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Best Budgeting Apps For Married Couples That Are Free

Learn how to make financial decision-making for your family stress-free by using shared budgeting or personal finance apps. If you took it upon yourself to take care of your family’s finances then you should know by now the huge stress that comes with it. However, there are ways to manage a couple’s finances easier, and […]

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10 Challenges Of Budgeting (And How To Deal With them)

Challenges of budgeting that you should be aware of before you start budgeting.

Learn the challenges of budgeting first before you start budgeting. Have you ever tried creating a budget? If so, you’ll know how easy it is to start and create one.  However, have you ever found yourself struggling to stick to your budget and make it work?  If you’re nodding right now, I feel you. We’ve […]

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Best Podcasts About Money For Beginners

Podcasts about money

Did you know that as of December 2019 there are over 800,000 podcasts out there and over 30 million episodes? And they have every topic that you can think of, including podcasts about money. I don’t know about you but I seem to learn more effectively with listening versus reading. I love listening to success […]

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How To Set Up Sanitizing Station At Home

Sanitizing Station

Don’t bring home germs with you, keep them out of your home. Now that restrictions are starting to ease up and everything is slowly returning to normal, anxiety is also starting to build up. And after being cooped up for quite a while, you’re anxious to face the world. The disconcertment of having to go […]

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