

#14 Ebates now called Rakuten

About: Rakuten is the new name for Ebates is a website that earns you cashback every time you do your shopping through their portal. They partner with a lot of merchants so most often than not, your favorite store will be in their network.

Earning Potential: If you do a lot of shopping online then most likely you will save a lot through Rakuten. Since I joined Ebates, I was able to save over $500 from shopping. Rakuten pays every quarter via check or Paypal.

Best Feature: They partner with almost all major merchants even Amazon.

Process: Sign up through my link and you will receive $10. After signing up, you can start shopping and racking up some cash.

#15 Paribus

About: Paribus is a price-tracking app that scans your online receipts and negotiates refunds of difference whenever there is a price drop on the item that you already bought.

Earning Potential: You have the potential to make a lot during the holidays when you do all your gift shopping online on major stores like Walmart, Target, Macy’s and more.

They even monitor prices from major hotel booking sites like Expedia, Priceline and more.

Best Feature: Aside from tracking purchases for major retailers, Paribus also tracks shipping. If your shipment is late, you get your shipping cost refunded.

Process: Sign up for FREE by using the email account that you use for shopping and booking hotels.

#16 Unique Rewards

About: Unique Rewards is a website that pays you to take surveys, sign up for free trials, read emails, watch videos, listen to the radio and more.

Earning Potential: Your earnings will depend on how much you can do in a day. The more you do, the faster your earnings will pile up.

Best Feature: Unique Rewards has a lot of different ways to earn some cash.

Process: Sign up, visit sites, read e-mails, shop online and then get paid. They are currently offering an additional 10% cash bonus for all offers you complete on the first two days of signing up.

#17 Care.com

About: Care.com is a website that works to connect families with caregivers who can provide child care, senior care, pet care, housekeeping and more. Care.com will not employ you, but it will help you find potential customers.

Earning Potential: Your earning will depend on what kind of services you will provide. A caregiver will make $16.59 per hour and a house cleaner will make $15.07 per hour.

Best Feature: Care.com offers a lot of opportunities for care providers to choose from.

Process: Starting out with care.com is simple, you just create a free profile and start searching for jobs.

#18 Rover

About: Rover is a popular and reliable website that connects pet parents and pet sitters. Rover makes it possible to earn extra money while enjoying the company of pets.

Earning Potential: Your earnings will depend on what type of services you will offer. Rover claims that you can earn up to $1000 a month and you can earn even more if you offer dog boarding. You will receive your payment two days after you complete the service.

Best Feature: The best feature of Rover is the Rover Guarantee which protects your services up to $1,000,000.

Process: You can start with Rover by first creating your profile. You will then choose what type of dogs you want to care for and set the dates that you are available. That’s it! You will then start receiving requests.

#19 Ibotta

About: Ibotta is an app that earns you extra money just by shopping anytime, anywhere, and any brand.

Earning Potential: The more you shop, the more free money you get. Since I started using Ibotta, I was able to earn over $1000 cashback.

Best Feature: Ibotta partnered with most major merchants, therefore, your favorite store will most likely be in their network.

Process: You will need to sign up first in order to use Ibotta. After that, you can download the app but you can also use your desktop. I just prefer the mobile app since I can add offers on the go.

After signing up, you can then add offers to qualify for cashback before you go shopping. After buying the items you added, you can redeem the cashback by scanning your receipt on the Ibotta app.

That’s it! Your cashback will immediately be added to your account.

If you want to increase your side hustle income, here are 32 legitimate ways to make money at home.

#20 Be A Bookkeeper

About: A bookkeeper is someone who manages the accounting part and financial transactions of a business.

Earning Potential: As of May 2019, the virtual bookkeeper hourly pay is usually an average of $28 per hour.

Best Feature: The best thing about being a bookkeeper is you can work at your own time and you do not need to be a CPA to be a bookkeeper.

Process: To become a bookkeeper, you just need good training, and you are good to go. Here is a good read on How to Become a Bookkeeper.

#21 Acorns

About: Acorns is a micro-investment company that aims to save you money and invest your spare change while growing your knowledge. It can be a great way to earn passive income. But of course, investing involves risk, so educate yourself first.

Earning Potential: If you make a lot of purchases with your credit or debit card, then you will be able to make more spare changes that you can invest in.

More than 50 transactions a month may offset the $1 monthly fee that Acorns impose on account balance below $5000.

Best Feature: Acorns allows you to save and invest money without even thinking about it.

Process: Sign up to create a profile. Link your credit or debit card. Acorns will then round up your purchases and saves your spare change. For example, if you purchased a coffee for $4.50, Acorns will round up the purchase to $5.00.

