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How I Got Paid $520+ by EBATES

Update: Ebates is now Rakuten, different name but same benefits. Who doesn’t shop online nowadays? The answer is almost NONE. Shopping in stores is almost a thing of the past. Millennials are constantly on their phone browsing items to buy. Some even shop online for their grocery needs. I, for one, love the convenience of […]

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Best Tips on How to Celebrate Valentine’s Day on a Budget

Valentine’s Day is just around the corner and most of us are now starting to think how to celebrate it. Definitely some will splurge, some will try to find a cost-effective way to celebrate and some will just let it pass just like any other day. However, Valentine’s day is a day to celebrate love […]

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Ways To Make Money Online On Your Free Time

How to make money online

Once in awhile, we all get some free time, like when waiting at the doctor’s office, waiting in line to check out, during a long commute or when waiting to pick up kids after school. So why not convert those free time into a buck or two? An extra buck can add up and be […]

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The Best Budgeting Tools you Need for an Organized Budget

best budgeting tools

I cannot emphasize it enough that everyone needs a budget and should have a budget.  We should be all be in control of our money, not the other way around. I had made a mistake of not starting budgeting earlier in my life. I felt like I wasted so much of my hard-earned money on […]

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The 10 Plugins that a New Blogger Should Have

If you are a brand new blogger, you have to have these plugins.

If you already started a blog, it is most likely that you have encountered tons of plugins. You might also be scratching your head right now, confused on which ones you should and shouldn’t have. Starting a new blog can be overwhelming. But thanks to plugins, they can make it really easy. If you haven’t […]

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