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Month: March 2020

35 Alternatives For Toilet Paper

toilet paper alternative

Toilet paper is not the end all be all, there are alternatives. When the world battles a crisis with a lockdown, people panic. Consequently, people start panic buying that almost every shelf in every store is empty. Including and most especially the toilet paper shelves! And if you are one of those who are worried […]

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How To Get Traffic To A New Blog Using Pinterest

how to get traffic to a new blog

Get your brand spanking new blog a boost of traffic by doing these tips. You spent hours perfecting your brand new blog and now you are ready for traffic. You excitedly and patiently wait for those clicks.  And then nothing. Crickets.  Getting traffic to a brand new blog does not happen automatically, you have to […]

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How To Cut Cell Phone Bills Into Half

This is a sponsored post on behalf of Tello Mobile. All opinions are my own and were not influenced by any parties. Cellphone bills are outrageously expensive but there is a way to lower a cellphone bill. Please raise your hand if you are someone who gets frustrated when your cellphone bill comes, and it’s […]

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Best Apps To Save On Gas For Your Car 

Best Apps To Save Money On Gas

Learn how you can save on gas significantly without requiring a great deal of effort on your part. Did you know that an average person drives over 1000 miles per month? For some, that is a lot, but for me, that’s actually normal. I travel a lot for my job, and I can rack up […]

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How To Rebuild Credit Score Quickly

Rebuilding Credit Score Quickly

A bad credit score is not a life sentence, you can get out of it. Do you want to know the top-secret on how to rebuild credit score quickly? Unfortunately, there is no top-secret. Most people expect that there are some top secret tips they are not aware of, but you probably know all the […]

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