The $0.50 will go into your Acorns account. Once you reached $5.00 on your account, Acorn will then invest it for you.

#22 Swell

About: Swell is an investment company that allows you to earn passive income by investing in companies that work on innovative solutions that will undertake global difficulties, like renewable energy, clean water, and healthcare.

Earning Potential: As with any other investment company, your earning will depend on your investment and on the stock market.

Best Feature: When you invest with Swell, you invest with a great purpose by having a socially conscious portfolio.

Process: To get started with Swell, sign up to create a profile. Swell requires a minimum investment of only $50. And the good news is they are running a promotion in which they will match your initial investment of $50.

#23 Decluttr

About: Decluttr is a website that allows you to sell your old electronics, like CDs and DVDs, games, phones and tablets.

Earning Potential: Your earnings will depend on what and how many electronics you are selling. DVDs and CDs range from $0.75 to $1.00.

Best Feature: The best feature of Decluttr is FREE shipping and they pay as fast as the next day.

Process: To be able to use Decluttr, you need to register first, it’s FREE. After signing up, gather all your old electronics and start scanning the barcodes.

You will be given an instant price which will be locked for 28 days.  After completing the order, start packing your items and then attach your label for free shipping. That’s it! Just drop off your box at the post office.

#24 Be A Customer Service Representative

About: A customer service representative handles customer support like processing orders, answering queries, handling complaints, and other customer concerns.

Earning Potential: As of May 2019, the average pay for a customer service representative in the United States is $17 per hour.

Best Feature: The best thing about being a customer service representative is it can be done in the comfort of your own home and at your own time.

Process: To become a customer service representative, you need to have a high school diploma, get reliable training from a reputable school then find employment.

#25 Be An Online Tutor

About: An online tutor provides teaching over the internet. The teacher and student will interact using online platforms; email, chat, video chats, and email.

Earning Potential: The national average salary of an online tutor is $46,834 per year.

Best Feature: The best feature of an online tutor is being a teacher who helps students better themselves.

Process: The minimum requirement for an online tutor is to have a high school diploma, although a college degree is preferable. You must also be considered an expert in the subject you want to teach.

#26 Youtube

About: Youtube is a website that allows users to upload, watch, share, comment and like videos. It also allows you to earn money while doing so.

Earning Potential: You can make money on Youtube by monetizing it with ads like Google Adsense or through sponsored videos. Your earnings will depend on a lot of factors. A video can make around $0.05 to $4.00 for every 1000 pageviews.

Best Feature: Although Youtube is not the biggest moneymaker out there, it is still fun to share videos on those things that you love.

Process: Create an account and become a Youtube partner. Sign up for Google Adsense and start showing ads on your videos. Explore other options to earn like sponsored videos, selling merchandise and more.

#27 Getaround

About: GetAround is a newer gig where you rent out your car to customers who need a car. The idea behind GetAround is to earn money while you are not using your car.

Earning Potential: GetAround claims on their website that you can earn over $800 a month by renting out your car through their program.

Best Feature: The good thing about GetAround is the flexibility, you can still use your car and rent it out when you are not using it. Moreover, your car is insured up to $1,000,000.

Process: Sign up for a FREE account. Set up your car profile. Start renting out your car.

#28 Checkout51

About: Checkout51 is a FREE grocery savings app that allows you to make free money from brands that you shop for every day. Their offers are updated every Thursday for new saving opportunities.

Earning Potential: Your earning will depend on the offers you will complete.

Best Feature: It is a FREE app that allows you to make money from doing what you are already doing.

Process: Create an account and download the app. Start browsing and adding offers to your shopping cart. Redeem the offers after you buy the items by scanning your receipt. Your earnings will be added to your account instantly.

#29 Creative Live

About: CreativeLive has thousands of affordable classes from photography, music, designs, arts, crafts, and everything in between that can help you become a profitable creator.

Earning Potential: Your earnings will depend on the skill you will be doing.

Best Feature: You have the option to learn multiple skills or hone your existing expertise and make money from it.

#30 Data Entry

About: A data entry job involves typing in raw data forms like handwritten documents, spreadsheets, etc. into a company’s database.

Earning Potential: The mean hourly wage for a data entry keyers is $16.22 per hour.

Best Feature: Data Entry jobs are flexible jobs that you can do at home at your convenient time. You also have the option to accept as many or as few jobs as you want.

Process: Although the requirement for a data entry keyer job is minimal, only high school diplomas, skills, and experience are required to succeed in this industry.

#31 Participate in a Usability Testing

About: Usability testing is a way in which a product will be tested by real users who evaluate and share their experiences. With user testing, you will be paid to visit a website and share your experience.

Earning Potential: User testing sites like usertesting.com claims that you can make up to $60 per test.

Best Feature: You do not need to be a techie to be a tester. You just need to be fluent in English to share your feedback.

Process: Check out these sites that will pay you to be a user tester.

#32 Write an Ebook

About: An ebook is a digital version of a printed book that you can access and read on a smartphone, tablet or computer.

Earning Potential: Your earnings from an ebook will depend on a lot of factors, like the quality of the ebook, how your market your ebook, and more. There are some authors who generated over $2 million in sales for their ebook.

Best Feature: Writing an ebook will allow you to make money from sharing things that you love to do.

Process: Write a high-quality content ebook and sell it on your website or through a third party like Amazon or, even better doing both ways. You will then market your ebook to increase your audience reach.

There you have it! Those are the top 32 legitimate ways to make money from home.

Final Thoughts

I hope you were able to find a couple that you can start now. Although these side hustles will not make you very wealthy, they can definitely add up and beef up your savings account. It can also help pay off some of your debts.

Which one of the 32 ways to make extra money at home will you do or have done in the past? Let me know in the comments.

The Top 32 Legitimate Ways To Make Money At Home-Make Extra Money From Home-Make Money From Home Tips

The Top 32 Legitimate Ways To Make Money At Home

How To Manage Credit Card Debt Of $10K

Your best guide in eliminating your $10K credit card debt.

Have you ever tried paying off a debt with no strategy? If so, then you know how discouraging it is when you make timely payments and only to find out you hardly made any dents on your debts.

I know because I have been there. My husband and I were making payments on time, even more than the minimum, but when I checked my statements, the total amount never seemed to budge.

I was doing it all wrong; I was attacking our debt but with no particular goal. That was when my husband and I sat down and came up with our game plan.

Once we have a concrete plan, we executed it religiously. Now we are on track on achieving our financial goals.

So in this post, you will learn some of the best ways on how to manage credit card debt of 10k. It will include the step by step guide and tips to be successful on your debt payoff plan.

How To Manage Credit Card Debt Of $10,000

#1 Set Your Long Term Goal and Short Term Goal with A Time Frame

One of the best ways to pay off 10k credit card debt is goal setting. It is very crucial in goal setting that you should have both a long term goal and short term goals.

And most importantly, you should have a time frame. Goals without the time frame are weak and empty goals.

They would be harder to achieve because you do not have the pressure to push yourself out of your comfort zone.

Long term goals can seem so daunting and can seem too far away to get to. But when you break it down into short term goals, you will be able to see your progress more clearly.

Short term goals help you stay on track to achieving your long term goal.

In this case, your long term goal will be to pay off $10K credit card debt.

Your short term goal can be $500 per month. Your goal time can be 12 months. Therefore, your goal will look like this,

“I will pay off $500 per month in order to pay off my $10K credit card debt in 12 months.”

This statement should be visible to you every day in order to keep you accountable and motivated at the same time.

Here is a challenge you can do to save $1000 in a month.

#2 Choose you Debt Payoff Strategy

After setting up your goals, it is time to decide which debt pay off method is perfect for tackling your $10K debt.

There are a lot of ways or techniques out there, but I would highly recommend the Debt Snowball.

I have used this technique, and it is more motivating than the other methods.

Debt Snowball lets you pay off the debt with the smallest balance first, regardless of the interest rate. This method will work for you if you are someone who needs quicker results as encouragement.

You can use this method will if you have more than two debts. Otherwise, if you have only one debt then you do not use this method.

How To Deal With Multiple Debts

If your $10k debt consists of multiple debts then it is best to use the Debt Snowball Method.

You can start applying this method by listing down all your debts and their corresponding minimum payments.

Then add up the minimum payments. The sum will be the amount you need to pay every month.

Next, rank them from the smallest to the largest balance. Your goal will be to allocate as much payment as you can to the debt with the smallest balance first while paying just the minimums on the others.

How To Deal with A Single $10K Debt

If your #10K debt is only from one credit card, I would recommend two ways to pay it off.

Balance Transfers

I only recommend this method if you have a really good offer like 0% APR, 3% or less transfer fee, and no annual fee.

If your goal is to pay off the $10K credit card in more than six months, you might be better off considering a balance transfer.

The key here is to make sure that the total balance transfer fee is less than what you will pay on interest if you are not doing a balance transfer.

For example:

If your APR for your $10K debt is 17%, you will be paying $141.6 on interest every month.

So for every payment that you put in, $141.6 will not be applied to the principal amount but rather to the interest.

And if you have a balance transfer offer of 0% APR for 12 months for a transfer fee of 3% and with no annual fee, your balance transfer fee will be $300.

So, if you plan to pay off your credit card debt in 12 months without using the balance transfer, you will be paying interest of  $141.6 every month.

But if you will do a balance transfer, pay the $300 fee, and pay off your debt in 12 months, then you only paid $300 in fees.

Divide the debt by the time frame.

This is the simplest way to tackle your debt if you only have a single debt. So in this case, we will divide $10K by 12 months, which will give us $833.33.

The result is the amount that you need to come up with every month to be able to pay off your debt in 12 months.

However, take note that this amount does not factor in the interest rate.

You can check how much interest you will be paying by using the calculator provided by Bankrate.

#3 Set a Monthly Debt Payment Budget

Now that you have a method on how to pay off 10k credit card debt, it’s time to lay out the plan. You will now set up a monthly debt payment budget.

This is the amount that you will need to come up with every month.

A carefully planned budget for debt payment is an integral part of making you achieve your goal.

A good monthly debt payment budget should be realistic. The amount should coincide with your financial situation.

Do not set a payment budget that is way beyond your monthly income.

It is the perfect ingredient in setting yourself up for failure.

Another characteristic of a good monthly debt payment budget is comfortable. The amount should be within your range of income.

It should not take a huge chunk of your household income.

And lastly, a good debt payment budget should be challenging. The amount should not be too comfortable that it would not challenge you to push yourself out of your comfort zone to work harder and increase your monthly income.

Your monthly debt payment budget is a part of your short-term goal that plays a vital role in achieving your long-term goals.

So, how do you come up with a realistic, comfortable, and challenging monthly debt payment budget?

You have to have a monthly budget.

First, make your monthly budget. If you don’t know how to do that, check out Best Guide to a Monthly Budget.

After setting up your budget, you will be able to identify how much is left to allocate for debt payment and how much you will need to make extra.

Try to come up with an amount that is higher than the total minimum payment of your debt. If the total minimum payment of the $10K debt is $400 then make some adjustments on your monthly budget to come up with at least $500.

Look for some areas where you can cut back.

Once you know how much is left over from your monthly budget to allocate for your debt payment, you can now set a monthly debt payment budget.

If you are doing the debt snowball, your monthly debt payment budget should be 10-20% more than the total minimum payments.

So if the total minimum payment is $400, add 20% and the result will be $480, which will be the amount you need to at least come up with every month. Check out Debt Snowball for step-by-step guidance.

On the other hand, if you are dealing with a single debt of $10k and you want o pay it off in twelve months, your monthly debt payment budget will be $833 excluding interest.

Adding extra to the payment will help offset the interest. Check out how extra payment can reduce the time to pay off a debt.

Now that your monthly debt payment budget is set, you are now ready. The challenge is how you can come up with extra income every month to add to the debt payment.

How To Come up with the Monthly Debt Payment Budget

Track Your Spending

You can start by tracking your spending so that you will know where your money is going. I use Personal Capital for tracking all my expenses.

I love it because it tracks and categorizes all my spending after I link all my bank accounts.

Cut Back On Expenses

Once you are aware of where your money is going, you can now identify which areas you can cut back.

You can use Trim to lower your cable, internet, and phone bills.

If you want to learn more about how to cut back on expenses and save money, check out 101 Smartest Ways To Save Money Fast.

Increase Your Income

To increase your income, you can either work overtime, find a second or third job or sell your stuff.

If you want to learn the best side hustles that you can start, check out Ways to Make Money From Home.

#4 Track Your Progress

Now that you have a concrete action plan, you are now pumped up to start your debt payoff journey. You will be doing everything to meet your goal every month.

However, there will be times when the energy to keep working on your goals will be lower than when you first started.

As a result, you will find yourself unmotivated and unambitious. And it’s ok. It happens to the best of us.

To prevent this from happening, the best thing that you can do is to keep track of all your progress.

You can use a goal planner. You can write your goals, thoughts, reasons why you want to achieve your goals, and so on.

You can then look back into it when you feel unmotivated. This way will keep you focused and reminded of why you are working on this goal.

If you are using the debt snowball strategy, use the Debt Ditcher’s debt snowball tracker.

Another effective way to track your progress is by using visual progress trackers.

These trackers will show you how far away are you from achieving your goal and how much you have accomplished.

There you have it! Those are some of the best ways to pay off 10k credit card debt.

It’s true that $10,000 may seem to be a huge amount and seem impossible to pay off. But it is possible with the right strategy.

Are you ready to tackle your 10K credit card debt? Check out The Debt Ditchers Workbook.

How To Manage Credit Card Debt Of $10K